English Grammar Topics For SSC CGL

English Grammar Topics For SSC CGL- Are you an SSC CGL Aspirant? Do you want to crack SSC CGL this year? Here you will get repeatedly asked about English grammar topics for SSC CGL. It is also necessary to look at the SSC CGL notes pdf for free.

English Grammar Topics
English Grammar Topics

Top 21 English Grammar Topics For SSC CGL

  1. Noun
  2. Pronoun
  3. Verb
  4. Adverb
  5. Adjective
  6. Preposition
  7. Conjunction
  8. Interjection
  9. Articles
  10. Tenses
  11. Active and Passive Voice
  12. Conditional Sentence
  13. Modifiers
  14. Gerunds and Infinitives
  15. Sentence Structure
  16. Subject Verb Agreement
  17. Phrasal Verbs
  18. Modal Verbs
  19. Phrases and Clauses
  20. Phonetics and Phonology
  21. Figure of Speech

English Grammar Topics For Beginners

1- Noun

The noun is a naming word, It suggests the name of a person, place, or thing.

Ex- Ram, Shyam, Table, Chair, etc



Pronouns are words used to replace nouns to avoid repetition.

Ex- He, She, it, etc.

3- Verb

The verb is an action Word.

Ex- Do, Eat, Drink, etc

4- Adverb

Adverb modifies the verb. Adverbs typically express manner, place, time, etc.

Ex- Quickly, Slowly,


Adjectives tell you more about the noun.

Ex- A Blue car.

A Red house.

6- Preposition

A word or phrase that is used before a noun is called a preposition.

Ex- At, on, it, with

7- Conjunction

A conjunction is a word that joins two phrases, clauses, or sentences.

Ex- And, So, or etc

8- Articles

An article is a word that is used before a noun to modify a noun.

Ex- The, An

9- Tense

It is a type of verb that shows events happening at specific times.

Ex- present tense, past tense

10- Active Voice and Passive Voice

Active Voice- Active voice depicts that noun or pronoun that acts as a subject in a sentence.

Passive Voice- In passive voice, the action target is focused, ed, and the verb acts upon the subjects.


11-Conditional Sentence

Conditional sentences show the hypothetical situation and its consequences.


12- Gerund

Gerund is a noun that ends with ‘Ing’.

Ex- Calling, eating


13- Subject Verb Agreement

It is also called Subject Verb Concord refers to matching the subjects, tense.


14-Modal Vebrs

Modals verb show the possibility, and ability of the noun.


15- Interjection

A word that is used to express, feelings, pain, or pleasure.


16- Phrasal Verb

It combines adverbs and prepositions and creates new meanings.


17-Phonetics and Phonology

The study of sounds and sound patterns in English.


18- Figure of Speech

A figure of speech is a word that expresses a duplicate meaning of the original words.

19- Sentence Structure

Sentence structure is the order of all parts of sentences.

20- Clause

A clause is a combination of words that makes up a sentence.


21- Modifiers

A word that describes another adverb, or adjective.


English Grammar Topics List in Order

Understanding the above grammar will help you to crack SSC CGL examination. I hope you will find interesting.

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