Distributive Determiners Examples

Distributive Determiners Examples- Are you looking for examples of distributive determiners? Do you want to practice distributive determiners questions? Here you will get a list of distributive determiners, distributive determiners exercise, and so on.

What are distributive determiners?

Distributive determiners are words that give information about the noun in a clause or sentence.

Distributive Determiners Examples
Distributive Determiners Examples

Distributive Determiners Examples

  1. Each child was given a toy.
  2. Each ticket should have a PNR number.
  3. Each student will get a chocolate.
  4. Each dress he bought was cheap.
  5. Each student should get a chance.
  6. Each girl was laughing.
  7. Every teacher has great knowledge.
  8. Every child has a brain.
  9. Every morning she goes to the gym.
  10. Every boy has his own intelligence.
  11. All fruits are costly.
  12. All of them are busy with work.
  13. All men need a cycle.
  14. All girls need a book.
  15. All dogs are loyal.
  16. Half of his salary goes into paying the rent.
  17. Half of the oranges are rotten.
  18. Half of the students are absent.
  19. I walk half a mile a day.
  20. He had half a cup of tea.
  21. Both of my cars are black.
  22. Both students score good marks.
  23. Both the girls are beautiful.
  24. Both the houses are beautiful.
  25. Both teachers are excellent in teaching.
  26. Either child can win the prize.
  27. Either day is fine for me.
  28. Either dog was barking.
  29. Either dish is fine for me.
  30. Either girl is ok for me.

List of Distributive Determiners

  • Each
  • Either
  • Both
  • Half
  • All
  • Every
  • Neither

Distributive Determiners Examples

Distributive Determiners Examples
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