English Literature MCQ For Competitive Exam

English literature MCQ pdf- Are you looking for an English literature MCQ for competitive exams? Are you preparing for any competitive exams? Then this post for you. Here you will get the top 100 English literature MCQ for your upcoming examination.

Every competitive examination has its own syllabus and exam pattern. The aspirant needs to go through the information bulletin of the concerned examination. But most of the competitive examination comprises of several subjects like General Knowledge, English Literature, Reasoning, General Science, etc.

Here I am talking about those examinations which have English literature in it. Most of the examinations in the world like GCSC, UPSC, etc have English literature in their syllabus.

So, If you are preparing for those examinations? then you should read this important MCQ on various ages of English literature.

English Literature for Competitive exam
English Literature for Competitive exam

100 English Literature MCQ for Competitive Examination

1- A Sheaf Gleaned in French Fields’ by Toru Dutt and Aru Dutt is a collection of ——French Poems.

A-165                  B-80                      C-150                    D-100

2-Robert Frost’s first volume of poems entitled—-was first published in England.

A-A Boy’s will              B-New Hampshire              C-Mountain Interval            D-North of Boston

3- Which the undermentioned books have been written by Hobbes?

A-Leviathan                B-Arcadia                  C-Utopia                D-Morte d’ Arthur

4- America is my country and Paris is my home town’ which American writer has said this?

A- Gertrude Stin               B-Henry James                C-Edith Wharton            D-Theodore Dreiser

5- Samuel Langhorn Clemens wrote under the pen-name of

A-Mark Twain             B-Saki              C-O’Henry                D-None

6-Who is regarded as the ‘Father of American Poetry’?

A- William Cullen Bryant            B-Wallace Stevens              C-R.W Emerson            D-Walt Whitman

7- Which of these novels is not by Virginia Woolf?

A-Tar               B-Orlando               C-Night and Day                 D-The Years

8- Which magazine did T.S Eliot edit?

A- The criterion              B-The Spectator                C-The Examiner                 D-None

9-The name of the host in the ‘Prologue to The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer is

A-Harry Bailly                B-Thomas Beckett           C-Huberd                  D-Sir Thopas

10- Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn wrote

A- Diaries                B-Plays              C-Biographies               D-Novels

11-Which of the following novels is not by Henry James?

A-Roderick Random          B-Roderick Hudson             C-Plays          D-The American

12-It is with——-the Englis genius first fishes into English fiction about whom is it said?

A-Bunyan                B-Defoe               C-Richardson               D-Fielding

13- The line’ I am not Prince Hamlet nor was meant to belong to T.S Eliot’s poem?

A-Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock            B-Gerontion               C-The Wasteland           D-None-14

14- Which of the following works is to apply by Tennyson?

A-In Memorian              B-Lotos Eater           C-Beckett              D-Ulysses

15-Nehruji wrote in a ——Style.

A- Poetic                 B-Plain                 C-Epigrammatic               D-Prosaic

16-Arundhati Roy has recently been awarded the Booker’s Prize for her novel

A-The God of Small Things             B-The God the Failed            C-The Apes of God             D-None

17- Sir Thomas Browne has written

A- Hydrotaphia              B-Areopagitica               C-Utopia               D-Biographia Literaria

18- What was Milton’s purpose in writing ‘Paradise Lost?

A-Justifying the ways of God to Man           B-Preaching a moral lesson           C-Satirising Society          D-None

19- Rabindranath Tagore was awarded the Nobel Prize in

A-1913              B-1910                    C-1923                  D-1930

20- Sarojini Naidu is chiefly a—-poet.

A- Lyrics              B-Epic                 C-Narrative             D-Satirical

21- Which poem of Keats deals with a theme similar to Shelley’s Alastor?

A- Endymion             B-Hyperion            C-Lamia              D-Isabella

22- Which of the undermentioned work by Graham Greene.

A-The Confidential Agent             B-The Confidential clerk         C-The Secret Agent         D-None

23- Which of the characters mentioned below does not being too ‘The Tempest’?

A- Desdeona                B-Prospero                C-Ariel                 D-Caliban

24-Milton acted as Latin Secretary to

A-Oliver Cromwell              B-Edward King                   C-Charles I                   D-None

25- Sidney’s Astrophel and Stella contains 108

A- Sonnets                 B-Lyrics                   C-Elegie              D-SOngs

26- He found the drama crude and chaotic he left it a great force in English literature” Remark made by

A-Marlowe                B-Ben Jonson                   C-T.S Eliot                 D-Shakespeare

27- Who has called Bacon ‘the wisest the brightest and the meanest of making?

A- Alexander Pope                B-Coleridge               C-Dr.Johnson                 D-None

28- Who is the writer of Eupheus?

A- Lyly                 B-Marlowe                 C-Greene                  D-Peele

29- Who is the writer of the play ‘The Return of Ulysses?

A- Robert Bridges               B-Tennyson                   C-James Joyce                  D-NOne

30- ‘Other abide our questions, thou art free ‘ who has said this about Shakespeare?

A- Matthew Arnold                B-Ben Jonson              C-Milton                D-None

31- Give the name of the King of Scotland murdered by Macbeth.

A- Duncan                  B-Claudius                  C-Malcolm               D-Lear

32- Sir Philip Sidney’s Arcadia is written in

A- Prose                  B-Blank Verse               C-Heroic Couplet               D-None

33- Which meter has Marlowe employed in his plays?

A- Blank Verse              B-Heroic Couplet               C-Hexmetre            D-None

34-‘Life is a tale told by an idiot’ from which play are these words quoted?

A- Macbeth                  B-The Tempest               C-Hamlet                D-Romeo and Juliet

35- The view ‘better to reign in hell the serve in Heaven has been expressed in Paradise Lost by

A- Satan              B-Adam                 C-Milton               D-Christ

36- The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam was translated into English by

A- Edward Fitgerald                   B-Scott Fitzerald               C-Edwin Arnold              D-Matthew Arnold

37- Thomas Gray’s poem ‘The Bard and The Progress of Poesy belong to the category of

A-Pindaric Ode                  B-Horatian Ode                 C-Pastoral Elegy                D-Commemorative Lyric

38- Who is Hamlet’s beloved in Hamlet?

A- Ophelia              B-Portia               C-Cordelia               D-Olivia

39-Emerson has been called the lonely wayfaring man by

A- Thomas Carlyle               B-Carl Sanburg              C-Whitman                 D-Thoreau

40- The Faerie Queene is a ——-poem.

A- Allegorical                B-Descriptive               C-Narrative                 D-Satirical

41- The Black Death occurred in the year

A-1348                   B-1400                  C-1939                   D-1405

42-Milton’s Paradise Lost is written in

A-Blank Verse               B-Free Verse              C-Spenserian Stanza           D-Heroic Couplet

43- George Chapman is one of the dramatists

A- Post-Shakespearean                B-Pre-Shakespearean          C-Restoration            D-Jacobean

44-Henry James became a naturalized citizen of Britain in

A-1915                     B-1930                    C-1920                              D-1910

45- George Eliot is the pe-name of

A- Mary Ann Evans               B-Mary Wolstoncroft           C-B I for Evans            D-Eric Blair

46- Which of the English romantic poets was greatly influenced by Milton’s style and manner?

A- Keats             B-Shelley               C-Byron               D-Wordsworth

47-Which of the following is a novel by Joseph Conrad?

A- Lord Jim                 B-Lord of the Isles            C-Lord Fish             D-None

48-The period of sixty years from 1830 to 1890 is known as

A- Victorian Age               B-Neo-Classical Age                C-The Romantic Revival            D-Age of Reason

49- The Gardner is a———-by Rabindranath Tagore

A- Collection of Poems             B-Short-Story            C-Play              D-Novel

50- H.G Wells was an ardent supporter of

A-Labour Party              B-Communist Party             C-Liberal Party              C-None

51- Who was the ruler of Britain in the age of Pope?

A- Queen Anne              B-Charles II                 C- Queen Mary               D-Queen Elizabeth I

51-The Hundred Years War was fought between England and

A- France               B-Spain                 C-Italy               D-Germany

52-Paradise Lost is the greatest——in the English Language.

A- Doctor  Johnson            B-Coleridge               C-Hazlitt                D-Alexander Pope

53- The collective name given to some of the pre-Shakespearean playwrights like Marlowe Kyd, Peele, and Green is

A- University Wits              B-Romantic Playright              C-Dramatist              D-None

54- W. B Yeats was born in

A- 1865                       B-1805                    C-1880                    D-None

55- He affects the metaphysic this comment as made on Donne by

A- Dr. Johnson              B-Pope                C-Dryden                D-Ben Jonson

56-Whom did Ben Jonson call the first poet of the world in some things?

A-John Donne              B-George Herbert               C-William Shakespeare            D-Edmund Spenser

57- Barchester Towers is a novel by

A-Anthony Trollope             B-Charles Read               C-George Eliot               D-George Meredith

58- Milton’s prose writing includes 25 pamphlets written in English and

A- Latin            B-Franch                 C-Greek                 D-Italian

59-How many essays are there in the third edition of Bacon’s Essays.

A-58                    B-46                       C-10                    D-55

60- Ben Jonson is one of the first significant ——critics in English.

A- Neo-Classic              B-Classical                C-Academic               D-Romantic

61- The Nobel Prize was awarded to Rudyard Kipling in the year

A-1907                 B-1910               C-1918                 D-1930

62-Pope’s Essay on Criticism is written

A-Heroic Couplet             B-Elegiac Quatrains            C-Prose                D-Blank Verse

63- The Restoration Period in English literature began in the year

A-1660                      B-1690                     C-1979                    D-1798

64-In The Preface to Lyrical Ballads Wordsworth propound his theory of

A-Poetic Diction                B-Prose                   C-Imagination               D-Fancy

65-Which of the following novels by Greene does not belong to his ‘Catholic Trilogy?

A– The End of the Affair             B-The Power and the Glory           C-The Heart of the Matter        D-None

66-Which of the undermentioned works is not by Cornard?

A-Chance                B-Kipps              C-The Rescue            D-None

67-Which of this novel is written by John Wain?

A– Strike the Father Dead            B-A room with a view               C-Men and wives             D-Jacob’s Room

68- Bernard Shaw drew his ideas for his play Man and Superman from the philosophical doctrine of

A- Nietzche            B-Spencer              C-Bradley              D-None

69- A Sonnet is a poem of ——lines?

A-14               B-16                   C-12                  D-10

70- Which of these novels is not by Ivy Compton Burnett?

A- Officers and Gentlemen            B-daughters and Sons             C-Parents and Children            D-None

71- Here is God’s plenty about whose work does Dryden say this?

A- Chaucer           B-Shakespeare         C-Ben Jonson               D-Milton

72- Wordsworth defined poetry as the spontaneous overflow of

A- Powerful feelings             B-Strong Emotion            C-Deep Feelings               D-Powerful Emotions

73- Astrophel and Stella is a collection of songs and sonnets by

A-Philip Sidney               B-Edmund Spenser            C-Shakespeare                D-Thomas Sackville

74-Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf is a ——by Edward Albee

A-Critical works on Virginia Woolf               B-Play              C-Novel            D-Biography of Mars. Woolf

75- Munro is the central character in Mulk Raj Anand’s novel

A- Coolie             B-The Untouchable             C-The Village            D-Two Leaves and a Bud

76-Holy Sonnets was written by

A- Donne                   B-Herbert                    C-Marvell                 D-Dryden

77-Which of the following poets said, ”My name is writ in the water?

A- Keats                B-Shelley               C-Byron                 D-Wordsworth

78-Which of these writes do not belong to the colonial period of American Literature?

A- Walt Whitman                B-Benjamin Franklin              C-Edward Taylor                  D-Thomas Godfrey

79- Precautions the first novel by James Fennimore Coope was published in

A-1820                B-1810                  C-1800               D-1798

80- Keats died of

A-Tuberculosis              B-Cancer                  C-Pneumonia               D-Malaria

81-Lamb’s essays contain a fine blend of humor and

A- Pathos             B-Irony               C-Sobriety               D-Stire

82- Which of the following is not a short story by Edgar Allen Poe?

A- The Scarlet Letter              B-The Purloined Letter              C-The Black Cat              D-None

83- What is the most common poetic quality in Keats and Tennyson?

A- Pictoral Element               B-Elegiac Nature             C-Dramatic Quality            D-Milton

84- Galsworthy’s play Strife deals with the subject of

A-Labour Disputes               B-Wars                C-Justice             D-None

85- Aurobindo Ghose’s epic Savitri consists of —–books.

A-12                        B-6                    C-10                  D-18

86- The Round Table in a ——by Hazlitt.

A- Collection of Essays              B-Essay              C-Play               D-None

87- Stephen Crane’s novel The Red Badge of Courage deals with the theme of

A- The Civil War               B-The Negro Questions               C-Courage            D-None

88-Who is regarded by Timothy Dwight as the Addison of the United states the father of American belles Letters?

A- Joesph Dennie             B-Paine             C-Maddison                 D-Jefferson

89-Chaucer belonged to the —–century

A-14th Century               B-18th Century             C-19th Century               D-None

90- What is In Memory of W.B Yeats?

A- A poem            B-A play             C-An Essay               D-A Biographical Article

91-Which of the novels of Graham Greene is set in Haiti?

A- The Comedians               B-Lumpur at Nightfall               C-The Honorary Consul            D-None

92- Name of the writer of the play Ulysses.

A-Stephen Philip             B- Tennyson             C-Joyce               D-None

93-Which Queen of Englan does Gloriana in The Faerie Queene represent?

A- Elizabeth   I                B- Victoria                 C-Mary                   D-None

94- Which novel by R.L Stevenson presents a parable of good evil?

A-  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde            B-Treasure Island              C-Kidnapped               D-None

95-Forster’s novel A Room with a View is set in

A- Italy                B-France                  C-England               D-None

96-Which of the following epithets does not apply to The Rape of the Lock?

A- Comic-epic in prose              B-Heroi-Comical              C-Mock- Heroic                 D-None

97- Rich Like US is a Shitya Academy Aar inning novel by

A- Nayantara Sehgal               B-Kamla Markandaya             C-Anita Desai            D-Leela Dey

98-Lyrical Ballads was published in

A-1798                       B-1660                       C-1801                  D-1850

99- Which of these poems is by Cecil Day-Lewis?

A-The Magnetic Mountain              B-The Still Centre              C-Autumn  Journal             D-The orators

100- Pope could fix in one couplet more sense than I can do in six who said this?

A-Swift               B-Dryden              C-Addison               D-Dr.Johnson

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English Literature MCQ For Competitive Exam

English Literature MCQ For Competitive Exam

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