English Literature MCQ For IGCSE

English Literature MCQ For IGCSE- IGCSE is a global board, it stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It’s a two-year program for the teacher aspirant, If you are willing to teach abroad then you must have completed this course.

It’s not easy to crack the IGCSE entrance test. But I have listed some of the important study materials as well as multiple-choice questions on English literature so that ti will help you to score good marks in the test.

The IGCSE is a widely recognized program for the teacher. After IELTS and TOFLE, IGCSE is one of the leading programs in the world, when it comes to the English language and literature.

English Literature MCQ For IGCSE
English Literature MCQ For IGCSE

English Literature MCQ For IGCSE

1-Winterbourne appears in which Henry James’s work?

A-Daisy Miller

B-The Wings of the Dove

C-The Ambassador

D-The WIngs of the Dove


2-Which of the following poem expressed Yeat’s failure in love but success in a career as a poet?


B-Saling to Byzantium

C-Lake Isle of Innisfree



3-In which of her poems, Emily Dickinson used the metaphor of Cracked Cups?

A-I Cannot Live with You

B-I heard a Fly Buzz When I died

C-Because I could Not Stop For Death



4-The essay I want a wife is written by

A-Judy Brady Syfers

B-Judith Butler

C-Simon de Beauvoir

D-Kate Millett


5-Who does Harriet Smith eventually marry in Jane Austen’s novel Emma?

A-Mr. Robert Martin

B-Frank Churchill

C-Mr. Western

D-Mr. Knightley


6-Identify the literary term in the following sentences

‘I love everything about him, his personality his vice his sense of humor his magic’






7-The term Malapropism has been inspired by the character Mrs. Malaprop which appears in the work

A-The Rivals by Sheridan

B-David Copperfield

C-Oliver Twist



8-Which of the following Charles Dickens’s novel is considered autobiographical?

A-David Copperfield

B-A Life Incomplete

C-The Watchmaker

D-White Blood


9-One of the prominent writers of Punjabi literature Nanak Singh’s classic Pavitra Pappi is translated into English with the title.

A-The Watchmaker

B-White Blood

C-Lover Marriage

D-A Life Incomplete


10-Shakespeare’s artistic words all the world’s stage are from which play?

A-As You Like It

B-The Merchant of Venice

C-Love’s Labour Lost

D-Twelfth Night


11-R.K Narayan’s fictional place in his writings is known as






12-Touchstone method of criticism was propounded by

A-Matthew Arnold

B-Lionel Trilling

C-Edward Said



13-‘Either I forget immediately or I never forget’ This line appears in

A-Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett

B-The Room by Harold Pinter

C-Look Black in Anger by John Osborne

D-The Kitchen by Arnold Wesker


14-Love is not loved if alters hen it alteration finds or bends with the remover to remove’ this lines from

A-Let Me Not to Marriage of The True Minds by Shakespeare

B-The Apparition by John Donne

C-My Mistress by Shakespeare



15-Which title has been taken from Shakespeare’s The Tempest?

A-Brave New World by Huxley

B-The War of the Worlds by H.G Wells

C-The Way of All Flesh by Samuel Butler

D-The Old Wives Tale by Arnold Bennet


16-Alexander Pope’s forte of writing is






18-The word love is blind were in which writing for the first time?

A-Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

B-Browning’s My Last Duchess

C-John Donne’s The Sun Rising

D-Shakespeare’s Romeo Juliet


19-The works Lamia Hyperion and Ode to Psyche are written by

A-John Keats

B-Lord Byron


D-P.B Shelley


20-Issac Bickerstaff was a pseudonym of

A-Jonathan Swift

B-William Congreve

C-James Joyce

D-Samuel Beckett


21-Essays of Elia ere published in






22-In which poem do the lines appear ”Our birth is but asleep and a forgetting”

A-Immortality ode

B-Bleak House

C-Tintern Abbey

D-Rejection An Ode


23-Lady Dedlock is a character in

A-Bleak House

B-Hard Times


D-David Copperfield


24-Which writer was an American but later became a British subject?

A-T.S Eliot

B-Robert Frost


D-Henry James


25-The period of Queen Victoria’s reign is






26-In which year was G.B Shaw Awarded with Nobel Prize






27-Who created the character of Mogli in the famous book The Jungle Book?

A-Rudyard Kipling

B-E.M Forster

C-G.B Shaw

D-Joseph Conrad


28-In which of the following poems by Browning, he uses the term ‘serpenting beauty’ to describe the beauty of the female characters?

A-Andrea Del Sarto

B-My Last Duchess

C-Porphyria’s Lover

D-Fra Lippo Lippi


29-Epitaph of Eliot’s famous poem The Hollow Men Mistah Kurtz he dead’s is taken fom

A-Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness

B-D.H Lawrence’s Women in Love

C-George Eliot’s Animal Farm

D-Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory


30-Who called H.G Wells ‘the Shakespeare of science fiction?

A-Brian Aldiss

B-Virginia Woolf

C-Ted Hughes

D-William Faulkner


31-Ulysses by James Joyce is divided into

A-3 Parts and 18 Episodes

B-4 Parts and 18 Episodes

C-5 Parts and 18 Episodes

D-6 Parts and 19 Episodes


32-To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf is divided into three parts. Select the odd one out of the following

A-The Cabin

B-The Window

C-The Lighthouse

D-Times Passes


33-Who was the longest-serving poet laureate?

A-Alfred Lord Tennyson

B-John Dryden

C-John Dryden

D-Robert Southey


34-A fictional character-Judith Shakespeare is created by

A-Virginia Woolf

B-E.M Forster

C-Kate Millett



35-Which nursery rhyme could be seen in Eliot’s The Waste Land?

A-London Bridge is falling down

B-Jack and Jill

C-Humpty Dumpty

D-Ring a Roses


36-Datta, Dayadhvam Damyata is lines of

A-The Waste Land

B-The Hollow Men

C-Ash Wednesday



37-The Doll’s House is written by

A-Catherine Mansfield

B-Hnrik Ibsen

C-G.B Shaw

D-Guy De Maupassant


38-John Milton got blind at the age of






39-Who is famous for Negative Capability?

A-John Keats

B-S.T Coleridge

C-P.B Shelley

D-Lordy Byron


40-Which female writer was suggested to be chosen Poen Laureate by Robert Browning

A-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

B-George Eliot

C-Jane Austen

D-Mary Wollstonecraft


41-What was the relation between P.B Shelley and Mary Woolstonecraft?

A-Mother in Law/Son in law





42-Which of Chaucer’s work has been called a novel in verse?

A-Troilus and Criseyde

B-The Legend of Good Women

C-The House of Fame

D-The Parliament of Fouls


43-William Morris The Earthly Paradise closely follows the pattern of

A-Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales

B-Arnold’s The Study of Poetry

C-Boccaccio’s Teseida



44-Fame is the last infirmity of the noble mind. In which Milton’s poem does this line occur?


B-Rape of the Lock

C-Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot



45-Which of Swift’s work is subtitle is written for the universal improvement of Mankind?

A-The Battle of the Books

B-A Tale of a Tub

C-Gulliver’s Travel

D-The Draper’s Letters


46-Which of the following periodical encouraged De Quincey?

A-London Magazine

B-Edinburgh Review

C-Quarterly Review



47-To who did the Phrase ‘One of the inheritors of unfulfilled renown refers?






48-Which work of Elizabeth Browning is considered to be a woman’s version of Wordsworth’s The Prelude?

A- Aurora Leigh

B-Sonnets from the Portuguese

C-The Battle of Marathon

D-Casa Guidi Windows


49-Who said about Himself ‘I Have no brains above my eyes I describe what I see?






50-Who were the chief pioneers of psychological novels?

A-Elizabeth Gaskell

B-George Meredith

C-George Eliot

D-All of the above

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English Literature MCQ For IGCSE

English Literature MCQ For IGCSE

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