English Literature MCQ For BPSC Exam

English Literature MCQ For BPSC Exam- English literature is an integral part of any PSC examination. In the BPSC (Bihar Public Service Commission) examination. English language and literature are one of the portions of the BPSC examination.

Here you will get 100+ MCQ on English literature (Contain all ages) for free. This English literature MCQ book contains MCQ with answers from all ages, includes major writers and their literary works.

The BPSC examination contains 3 stages,

  1. Prelims- one objective type paper for 150 Marks
  2. Mains- 4 Descriptive paper (1 Qualifying +3 merit ranking)
  3. Interview- 120 Marks

If you look at the syllabus of BPSC you will find English Language and Literature as an optional subject. Today You will get complete information on English language literature for BPSC.

bpsc English literature mcq
BPSC English literature MCQ

English Literature MCQ for BPSC Exam

1- Back Sharp, an adventurer, figures in which of Thackeray’s novels?

A-Vanity Fair             B-History of Pendennis             C-The book of Snobs            D- None

2- Who introduced the heroic couplet into English?

A-Chaucer                  B-Pope               C-Spenser              D-None

3- Cromwell, the dictator was said to have been influenced by

A- The Prince          B-The Capital               C- Utopia                    D-None

4- ho is Wordsworth referring to in ”Brother, Englishman and Friend”?

A- Spenser             B- Shakespeare               C-Coleridge              D-Bacon

5- The word ”Elia” is associated with

A- Charles Lamb               B-William Hazlitt           C-Thomas De Quincey         D- None

6- Who has defined easy as a ”receptacle for detached thoughts’ and as ”dispersed meditations”?

A-Bacon               B-Gardiner              C- Steel              D-Addison

7- The dialect that Chaucer used was

A-East Midland            B-Northern Dialect            C-Both A and B              D- None

8- Who called Chaucer, ”The Father of English Poetry”?

A- Arnold                   B-Sidney                 C- Spenser              D-None

9-” The Well of English Undefield” What quality of Chaucer does this phrase refer to?

A- His avoidance of foreign influences          B- His diction            C- His linguistic competence      D- None

10- Who is Lowes talking about in the following line? ”He found English a dialect and left it a language”

A- Chaucer               B-Milton          C-Shakespeare                D-T.S Eliot

11-The epithet ”Augustan ” was first applied to Dryden by

A- Dr. Johnson             B-John Bunyan               C-Thomas Shadwell           D- William Congreve

12-Because of whose refusal that the post of Poet Laureate went to Robert Southey in 1813?

A- Walter Scott              B- Henry James                C-Jane Austen               D- None

13- The novel of Walter Scott deals with senses in

A- Scotland                  B-Switzerland            C-America               D-None

14- Cousin Bridget, a character figures in the works of

A- Charles Lamb           B- William Hazlitt                 C-Jane Austen             D-Scott

15- The Phrase, Waverly novels is associated with

A- Walter Scott                B-Jane Austen            C-Henry Fielding               D- None

16- The Age of Restoration is called because

A- Charles 2 was restored in that age        B-The theatres were restored in that age

C- James 2 was restored in that age          D- None

17- The Game of Chess is

A- An Allegory             B-A Comedy               C- A Romance                D- None

18- T. S Eliot was awarded Nobel Prize for Literature in the year

A- 1948                        B-1947                     C-1949                         D-1950

19- Name James Joyce’s only play

A- Exiles                   B-Ulysses                    C-Pigmalion                      D-Finnegan’s Wake

20- Which Novel of Jane Austen has been considered the best from a literary point of view.

A-Emma              B-Northanger Abbey                  C- Mansfield Park              D-Sense and Sensibility

21-World within World is an autobiography of

A- Stephen Spender              B-W.H Auden               C- C. Day-Lewis                D- T. S Eliot

22- The theme of Eliot’s Four Quartets is

A- Time and Eternity         B-Artistic Consciousness     C-The potential of words         D- All of the above

23- Shaw’s plays are known for

A- Social criticism          B-Plays of Ideas            C- Both A and B              D- None

24- The name of the fictional inn where the pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales met is

A- Tabard               B-Canterbury            C-Southwark                 D- None

25-When was Wordsorths Lyrical Ballad published?

A- 1798               B-1797                   C-1799                    D-1800

26- Restoration period lasted from —————to—————.

A- 1660-1700            B-1700-1740                C-1650-1700                D-1629-1700

27- The History of Henry VII a classical book on the Elizabethan era was written by

A- Bacon                   B-Lamb                       C-Shakespeare                D-Charles Lamb

28- ” Sons of Belial, flown with insolence and wine” is being referred to whom by Milton.

A- Court writers of Restoration               B- French Army        C- The writers of Restoration Age            D- None

29- The best known of Dryden’s satirical poem is

A- Absalom and Achitophel                         B-Annus Mirabilis            C-Sacred Majesty          D- Astraea Redux

30- On which is Samuel Butlers book Hudibras fashioned on

A- Don Quixote               B- King Lear          C-Boccaio             D-Morte D Arthur

31-Who began the variety and excellence of prose style in the 18th century?

A- Dryden                  B-Pope                    C- Gibbon                    D-Hobbes

32- Alexander Pope was the undisputed master of

A- Tragedy                B-Song of Nature           C-Lyrical Poetry               D- Satiric and Didactic Verse

33- At what age did Alexander Pope became famous with his work ‘Rape of the Lock’

A- 24 Years            B-34 Years              C-30 years                  D-54 Years

34- Rape of the Lock is based on

A- A small matter of the court which led to a great quarrel between two families

B- Greek Tragedy                  C-Romance                       D-French Folklore

35-Alexander Pope wrote ‘Moral Epistles’ as revenge upon his critics for criticizing his ——-Work.

A-Dunuad            B-Messiah               C- Windsor Forest              D- Rape of the Lock

36-Hardy added a subtitle to his novel ‘Tess of d’urbervilles’ as his personal statement. What is it?

A- A pure women       B- A plaything of fate              C- A tragedy of innocent        D- Maids Tragedy

37- What was Arthur Conan Dayle’s real profession?

A- Doctor                B-Stock Broker              C-Detective               D-Mechanic

38- What do you understand byword ‘Incunabula?

A-Medical Book             B-Children’s Literature         C- Books produced in the infancy of printing from movable types 

39- Which is the letter of the English alphabet which occurs most often in writing?

A- E                  B- S                          C- R                          D- A

40- Where is Malgudi Town located?

A- Mysore               B-Travancore           C- Madras                D-Mumbai

41- Who writes a hilarious novel called ‘Hotel Riviera’?

A- R. K Laxman             B- R. K Narayan                  C- Sudhir Dar            D- Abu Abraham

42- Who is the author of ”The Sword and the Sickle” The Village Coolie’

A- Mulk Raj Anand              B- Shoba De              C-Arun Joshi               D-Amrita Pritam

43-What is Caesura in poetry?

A- Sprung Rhythm                    B- A line containing consonance             C- A pause indicated by a comma      D- None

44- Who was it that called the eighteenth century, the age of prose and reason?

A- Matthew Arnold           B- Dr.Johnson                 C-John Ruskin                   D-None

45- The term ”New Critics ” was used for the first time by

A- I. A Richards                B- Oscar Wilde                  C- T.S Eliot             D- John Ruskin

46- Who is the author of  ‘The Time Machine’?

A- H. G Wells               B- Joseph Conrad           C- Samuel Butler           D- None

47- ”A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing”  Who wrote this?

A- Oscar Wilde       B- H.G Wells           C- D.H Lawrence                 D- None

48- Fielding’s Joseph Andrews parodies

A- Richardson’s Pamela               B- Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels        C- Hardy’s Tess            D- None

49- The Times acquired this name in 1788 what was it known as earlier.

A- Daily Universal Register         B- Sunday Mirror             C- Tatler             D- The Telegraph

50- Who helped Pitt informing the literary club?

A- Samuel Johnson             B-Boswell              C-Reynolds                 D-Gibbon


BPSC Syllabus PDF: English Language and Literature

  • History of English Literature (Anglo Saxon to Post Modernism)
  • Chaucer to Shakespeare
  • Middle English Literature
  • Indian English Literature
  • Romantic Literature
  • Victorian English Literature
  • Modern English Literature
  • Post-Modern English Literature
  • American and Non-British Literature
  • Literary Theory
  • Criticism
  • Feminist Criticism
  •  Literary Term
  • Literary Comprehension
  • Jacobean and Restoration Period
  • Augustan Age
  • Age of Milton
  • English Language and Teaching
  • English Language and Pedagogy

BPSC Exam Pattern


BPSC Optional Subjects List

  1. Agriculture
  2. Statistics
  3. Sociology
  4. Botany
  5. Philosophy
  6. Physics
  7. Labour and Social Welfare
  8. Geography
  9. Civil Engineering
  10. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
  11. Pali Language and literature
  12. Bangala Language and Literature
  13. Political Science and International Relation
  14. Management
  15. Geology
  16. Economics
  17. Anthropology
  18. Hindi Language and Literature
  19. Maithili Language and Literature
  20. English Language and Literature
  21. Sanskrit Language and Literature
  22. Psychology
  23. Mathematics
  24. History
  25. Commerce
  26. Persian Language and Literature
  27. Chemistry
  28. Urdu Language and Literature
  29. Zoology
  30. Public Administration
  31. Mechanical Engineering
  32. Law
  33. Electrical Engineering

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English Literature MCQ For BPSC Exam

English Literature MCQ For BPSC Exam

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