Active-Passive Exercises For Class 6 to 12

Active-Passive Exercises- Are you looking for active-passive exercise? Do you want to practice active-passive voice exercises? I have listed some of the important exercises on active and passive voice.

What is voice?

The voice of a verb tells whether the subjects of the sentence performs or receives the action.

What is Active voice?

In active voice, the subject performs the action expressed by the verb.

Example- He is singing a song.

What is Passive Voice?

In Passive voice, the subject receives the action expressed by the verb.

Example- A song is sung by him.

Active-Passive Exercises
Active-Passive Exercises

Active-Passive Exercises For Class 6 to 12

Change the following sentences into passive voice.

  1. I write a letter.
  2. She is helping the students.
  3. I love you.
  4. She washes the clothes in the evening.
  5. We are playing football.
  6. She is making tea.
  7. He has bought a scooter.
  8. I purchased a pen.
  9. Ram was driving a car.
  10. They were flying the kites.
  11. He had killed a dog.
  12. They had completed the project.
  13. He will phone you.
  14. Ramesh will have completed the project.
  15. Is he writing a letter?
  16. Are they plowing the field?
  17. Am I catching the thief?
  18. Does he need a pen?
  19. Do you write a lesson?
  20. Was she cooking food?
  21. Were they playing chess?
  22. Did she help you?
  23. Did he phone you?
  24. Was he washing the clothes?
  25. Were you serving your parents?
  26. Has he written a book?
  27. Have they played a match?
  28. Had she written a letter?
  29. Can she control the situation?
  30. May he cross the river?
  31. Will you steal the book?
  32. Will they win the match?
  33. Would you repair the car?
  34. Should he cut the wood?
  35. Why have you broken the mirror?
  36. Why do you write a letter?
  37. When will you return my pen?
  38. Where did he put the things?
  39. What did he break?
  40. Why does he kick the ball?
  41. When do they send the parcel?
  42. Where did she buy the books?
  43. Who broke this beautiful glass?
  44. Who solved that problem?
  45. Who can break this stick?
  46. Who will helper in difficulty?
  47. Who wrote the Ramayana?
  48. Who has deceived you?
  49. Whom have you invited?
  50. Whom has he abused?

Why and When to use Passive structure?

1- When the subject is not known or it is not necessary to tell about the subject

  • This mosque was built years ago.
  • The mirror was broken yesterday.
  • A bomb was exploded.

2-When it is necessary to give importance to the object

  • The letter was written by Mr. Ganesh
  • The White Tiger was killed by the hunter.

Passive Voice Exercise All Tenses

Change the following sentences into passive voice.

  1. Who broke this beautiful glass?
  2. Who solved that problem?
  3. Who can break this stick?
  4. Who will help her in difficulty?
  5. Who wrote the Ramayan?
  6. Who has deceived you?
  7. People speak English all over the world.
  8. Police arrested the thieves.
  9. Someone has stolen my watch.
  10. Sita could help him.
  11. You must write a book.
  12. She should obey your parents.
  13. I may purchase a pen.
  14. Shut the window.
  15. Bring a glass of water.
  16. Finish off this work.
  17. Switch off the light.
  18. Inform the police.
  19. Turn him out.
  20. Get out of this office.
  21. Bring some glasses of water for them.
  22. Please open the door.
  23. Please help that old lady.
  24. Take this seat, please.
  25. Do it for me, please.
  26. Please don’t disturb me.
  27. Help the disabled.
  28. Listen to me.
  29. Help the needy and poor.
  30. Always speak the truth.
  31. Love the kids.
  32. Hear him now.
  33. Help your dear and near.
  34. Love your country.
  35. Work hard.
  36. Get up early.
  37. Be careful.
  38. Think before you speak.
  39. I am to finish this work.
  40. You are to write an essay.
  41. They are to buy a TV.
  42. He was to sell this freeze.
  43. We where to buy a car.
  44. I am to assist him.
  45. She has to help him.
  46. You were to bring him here.
  47. Ramesh has to repair this car.
  48. I have to purchase a pen.
  49. You have to choose a house.
  50. Harish had to complete this work.

Active-Passive Exercises For Class 6 to 12

Active-Passive Exercises For Class 6 to 12
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