English Literature MCQ For BA Students

BA English PDF- Are you looking for English literature MCQ for BA in English? Do you want to download the top 100 English MCQ for Bachelor of Arts students? Here you will get a list of important English literature MCQ for BA English Honours students.

BA English Literature– Those students who are doing their graduation in English may get maximum profit from this post. It’s important for English honours students as well as masters students.

Here you will also get a list of best English literature books for BA students. Also, I try to add BA (English) syllabus for you. As you know graduation comprises three years, so every year has a different syllabus that is unique.

You will get maximum marks in graduation if you have a good collection of English MCQ and one-liner questions answer of all ages.

BA English literature MCQ
BA English literature MCQ

100 English Literature MCQ for BA Students

1-”Marlowe simply prepared the way for the master who was to follow” who is the master referred to in this remark?

A- Shakespeare            B-Ben Jonson             C-John Webster              D-None

2 The title of Robert Bridges’s long philosophical poem is

A- The Testament of Beauty             B-The Shadowy Waters           C-The Wasteland            D-None

3- Which one of the following poems is by A.E Houseman?

A-The Shropshire Lad            B-The Dynasts            C-The Lake Isle of Innisfree           D-None

4-The Tragic Comedians by George Meredith is a

A-Novel                B-Play               C-Poem             D-None

5-Edmund Blunden won the Hawthorndon Prize for his poem

A-Cromwell             B-Timbuctoo               C-The Shepherd            D-Love

6- The romantic comedy ‘The Spanish Gipsy’ by Thomas Middleton bears some similarities with Shakespeare’s

A-As You Like It                  B-Twelfth Night               C-All’s Well that Ends Well             D-None

7-Point out the group of poets, which does not belong to the 20th century.

A-Pre-Raphaelites              B-Imagism              C-New Signatures           D-Georgians

8-T.S Eliot was awarded the Nobel Prize in the year

A-1948                 B-1956                 C-1940                    D-1930

9-The monthly ‘New Lines’ was edited by

A-A prayer for my son               B-The Lake Isle of Innisfree           C-A Prayer for my Daughter         D-None

10- ‘The Listeners and other poems’ is a collection of poems by

A-Walter de la Mare            B-Edmund Blunden           C-John Masefield               D-None

11- Which of the undermentioned plays is not by Christopher Fry?

A- Waiting for Godot           B-Venus Observed             C-The Lady’s Not for Burning          D-None

12- In his play———Charles Morgan survived the impact of modern scientific inventions upon the soul of humanity

A- The Burning Glass           B-The Guinea Pig            C-The River Line             D-None

13- Who translated the original Bengali poems

A- Tagore Himself                 B-Rev. Edward Thompson            C-W.B Yeats               D-None

14- The name ‘A’ vast philosophical prose-epic is given to Aurobindo’s

A- The Life Divine             B-The Future Poetry              C-Savitri             D-Ilion

15- Gora is a ——by Tagore.

A-Novel             B-Poem                C-Play                 D-None

16- Well’s novels ‘The Invisible Man’ The War of the World and ‘The First Man on the moon are

A- Scientific Romances            B-Works of Utopian Fiction         C-Realistic Novels            D-None

17- Earnest Hemingway was awarded the Nobel Prize in the year

A-1954             B-1936              C-1928                 D-1915

18-” To judge of poets is only the faculty of poets and not of all poets but the best this is the view of

A- Ben Jonson             B-Dryden           C-Philip Sidney             D-Pope

19-Characters of Shakespeare’s plays is a collection of lectures by

A- William Hazlitt                B-Charles Lamb             C-Coleridge        D-Bradley

20-Henri Derozio taught at

A-Hindu College, Calcutta             B-National College, Calcutta         C-Both           D-None

21-Juliet, the heroine of ‘Romeo and Juliet was——years old.

A- 14              B-16                C-18                    D-12

22-The source of Milton’s Paradise Lost chiefly lies in

A-The Bible            B-Angol-Saxon        C-Classical Epics               D-Old English Texts

23- Who is the central figure in Hawthorne’s ‘The Scarlet Letter?

A- Hester Prynne             B-Maggie Tulliver         C-Daisy Miller             D-Olivia

24- Goldsmith contributed his series of imaginary letters published in ‘The Citizen of the World initially in

A-The Public Ledger            B-The Rambler            C-The Examiner              D-London

25- The phrase ‘Theatre of the absurd’ as invented by

A-Martine Essllin         B-Harold Pinter           C-Samuel Beckett           D-John Osborne

26- What is the real name of George Eliot?

A-Mary Ann Evans              B-Mary Woistoncroft          C-Both          D-None

27- Gabriel Oak is the central male character in Hardy’s novel

A-Far From the Madding Crowd           B-Jude            C-Tess            D-None

28-The American Scholar is a lecture by

A-R.W Emerson              B-Edgar Allen Poe            C-H.D Thoreau             D-Robert Frost

29-Which poem of Byron made him famous overnight?

A- Child Harold’s Pilgrimage             B-Don Juan          C-The Giaour            D-None

30-A thing of beauty is a joy forever forms the opening line of Keats’s poem

A- Endymion             B-Lamia             C-Hyperion              D-None

31-Robert Southey became the Poet Laureate in the year

A-1813             B-1845               C-1845                D-1890

32- Which poet has been described by Matthew Arnold as a beautiful but ineffectual angel beating in the void his luminous wings?

A-Shelley                B-Keats                C-Blake              D-Byron

33- Who has defined poetry as a criticism of life?

A-Matthew Arnold               B-Dryden           C-Doctor Johnson              D-Wordsworth

34- The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is a poem by

A-William Blake              B-Leigh Hunt              C-Shelley             D-None

35- They were plain people faced with the task of subduing a wilderness about whom has this been said?

A- Early settlers in America           B-Puritans             C-Red Indians            D-Negroes

36-The first complete English translation of the Bible was made by

A- John Wychliff               B-Miles Coverdale                C-William Tyndale            D-William Langland

37- Aurobindo Ghose’s Savitri is an epic of the

A- Soul           B-Mind                C-Universe          D-Heaven

38- The Old Wives Tale is a novel by

A- Arnold Bennett           B-John Galsworthy            C-Hardy                D-Henry James

39-The History of Richard 3 is a prose work in English by

A- Sir Thomas More             B-Marlowe           C-Shakespeare           D-None

40-Devotions is a prose work by

A- John Donne                B-John Lyly              C-Wycliff              D-Caxton

41-Restoration means the restoration for King—–to the British throne

A-Charles II               B-Charles I              C-James I               D-James II

42-Dryden’s play dealing with the story of Antony and Cleopatra is named

A- All for Love              B-Love for Love               C-Antony and Cleopatra          D-Love Triumphant

43- Which of the poets mentioned below does not belong to the Auden Group?

A- Dylan Thomas            B-Louis Macneice          C-Cecil Da Lewis          D-Stephen Spender

44- Which of the undermentioned books contain much of the background materials for Forster’s novel ‘A Passage to India’?

A- The Hill of Devi              B-Aspects of the Novel             C-Two Cheers for Democracy            D-None

45-In which month was the Canterbury pilgrimage described by Chaucer in his ‘The Canterbury Tales’ to be undertaken?

A-Apil                   B-January             C-December              D-March

46- Pope belongs to the ——school of poetry.

A- Neo-Classical             B-Classical              C-Neo-Romantic            D-Graveyard

47-Pope’s ‘The Rape of the Lock is a ——-poem.

A- Mock-Heroic                 B-Serious                C-Heroic             D-Dramatic

48- Graham Green and Evelyn Waugh were both converts to

A-Roman Catholicism             B-Christianity              C-Communism              D-None

49- Keats abandoned his poem ‘Hyperion because it contained traces of the excessive influence of

A-Milton                  B-Pope               C-Spenser             D-Shakespeare

50- Which play of Shakespeare is said to be his most delightful comedy

A-Twelfth Night             B- As You Like It                 C-Much Ado About Nothing         D-None

51- Which of Spenser’s works mentioned below is a collection of sonnets?

A-Amoretti               B-Complaints              C-The Shepherd’s Calendar             D-Four Hymnes

52- ”Affection may one day smile again and till then sit thee down sorrow” This line belongs to Shakespeare’s play

A- Love’s Labour Lost              B-Antony and Cleopatra           C-Romeo and Juliet         D-Hamlet

53-The Lay of the Last Minstrel is a lengthy poem by

A- Scott              B-Byron             C-Gray            D-Landor

54-The characters of Restoration comedies are largely

A-Types              B-Living               C-Lifeless            D-Flat

55- Sejaunus is a ——by Ben Jonson.

A- Historical Tragedy             B-Masque             C-Comedy               D-Poetic Play

56-” He as the man who of all modern and perhaps ancient poets had the largest and most comprehensive soul this remark was made abut Shakespeare by

A- Dryden            B-Pope             C-Milton            D-Ben Jonson

57- Which of these writers were awarded the Nobel Prize?

A- Shaw         B-Galsworthy              C-T.S Eliot               D-All of These

58- Murugan the Titler is a novel by

A- K.S Venkataramani             B-K Nagaraja           C-Raja Rao            D-R.K Narayan

59- ”Other abide our questions, thou art free” Matthew Arnold wrote this about

A- Shakespeare          B-Milton               C-Homer           D-Dante

60-Which of the undermentioned is a comedy by William Congreve?

A-The Double dealer          B-All for Love           C-The Plain Dealer           D-All for love

61- Sherlock Holmes is a character in the novel of

A- Sir Arthur Conan             B-Norma Nicholson           C-Agatha Christic          D-None

62-In As You Like It, Rosalind loves

A- Heroic Tragedy             B-Classical Tragedy             C-Domestic Tragedy          D-Shaspeare Tragedy

63-Which of these writers were awarded the Nobel Prize?

A- Shaw             B-Galsworthy             C-T.S Eliot            D-All of these

64-Murugan the Titler is a novel by

A-K.S Venkataramani               B-K Nagaraja         C-Raja Rao       D-R.K Narayan

65-Which of the undermentioned plays of Shakespeare is not a tragedy?

A- Twelfth Night           B-Othello            C-Hamlet               D-Macbeth

66-They also serve who only stand and wait This line belongs to Milton’s poem

A-On His Blindness            B-To the Nightingale              C-Song on May Morning       D-On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity

67- In Milton, there is always an appearance of effort in Shakespeare Scarcel this remark has been made by

A-Matthew Arnold           B-William Hazlitt            C-Dryden       D-Dr.Johnson

68-Maggie Tulliver is a tragic character in George Eliot’s novel

A- The Mill on the Floss            B-Daniel Deronda             C-Adama Bede               D-Silas Mariner

69- The Staircase is a play by the English poet

A- Lascelles Abercrombie             B-W.B Yeats          C-Rupert Brooke             D-John Masefield

70-Whom does the Red Cross Knight in ‘The Faerie Queene’ represent?

A- Sir Philip Sidney           B-Sir Walter Raleigh           C-King Arthur         D-Henry IV of France

71- Polyoblion is a long poem by

A- Michael Drayton           B-George Chapman            C-Thomas Dekker           D-Sir Philip Sidney

72- Dryden is one of the earliest and most skillful exponents of a new type of tragedy known as

A- Heroic Play            B-Blank Verse Play            C-Domestic Tragedy            D-Comedy of Manners

73- W.H Auden wrote ‘The Ascent of F6 in collaboration with

A- Stephen Spender          B-Louis Macneice        C-Dylan Thomas         D-None

74- Who among the undermentioned poets is regarded as the poets?

A-Spenser          B-Milton         C-Chaucer           D-Shakespeare

75- Who was the editor of Scrutiny?

A- F.R Leavis            B-T.S Eliot          C-Wyndham Lewis           D-None

76- Which of the plays mentioned below is by Arnold Wesker?

A-Roots               B-Play             C-Luther             D-The Geniuses

77-In his autobiographical novel Sons and Lovers, Larence is represented by

A- Paul Morrell            B-Walter Morrell            C-William Morrell          D-None

78- Orwell’s Experiences as a police officer in Burma have recounted is some of his essays like

A-Shooting and Elepha         B-Inside the Whale         C-Literature            D-Down the Mine

79- Arcadia by Sir Philip Sidney is a

A- Pastoral Romance          B-Collection of Tales         C-Critical Essay           D-Poetic Drama

80- Which poets married the poet Ted Hughes?

A- Sylvia Plath                B-Christina Rossetti             C-Emily Dickinson            D-None

81- The English romantic poet who was most influenced by Spenser is

A- Keats              B-Scott            C-Shelley              D-Byron

82- In ‘The Faerie Queene’ Spenser has employed the Verse form

A- Spenserian Stanza           B-Heroic Couplet             C-Ottave Rime              D-Terza Rime

83-Who is the central figure in Greene’s novel ‘The Heart of the Matter?

A-Major Scobie              B-Fowler            C-Pink Brown          D-Maurice Bendrix

84- The Satires of Circumstance is a —–by Thomas Hardy

A- Collection of poems              B-Collection of Short Stories         C-Novel             D-None

85- Dryden wrote a poem——-to celebrate the return of Charles II

A- Astraea Redux              B-The Medal                C-MacFlecknoe            D-Annus Mirabilis

86-Who contributed the largest number of papers to ‘The Spectator?

A- Addison             B-Steele               C-Swift            D-Dr.Johnson

87-The Age of Pope is also called

A-The Augustan Age               B-Classical Age               C-The Restoration            D-Age of Sensibility

88- A Sheaf Gleaned in French Fields by Toru Dutt and Aru Dutta is a collection of ——French poems.

A-165                       B-80                   C-150         D-100

89- Robert Frost’s first volume of poems, entitled —-was first published in England.

A- A Boy’s Will               B-New Hampshire           C-Mountain Interval         D-None

90-Which of the undermentioned books has been written by Hobbes?

A-Leviathan          B-Utopia            C-Arcadia            D-Morte d’ Arthur

91- America is my country and Paris is my home town Which American writer has said this?

A- Gertrude Stein              B-Edith Wharton          C-Henry James                D-None

92- Samuel Langhorn Clemens wrote under the pen-name of

A- Mark Twin                B-Saki                C-O’Henry             D-None

93- Who is regarded as the Father of American Poetry?

A- William Cullen Bryant           B-R.W Emerson             C-Walt hitman            D-Wallace Stevens

94- Which of these novels is not by Virginia Woolf?

A- Tarr                  B-The Years              C-Night and Day              D-Orlando

95- Which magazine did T.S Eliot edit?

A- The Criterion                   B- The Spectator            C-The Examiner             D-None

96- The name of the host in the ‘Prologue to The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer is

A-Harry Bailly            B-Huberd           C-Sir Thopas           D-Thomas Beckett

97- Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn wrote

A- Diaries              B-Novel                C-Plays              D-Biographies

98-Which of the following novel is not by Henry James?

A- Roderick Random             B-Roderick Hudson            C-The Bostonians            D-The American

99- It is with ——that English genius first fishes into English fiction about whom is it said?

A-Bunyan              B-Richardson              C-Defoe             D-Fielding

100-Which of the following works is played by Tennyson?

A- In Memorian               B-Lotos-Eater                 C- Beckett                D-Ulysses

English Literature Books For BA Students

Here are some of the important English literature books for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-year students.

Top 10 Best Books For English Literature


A Critical History Of English Literature

 David Daiches

Objective Type Questions On Literature In English


A Glossary of Literary Terms 


Literary Criticism from Plato to the Present



Outlines of English and American Literature


A History of Indian English Literature


Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies By Chris Barker

Dramatic Concepts Greek and Indian

Bharat Gupt

UGC NET English

Arihant Publications

English Literature Notes For BA Students

It’s easy to make notes on English literature but you need to have a good collection of books and guide to make notes. Most of the universities have provided notes to their students.

I have collected some authentic English literature notes for BA students. You can make notes for yourself but if you want ultimate notes then you can download.

English Literature Syllabus For BA

Here you will get complete information on the English literature syllabus for BA 1st,2nd, and 3rd-year students. The syllabus may vary from university to university. But most of the universities have this syllabus for BA English literature.

  1. Old English Literature
  2. History of English Literature
  3. American Literature
  4. Indian Writing in English
  5. Middle English Literature
  6. Romantic Age
  7. Modern English Literature
  8. Non-British Literature
  9. British Poetry
  10. Elizabethan Age
  11. Augustan Age
  12. Puritan Age
  13. Afro-American Literature
  14. Literary Criticism
  15. Literary Theory
BA in English Literature MCQ
English Literature MCQ for BA Students

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