Adverb Clause Examples With Answers

Adverb Clause Examples With Answers- Are you looking for an Adverb clause exercise? Do you want to practice adverb clause questions? Here you will get everything related to the adverb clause.

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What is an Adverb?

An adverb is a word that describes an adverb, verb, adjective.

Types of Adverbs

  1. Adverbs of Time
  2. Adverbs of Place
  3. Adverbs of Manner
  4. Adverbs of Frequency
  5. Adverbs of Degree

What is an adverb clause?

An adverb clause is a type of clause that works as an adverb. An adverb clause is a word or a group of words that contains subject and verb.

Example- You can put the phone wherever you like.

Adverb Clause Examples With Answers
Adverb Clause Examples With Answers

Adverb Clause Examples With Answers

Identify the adverb clause in the following sentences.

1. When I delivered the newspaper, I saw Mrs. Sampson at the window.
2 Because that clerk was so helpful, I praised her to the store manager.
3. You may play outside until it’s dark.
4. Vince becomes nervous when he speaks in public.
5. Please visit us whenever you are in the Chicago area.
6. Nero fiddled while Rome burned.
7. You may have piano lessons if you will practice for an hour a day.
8. If the jacket is too big for you, I can alter it.
9. Mother took a nap while Amy and I went bicycling.
10. Phone us when you arrive in town.
11. Take a walk until dinner is ready.
12. The movie was just beginning as we bought our tickets.
13. When we arrived in Seattle, we took a taxi to our hotel.
14 Since I’ll be late for dinner, I will get a sandwich downtown.
15. Whenever you make a promise, you must keep it.
16. She can swim better than Bob can.
17. Although I’d never been in the Martins’ house before, I felt at home there.
18. Since they left Cleveland, the Smiths have lived in three other cities.
19. When you listen to music on the radio, do you hum along with it?
20. You may have the job if you will work hard at it.


Adverb Clause Exercises With Answers

  1. I like to read a book ———– I go to bed.
  2. ————–wear white, I spill on myself.
  3. A do bite me———-I was walking home.
  4. ————she almost died, she was afraid to swim there.
  5. I play tennis ———–I can.
  6. I’ll get to it—————–I can.
  7. ————-he walked home, Ram saw the sunrise.
  8. ————-it gets too cold, the birds fly south.
  9. It began to rain————-they stood in line.
  10. I carry an umbrella——–it rains.

Identify Adverb Clause Quiz

  1. Because she was hungry, Sita ordered a chicken roll.
  2. Zeb hides in the bathroom as he was scared of his father.
  3. Henry isn’t the nicest person when he is hungry.
  4. I was in a very pretty dress in the mall.
  5. It is really a good time to invest.
  6. Mr. Simon bought the paper when he was in the train.
  7. Although it was late, Ali watched the film.
  8. When he has finished washing the dishes, lee sat down.
  9. The pencils roll along the floor before they break.
  10. Unless you run fast you will miss the bus.
Adverbs Clauses Worksheet With Answers

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Adverb Clause Examples With Answers

Adverb Clause Examples With Answers

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