Communicative English 3rd Semester Question Paper

Communicative English 3rd Semester Question Paper- Are you looking for a communicative English question paper? Do you want to download the Communicative questions paper for 3rd semester? Here you will get Communicative English Questions For 3rd Semester pdf for free.

communicative English Questions Notes
communicative English Questions Notes

Communicative English 3rd Semester Question Paper PDF

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  2. Communicative English Questions 2022 –Communicative English 2022 PDF Download

Why Communicative English Important For Graduate Students?

This course on English aims to engage the students more creatively to improve their English language and communication skills.

The main intent of this paper is to strengthen the language competency of graduate students, the majority of whom are set to enter the job market with high hopes. Needless to say, a good command of the English language is one skill that various companies expect from prospective employees.

Communicative English Syllabus

  1. Why English Communication is essential and how to improve your skills?
  2. Introduction to voice and accent
  3. Why do we have such different accents?
  4. Accent Training-consequences
  5. Voice and accent in the enterprise Industry
  6. Introduction to Phonetics
  7. International Phonetic Alphabet
  8. Consonant Sounds
  9. Vowels
  10. Diphtohngs
  11. Phonetic Rules
  12. Word Stress and Syllables
  13. Intonation
  14. Pacing and Chunking
  15. Fluency
  16. Vocabulary
  17. Noun
  18. Pronoun
  19. Adjective
  20. Adverbs
  21. Preposition
  22. Conjunction
  23. Verbs
  24. Subject Verb Agreement
  25. Tense
  26. Determiners
  27. Modifiers
  28. Reading Comprehension
  29. Skimming
  30. Scanning
  31. Extensive and Intensive Reading
Best Books for Communicative English

communicative English imgCheck Out

This book is also applicable to All the universities in Odisha.

Communicative English 3rd Semester Question Paper


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