Best insurance for students studying abroad

The best insurance for students studying abroad- Insurance is not an optional element it is an essential asset for all. Here you will be looking at Top insurance for foreign students. Students should have insurance to cover their life and their necessary belonging. Most students are looking for the best travel insurance for students and health insurance for students.  Here you will get everything related to insurance for students.

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Top 6 Insurance For Students Studying Abroad

  1. Health Insurance
  2. Travel Insurance
  3. Life Insurance
  4. Term Insurance
  5. Personal Property Insurance
  6. Auto Insurance

1- Health Insurance

Why health Insurance is important?

  • Safeguard of Yourself

It’s important to safeguard yourself when it comes to health. Health insurance is compulsory for all citizens. It is a type of insurance that allows us to sustain ourselves.

  • Medical Expenses Coverage

Health Insurance covers medical expenses like doctor visits, test expenses, hospital stays, medicines, etc.  Without health insurance, you can not accumulate huge amounts of money for your medical expenses.

  • To Protect Your Saving

Health Insurance can protect your saving. Medical expenses can drain your wealth quickly. So health insurance can offer you the best coverage that may help you to protect your saving. Some insurance companies offer cashless treatment and daily cashout for the patient.

  • Emergency Situation

Health Insurance can protect you from accidents and emergencies. So Health insurance can protect you by reimbursing your huge bills.

  • Legal Recruitments

Most of the universities in the world are asking for health insurance certificates. So a student needs to produce Health insurance details in front of the official. Having health insurance can give you all the benefits.

Best Health Insurance in India

  1. ICIC Lombard
  2. Star Health Insurance
  3. Manipal Health Insurance
  4. Bajaj Alliance
  5. SBI Helth Insurance
  6. Max Bupa Health
  7. Appolo Health Insurance
  8. Niva Bupa
  10. New India Insurance
  11. Aditya Birla Insurance
  12. State Bank of India

2- Travel Insurance

It is a type of insurance that provides protection against uncertainty happens during traveling. Travel Insurance is a must for foreign students.

Why choose travel insurance?
  • Trip Cancel

A travel plan can be canceled due to various reasons, in that case, travel insurance can help you to accumulate your expenses and cancellation charges.

  • Fallen Sick

If you are decided to go somewhere but at the right time you felt ill or have some kind of medical problem arouse. Travel insurance can help you to get a refund and also take care of your medical bills.

  • Medical Emergency

If you will become ill or fall sick during traveling, that may cause financial problems. Travel insurance can also help you to get rid of financial problems.

  • Loss Bagage

In case you did not receive your baggage in time. Travel insurance can cover such problems as well.

  • Flight Delay

In case your flight got delayed for more than 6 hours, in that case, travel insurance can return 100% money within 7 working days.

  • Natural Disaster

If your travel destination is affected by a natural disaster like tsunami, flood, earthquake, etc. Travel insurance can help you rearrange your plans.

Best Travel Insurance in UAE

  1. Alliance Insurance
  2. AIG Travel Insurance
  3. GIG Travel Insurance
  4. Orient Travel Insurance
  5. Emirates Travel Insurance
  6. Union Travel Insurance
  7. AXA Gulf Travel insurance
  8. Dubai Insurance
  9. Oman Insurance Company
  10. Qatar Travel Insurance

3- Life Insurance

Life insurance is a contract between individuals and companies. An individual pays regular premiums in exchange for a lump-sum payment to their beneficiaries.

Why one should consider Life Insurance?

  • Financial Protection For the Family

Life insurance provides financial security to your family as well as your dependents. The death benefits can help your family to sustain their lives.

  • Save Tax

By buying Life Insurance you can claim your tax deduction on your life insurance premium.

  • Debt Repayment

If you have various loans like Moter loans, House Loans, and Credit Card loans then after your death life insurance can help your dependents.

  • Long-Term Saving and Investment

Life insurance plans offer lifetime investment and life coverage. Some Life Insurance offers investment plans also life coverage. The premium of this kind of plan is different from the regular plan.

Best Life Insurance Company in England

  1. Aviva
  2. Zurich
  3. Royal London
  4. AIG
  5. Liverpool Victoria
  6. Vitality Life
  7. Direct Line
  8. Legal and General

3- Term Insurance

Term Insurance is also a kind of insurance where you will get benefits.

Why do I choose term insurance?

  • Fixed Premium

Term Insurance offers a fixed premium for the whole life. This is the easiest and most affordable plan for your family.

  • Death Benefits

Life Life Insurance You will get death benefits from term insurance. You will get a lum-sum amount of money at the end.

  • Limited Period

Term Insurance offers limited period coverages as it is declared. It is typically available from 5 years to 30 years, depending on the company.

  • Affordability

Term Insurance offers a set of premiums for the whole year. Whereas Life Insurance offers high premiums.

Best Term Insurance Company in the USA

  1. Met Life
  2. Prudential
  3. Banner Life Insurance
  4. Protective Life
  5. AIG Group
  6. Mass Mutual
  7. Guardian
  8. Northwestern Mutual
  9. Pacific Life
  10. State Farm

5-Personal Property Insurance

Personal property insurance also know as personal belonging insurance. It is a type of insurance that provides coverage for your personal belonging like a bag, purse, any costly things, etc. This type of insurance will protect your personal property from various kinds of theft, damage, loss, etc.

6-Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance is also called vehicle insurance or car insurance. It provides protection from damage to your vehicle.

Why choose auto insurance?

  • Damage of vehicle

Auto insurance offers protection from any damage to your vehicle. Auto insurance like Bike insurance, Car insurance, etc.

  • Large Network of garages

Auto Insurance can offer a large network of garages. Some insurance company offers cashless services all over the world.

  • No Claim Bonus

Some auto insurances offer no claim bonus to the person. No Claim bonus differs from company to company.

  • Customer Support

Most of the insurance company offers customer support to the customer. If you will face any difficulties regarding your vehicle then the insurance company will help to get rid of the problems.

Best Auto Insurance Company in Canada

  1. The Co-operators
  2. Intact Insurance
  3. TD Insurance
  4. Aviva Insurance
  5. All State Canada
  6. Sonnet Insurance
  7. RBC Insurance
  8. Economical Insurance
  9. SGI Canada
  10. RSA Group

The best insurance for students studying abroad


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