Article Exercise With Answer PDF

Article Exercise With Answer PDF- Articles play a very important role in ensuring that e speak and write correct English. If you are looking for an Article exercise for the competitive examination then you are in the right place. It’s important to practice article exercise for free.

Here you will get a list of important article exercises for beginner and advanced level students. This post also helps for class 1 to class 12 students. If you are preparing for any competitive examination, you can check out this post.

Article Exercise With Answer PDF
Article Exercise With Answer PDF

Article Exercise With Answer PDF

  1. He is ——(An/A) M.A.
  2. He is ——(An/A) LL.B
  3. He is ——-(a/an) M.P
  4. Mohan is ——-(a/an) M.B.BS.
  5. Marry is ——(a/an) historian.
  6. He is ——(a/an) hostler.
  7. Sachin is ——-(a/an) honest man.
  8. He is ——- (a/an) heir to a vast property.
  9. My brother is ——–(a/an) Engineer.
  10. He is ——–(a/an) one-eyed man.
  11. Please give me ——–(a/an) one rupee note.
  12. He is ——-(a/an) European.
  13. It is ——-(a/an) useful book.
  14. He is —–(a/an) S.D.O.
  15. A university is ——(a/an) seat of learning.
  16. The Ganga is ———-(a/an) holy river.
  17. He is the ablest man of ——-(a/the) town.
  18. The rich must help——–(a/the)poor.
  19. He is ——(a/an) knave.
  20. He is a lover of ——– (a/the) Bible.
  21. Gold is —— (a/an) precious metal.
  22. —–(a/the) gold of South Africa is exported to many countries.
  23. ——(a/the) Vedas are reveleade books.
  24. ——(a/the) Hindustan Times gives the latest news.
  25. Shakespeare is ——-(a/the) Kalidas of England.
  26. ——-(a/the) od is a faithful animal.
  27. ——(a/then) the higher you go, the cooler it is.
  28.  ——–(a/the)U.S.A is the richest country in the world.
  29. He made —— (a/an) noise.
  30. ——–(a/the) statement and scholar is dead.
  31. Wheat is ——-(a/the) wholesome meal.
  32. Honesty is ——–(a/the) the best policy.
  33. Society does not permit (this/the)one.
  34.  —— (a/the) football played in India is of an inferior standard.
  35. Ramala is ——–(a/the) a good man.
  36. English is ———-(a/an) rich language.
  37. Wisdom is ———–(a/an) great virtue.
  38. ——- (a/the) wisdom of Gandhi was famous.
  39. He is ———(A/an) university students.
  40. I want to buy ———–(a/an) umbrella.
  41. The earth moves around——-(a/the) sun.
  42. ——–(a/the) is a useful animal.
  43. He can play ———-(an/the) Harmonium.
  44. He was ———(a/the)to meet him.
  45. Hindi is ——-(a/an) interesting language.
  46. I remember ———(a/the)lunch.
  47. He was ———(a/the)first man to arrive here.
  48.  ——-(a/the) the more you get, the more you want.
  49. Twelve inches make ——–(a/an) foot.
  50. He can play ———(a/the)Flute.

What is An Article?

Article are words that define nouns in a sentence or phrase. As a general rule, an article is used before a common singular number. Wrong use of articles can sometimes lead to a change in the meaning of the world altogether.

Types of Article

  1. Definite Article
  2. Indefinite Article

What is a Definite Article?

The is a definite article. The definite article tells you about specific things. Ex- He is the ablest man o the town.

Example of Definite Article

  • A cricket match is being played in the West Indies.
  • The water of the Ganga never gets polluted.
  • He lives in the U.S.A.
  • The Gita is a Holy Book
  • Have you read the Bible?
  • The Indian Ocean is the deepest ocean.
  • The Persian Gulf is a narrow gulf.
  • The rich should help the rich.
  • The Hindus believe in the caste system.
  • Delhi is the London of India
  • Kaldas is the Shakespeare of India.
  • The sun rises in the east.
  • The sunsets in the west.
  • The earth revolves around the sun.
  • Make him stand by the ear.
  • He struck me on the head.
  • The deeper the well, the cooler the water.
  • The more one has, the more one wants.
  • He is the cleverer of the two.
  • The great Napoleon.
  • The Kapoors are going for a holiday.
  • The pen you want is not available.
  • She was the first to come.
  • The tenth chapter of the book is very interesting.
  • He can play the harmonium
  • I can play the flute.
  • Wisdom is the gift of heaven.
  • Wisdom is the gift of heaven.

What is an indefinite article?

A and An are known as indefinite articles. The indefinite articles only appear with singular nouns.

Example of Indefinite article

  • A boy sings a song.
  • A Black and a white cow were grazing in the field.
  • He was helped in his work by a European.
  • He is a one-eyed man.
  • I met a Mr.Das in the market.
  • He is an LLB
  • He is an artist.
  • He is an old man.
  • He is an honor to his profession.
  • Rahul is an honorable man.
  • I intend to buy an umbrella
  • This is a historical novel.

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Article Exercise With Answer PDF

Article Exercise With Answer PDF

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