English Literature MCQ For MA Students

Top 100 important English literature MCQ for MA (Master of Arts) students. These MCQs are also helpful for MA in English students also other examinations like GCSC, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academy Test, etc.

Here you will get important English literature questions and answer for MA students. Those who want to pursue a Master’s in English must have this MCQ. This English literature MCQ book is also helpful for other competitive examinations.

It is also helpful for BA (Bachelor of Arts) students. Those who were pursuing their degree from any recognized universities can read this.

English literature MCQ for MA students
English literature MCQ for MA students

Top 100 English Literature MCQ for MA Students

1- Which of the following is a play by Arthur Miller?

A-Death of a Salesman          B-Death of a Hero        C-The Death of the Heart           D-Death in Afternoon

2- Rudyard Kipling was born in

A-Bombay               B-Calcutta               C-Dublin              D-London

3- The title of Sir Philip Sidney’s pastoral romance in prose is

A-Arcadia            B-Utopia            C-Hydriotaphia             D-None

4- Which novel of Graham Greene deals with the persecution of Catholics in Mexico?

A- The power and the Glory             B-The Comedians           C-The End of the Affair           D-None

5- Which of the following is not an American magazine

A-New Atlantis              B-The Review            C-The New York            D-None

6-Which of the following is a novel by James Joyce?

A-Portrait of the artist as a young man       B-Imaginary Portrait        C-Both          D-None

7- Lucky Jim is an interesting novel by

A-Kingsley Aims             B-Charles Kingsley          C-Kingsley Martin              D-None

8- Sarojini Naidu’s poem ‘The Queen’s of Rival is based on a legend?

A- Persian           B-Indian              C-Roman              D-None

9- ”All you who sleep tonight is a —– by Vikram Seth

A- Collection of Poems              B-Play                   C-Essay               D-Novel

10- ”The Twice-Born Fiction is a critical work on the Indo-Anglian novel by

A- Meenakshi Mukherji             B-M.K Naik             C-Dr.K.R.S Iyengar           D-None

11- ”The rest is Silence” these are the last words spoken by——before his death

A- Hamlet           B-Macbeth              C-Lear              D-None

12-Coleridge is chiefly a poet of

A- Nature            B-Love            C-Poor People            D-The Supernatural

13- Wordsworth has expressed his vies on transmigration and the immortality of the soul in his poem

A- Ode on Intimations of Immortality          B-Ode to Duty          C-The Prelude          D-None

14- Milton became blind at the age of

A-43                B-55                C-7 5              D-51

15-‘The Land of Heart’s Desire is a ——-by W.B Yeats

A-Play             B-Poem                 C-Novel               D-Short Story

16-The name the Grand Lama of the Lake is given to

A- William Wordsworth          B-Lord Byron           C-Robert Southey        D-None

17- ‘The Four Ps’ is an interlude by

A-John Heywood           B-Norton           C-Lord Buckhurst            D-Nicholas Udall

18-Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is a

A-Ballad          B-Elegy          C-Ode              D-Sonnet

19- Milton’s Lycidas is a

A-Pastoral Elegy               B-Ode              C-Mask            D-Lyric

20- The greatest prose work by Milton is

A-Areopagitica           B-Tenure of Kings and Magistrates            C-Of Education          D-None

21- Which of the following plays does not belong to the group of Shakespeare’s great tragedies?

A- Measure for Measure           B-Macbeth            C-Hamlet             D-None

22- The name of Macbeth’s wife was

A- Cordelia           B-Calpurnia            C-Desdemona            D-None

23- ‘The Magnetic Mountain is a poem by

A-Cecil Day-Lewis          B-W.H Auden          C-Edward Thomas           D-Stephen Spender

24- The Rape of the Lock is written in

A- Heroic Couplet             B-Spenserian Stanza           C-Blank Verse          D-None

25- Who wrote Milton thou shouldst be living at this hour

A- Wordsworth         B-Gray            C-Pope             D-Dryden

26-Which of the following works is not by Thomas Carlyle?

A- Seven Pillars of Wisdom         B-The Life of Schiller             C-Sartor Resartus        D-None

27- About which poem of Milton has Doctor Johnson remarked that its ”Diction is harsh the rhymes uncertain and the numbers unpleasing”

A- Lycidas                B-Comus              C-Paradise Lost                D-None

28- The title ‘Nightingale of India’ was given to Sarojini Naidu by

A- Gandhiji            B-Nehruji             C-Tagore               D-None

29- Coleridge’s Biographia Literaria was published in

A-1817              B-1800                 C-1805               D-None

30- The long poem ‘The Dynasts is written by the great novelist

A- Thomas Hardy             B-Charles Dickens            C-George Meredith            D-D.H Lawrence

31- ”He passed the flaming bounds of Place and Time” this has been said about Milton by

A-Gray               B-Pope              C-Ben Johnson               D-Blake

32- The name of Dylan Thomas’s posthumously published play is

A- Under the Milk Wood           B-The Tower              C-The Lady’s Not for Burning            D-None

33- ”Wheels An Anthology of Modern Verse’ was published by

A- Edith Sitwell             B-F.R Leavis               C-T.S Eliot             D-Ezra Pound

34———-is called the father of Imagism in English poetry?

A-T.E Hulme             B-Osbert Sitell               C-Ezra Pound             D-None

35- ‘Sprung Rhythm is a term associated with the poetry

A-G.M Hopkins            B-Dylan Thomas           C-T.S Eliot           D-Ted Hughes

36- Vienna is a ———-by Stephen Spender

A-Poem               B-Novel               C-Essay           D-Play

37- The best of the Morality plays are

A- Everyman                B-Gorboduc               C-Jocasta             D-Shepherd’s play

38- Who is regarded as the father of the neo-romantic poetry of 1940?

A-Dylan Thomas            B-Christopher Isherwood        C-Robert Bridges        D-None

39- The heroine of ‘The Rape of the Lock’ is

A- Belinda            B-Diana           C-Crispissa               D-None

40- On which play did Thomson Wilder receive the Pulitzer Prize?

A- Our Town             B-The Skin or our Teeth        C-The Bridge of San Luis Bay            D-None

41- Benard Shaw was awarded the Nobel Prize in

A-1925                 B-1913                C-1940             D-1918

42- Who called Dryden the father of English criticism

A-Doctor Johnson           B-De Quincey           C-Coleridge           D-Pope

43-Many of Arnold Bennett’s novel are set in

A-Potteries         B-Midlands           C-Essex              D-Wessex

44- Which of the plays mentioned below is not by Assif Currimboy?

A- Nalini- A Comedy       B-A Touch of Brightness        C-The Captives        D-None

45- Strafford is a play by

A-Browning              B-Tennyson            C-Matthew Arnold          D-Oscar Wilds

46- Shaw has dealt with the problems of organized prostitution in his play

A- Mrs. Warren’s profession            B-The Philanderer      C-The Millionairess        D-None

47- ‘The Conscious Lovers is a prose comedy written by

A- Richard Steele          B-Addison           C-Wycherely          D-Congreve

48- The term ‘Novel was derived from the Italian word

A-Novella            B-Novelle           C-Novellette           D-Noval

49- Which of the works mentioned below is not by Dr.Radhakrishna?

A-The Essentials of Indian Philosophy         B-Our Heritage           C-Politics and Culture           D-None

50-Love Among the Artists is a ——–by Bernard Shaw

A-Novel               B-Lecture                C-Short Story                  D-Play

51- Lamb wrote under the pen-name of

A- Elia               B-The Idler               C-The Rambler              D-Alpha of the Plough

52- The American novelist Edith Wharton divorced her husband and then lived in

A- France                 B-Russia                C-England                    D-Germany

53- Which of the novels mentioned below is not by Theodore Dreiser?

A- The American                 B-An American Tragedy           C-The Titan               D-Sister Carrie

54- The name of the technique employed by Joyce in his novels is

A-Stream of Consciousness            B-Oblique narrative           C-First person narrative            D-None

55-Tagore has described——inaugurator of the modern life in India

A-Raja Ram Mohan Roy              B-Gandhiji              C-Tilka              D-None

56- Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written by

A- Sarah Orne Jewett            B-Cotton Mather             C-Harriet Beecher Stowe           D-None

57-What is the name of the flying island in Swift’ Gulliver Travels?

A- Laputa           B-Gulbdubdribb            C-Mildando              D-Balnibarbi

58- The imaginative writer is after effect the scientific man is after truth which American write has said this?

A- O.W Holmes            B-Thoreau               C-Emerson                 D-Longfellow

59- Dramatic Opinions and Essays is a critical work by

A- Bernard Shaw               B-William Hazlitt               C-Charles Lamb                  D-T.S Elit

60- The Exact Name is a collection of poems by

A- Nissim Ezekiel             B-Pritish Nandy            C-A.K Ramanujan           D-P.Lal

61-Dear son of a memory great heir of fame, This has been said by Milton about

A- Shakespeare          B-Chaucer             C-Spenser             D-None

62-Sherwood Anderson and John O’Hara were novelists and writes of

A- Short-stories                B-Reviews                C-Plays              D-Biographies

63- ”He is the greatest comic novelist in English he is also the most truly poetic novelist” about whom has this been said by Walter Allen?

A-Dickens             B-Goldsmith                C-Meredith               D-Fielding

64-Ben Jonson wrote the Comedy of Humour, Whereas Wycherley and Congreve wrote

A- Comedy of Manners             B-Comedy of Law Life              C- Romantic Comedy          D-None

65-Which of the following is a play by John Keats?

A-King Stephen                B-King Lear                C-King John                D-King Alisaunder

66- At the banquet, Macbeth sees the ghost of

A- Banquo             B-lago                  C-Duncan             D-Macduff

67- Charles Lamb, the great essayist also wrote a play named

A-John Wood will               B-Dream Children                 C-South Sea-house           D-None

68-The essays written by Addison and Steele are

A- Autobiographical          B-Political                    C-Literary               D-Periodical

69- The remark ”I think her as delightful a creature as ever appeared in print” has been made by Jane Austin about

A-Elizabeth Bennett            B-Emma               C-Lady Bertran              D-Anne Eliot

70- Castle Rackrent was the first novel by

A-Maria Edworth               B-Walter Scott              C-Anne Radeliffe               D-Jane Austen

71-The first stage in the development of English novel from the old Romance is to be found in ——time

A- Chaucer’s            B-Fielding’s              C-Defoe’s            D-None

72- Richardson’s novel ‘Pamela is in the form of

A-Letters                    B-Dialogues              C-Diary                D-Best-fable

73-Which of the following works of Milton is a famous prose-work?

A- Areopagitica             B-Paradise Lost            C-Lycidas               D-None

74-Which of the novelists mentioned below did not receive the Nobel Prize?

A- Jon Dos Passos             B-John Steinback              C-Pearl Buck             D-None

75- which of the novelists mentioned below did not receive a Nobel Prize?

A-Jon Dos Passos         B-John Steinback            C-Sinclair Lewis        D-None

76- Which novel of Virginia Woolf has been regarded as a prose poem?

A- The Waves              B-The Years             C-Mrs. Dalloway            D-None

77- Swift’s A Tale of the Tub is a —–allegory

A-Religious             B-Political            C-Literary          D-None

78- Eliot served as Charles Norton Professor of Poetry at

A- Harvard           B-California                C-Cambridge            D-Oxford

79- What is the dominating passion in Othello?

A- Jealousy              B-Anger             C-Greed              D-Ambition

80- ‘The Liberal Imagination’ is a critical work by

A- Lionel Trilling            B-R.WB Lewis           C-Willard Thorp              D-None

81- Sir Thomas Browne had received education in

A- Medicine               B-LAW              C- Theology                  D-Architecture

82- Who wrote the Life of Samuel Johnson?

A- James Boswell           B-Oliver Goldsmith              C-Lord Chesterfield             D-None

83- ‘The Tender Husband’ and ‘The Lying Lover’ are ——by Richard Steele

A- Plays         B-Essays             C-Prose            D-Comedy

84- in 1960 Narayan’s novel The Guide was given

A- Sahitya Akademi Award            B-Bharatiya Gyanapeeth Award          C-Both          D-None

85- Who among the following is a prominent novelist as well as a poet?

A- Shiv K Kumar          B-R.K Narayan           C-Jayant Mahapatra           D-None

86- ‘Cyclone in Pakistan’ is a poetical work by

A- Sunita Nam Joshi               B-Kamala Das             C-Mamata Kalia          D-Monika Verma

87-T.P Kailasam is a prominent Indo-Anglian

A-Playwright              B-Critic             C-Novelist             D-None

88-Distance Drum is a novel by

A- Manohar Mulgaokar          B-Raja Rao            C-Vikram Seth             D-None

89-On which volume did Don Moraes receive the Hawthorndon Prize at Oxford?

A- A Beginning           B-Collected Poems         C-John Nobody              D-None

90-The most prominent and influential of the Ne Critics is

A- John Crowe Ransom         B-Allan Tate          C-I.A Richards              D-None

91- ‘The Iron Heel is a socialist novel by

A- Jack London             B- Mark Twain          C-Stephen Crane            D-None

91- King Lear had——–daughters.

A- Three               B-Two              C-Four                 D-None

92- Which of these is not a novel by Scott?

A- Jane Eyre            B-The Antiquary           C-Rob Roy             D-Ivanhoe

93- John Neal the writer of the novel ‘Randolph’ belonged to

A- New York            B-Virginia               C-Portland              D-None

94-Raja Rao’s novel ‘Comrade Kirrilov’ was first published in

A- French             B-English                C-Hindi            D-None

95- Which of Dicken’s novels deals with the life of a circus child

A-Hard Times              B-Bleak House             C-Little Dorrit          D-None

96- Which pre-Raphaelit poet has been discussed by Walter Pater in the book ‘Appreciations’?

A- D.G Rossetti           B-Coventry Patmore          C-Morris              D-None

97- Swift’s ‘The Battle of the Books’ deals with the dispute between

A- The ancients and the moderns                B-Church and state            C-Swift and Arbuthnot            D-None

98- Gulliver’s travels is a

A- Travel Book             B-Children’s Book            C-Allegorical Work             D-All of these

99- In which novel of his has Trollope parodied Carlyle and Dickens

A- The Warden               B- The Prime Minister             C-Barchester Towers              D-None

100- Which of the following novels is not written by Fanny Burney?

A-Amelia               B-Camila          C-Celia              D-None

English Literature MCQ for Masters Degree Students

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