Top 50 English Literature MCQ for SSB Odisha Lecturer

Top 50 English Literature MCQ for SSB Odisha Lecturer- Are you looking for an English literature MCQ for the SSB lecturer exam in Odisha? Do you want to crack the SSB Odisha lecturer exam this year? Do you want to know the exam pattern of the SSB Odisha lecturer exam?

SSB stands for State Selection Board (Odisha) is governed by the Higher education department, Odisha. The SSB is responsible for recruit teaching and non-teaching staff for government and government-aided colleges in Odisha.

It’s important for the aspirant who wants to be a lecturer in a government college in Odisha can apply through their official website. State Selection Board

Top 50 English Literature MCQ for SSB Odisha Lecturer
Top 50 English Literature MCQ for SSB Odisha Lecturer

Top 50 English Literature MCQ for SSB Odisha Lecturer

1- Which novel has a nameless narrator?

A- Invisible Man

B-Anna Karenina

C-The Grapes of Wrath

D-Moby Dick


2- Samuel Beckett wrote-

A- Endgame

B-A Doll’s House




3- The Plough and the ‘Stars’ was written by

A- Scan O’Casey

B-J.M Synge

C-G.B Shaw

D-Lady Gregory


4- Willy Loman is a character in —

A- The Death of a Salesman

B-The Cherry Orchard

C-A Doll’s House

D-Waiting for Godot


5- John Evelyn and Samuel Pepys were the famous writers of

A- Diaries





6- The subtitle of Dryden’s Absalom and Achitophel is

A- A poem

B-A Satire

C-There was no subtitle



7- Who of the following is not a periodical essayist?

A- Jonathan Swift

B- Lancelot Andrews

C-Richard Steele

D-Joseph Addison


8-”Did he who made the Laom made thee” appears in

A- Chimney Sweeper


C-The Tyger



9-Essays of Elia are

A- Personal Impressions

B-Political Ideology

C-Economic Disparity

D-Literary Criticism


10- Peripetia means-

A- Reversal of fortune

B- Purgation of emotion

C-Recognition of error

D-Tragic flaw


11-Gynocriticism focuses on

A- Women as writers

B-Criticism of women

C-Criticism on Women



12-Samuel Butler’s Hudibras is modeled upon

A-Don Quixote


C-Annus Mirabilis

D-Pilgrim’s Progress


13- Who was the last of the Christian Humanists?

A- John Bunyan

B-Oliver Cromwell

C-John Milton

D-Richard Crashaw


14-The narrative of Raja Rao’s Kanthapural based on

A- Puranas


C-The Mahabharata



15- Who wrote ‘A Tiger does not proclaim its nigritude?

A- Derek Walcott





16-Jindiworobak movement relates to

A- Caribbean literature

B-Canadian literature

C-Australian literature

D-New Zeland Literature


17-The figure of the ”Abyssinian Maid” appears in

A- Kubla Khan

B-Frost at Midnight

C-Dejection an Ode



18- Who among the following is a writer of historical romances?

A- Walter Scott

B-Emily Bronte

C-Walter Savage

D-Jane Austen


19- When was the First Folio of Shakespeare’s plays published?






20-Who said that Hamlet is ”most certainly an artistic failure”?

A-T.S Eliot

B-L.C Knight

C-Dr. Johnson

D-Ben Jonson


21- Which of the following comedies was attacked by steel in The Spectator?

A- The Country Wife

B-The Double Dealer

C-The Man of Mode

D-The Way of the World


22-The Shield of Achilles is by

A-W.H Auden

B-Stephen Spender




23-Spenser’s Astrophel is an elegy on

A- Sir Philip Sidney

B-John Wyatt

C-Sir Walter Raleigh

D-James I


24-Milton’s Comus is

A-A masque

B-An allegory

C-An ode

D-A lyrics


25-Dryden’s The conquest of Granda is a

A- Heroic Play

B-Romantic tragedy

C-Romantic comedy

D-Revenge tragedy


26-By ”Pathetic Fallacy” is meant

A-investing objects with human

B-making a sad error

C-Building up misplaced pathos



27- De Profundis is

A-A personal letter

B-A novel

C-A verse play



28-The Gates of Paradise is by

A- William Blake

B-Robert Southey

C-John Milton

D-Dante Alighieri


29- The character subtle appears in Ben Jonson’s

A-The Azchemist

B-Volpone or the Fox

C-Everyman out of his humor

D-Everyman in his humor


30-Who said that Donne in his poetry ”affected the metaphysic”?

A- John Dryden


C-T.S Eliot

D-H.J. C Grierson


31- Pre-raphaelite poetry is mainly concerned with

A- Form and design

B-Form and value

C-Narrative and nature

D-Narrative and style


32-The concept of ”Madwoman in the attic” can be traced to

A- Wuthering Heights

B-Jane Eyre


D-The tenant of Wildfell Hall


33-Who among the Victorians is called ”the prophet of modern society”?

A- Arnold





34-Who among the following is not pilgrimed in The Canterbury Tales?

A- The Tapsyer

B- The Haberdasher

C-The Blacksmith

D-The Summoner


35-Bosola is the executioner in

A- The Duchess of Malfi

B-The Spanish Tragedy

C-The White Devil

D-The Jew of Malta


36- The mystery plays deal with

A- The New Testament


C-The life of Christ



37- The Faerie Queene is based on

A- Morte d’ Arthur

B-Orlando Furioso

C-Tottel’s Miscellany



38- Pope’s ”Essay on Criticism” sums up the art of poetry as taught first by

A- Longinus





39- Swift’s Tale of a Tub is a satire on

A- Dogma and superstition

B-Fake morals and manners

C-Art and morality

D-Science and philosophy


40- Dr. Johnson started

A-The Rambler

B-The Tatler

C-The Postman



41- Who among the following cautioned against the dangers of popular liberty

A- Edmund Burke

B-Thomas Hobbes

C- Mary Wollstonecraft

D-John Locke


42- Which famous American classic opens with ”Call me Ishmael”?

A- Rip Van Winkle

B-The Scarlet Letter

C-The Grapes of Wrath

D-Moby Dick


43-Alien Ginsberg’s Vision of America is inspired by

A- Walt Whitman

B- Robert Frost

C-Ralph Waldo Emerson

D-Edgar A Poe


44- Who among the following represents the Sri Lankan diaspora?

A-Michael Ondaatje

B-Alice Walker

C-Alice Munro

D-Margaret Lawrence


45- Out of Africa is a film adaptation of a work by

A- Margaret Lawrence

B- Margaret Atwood

C-Alice Munro



46-The Theatre of Cruelty is associated with

A- Grotovsky

B-Antonin Art and




47-A particle is

A- A patchwork of words, sentences passages

B-A satirical poem

C-A love song



48- Careless she is with artful care/affecting to seem unaffected is an example of

A- Paradox





49-A metrical foot containing a stressed followed by an unstressed, a syllable is

A- Trochee





50-Using the expression Crown for the Monarchy is an example of

A- Metonymy




Best English Literature Book For SSB Odisha Lecturer Exam

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SSB Odisha lecturer syllabus for English

There are 5 Units

  1. Major developments in English literature from the Renaissance to the modern age
  2. Indian writing in English and America
  3. Post Colonial literature and world literature
  4. Literary Theory and Criticism
  5. Grammar and Context

1- Major developments in English literature from the Renaissance to the modern age

  • Renaissance, Elizabethan Age, Jacobean and Puritan Age
  • Neo-classical age, age of Dryden, age of pope, age of Johnson
  • Romantic Age, Victorian Age
  • Modern Age

2- Indian Writing in English and American Literature

  • Poetry
  • Novel
  • Drama
  • Indian Classical Literature
  • The literature of the Diaspora

3- Post-Colonial Literature and World Literature

  • Poetry
  • Novel
  • Drama

4-Literary Theory and Criticism

  • Aristotle-Poetics definition of tragedy
  • Wordsworth and Coleridge- theory of poetic diction, Theory of imagination
  • Mathew Arnold- Study of poetry
  • New Criticism- IA Richard, T.S Eliot, Tradition and individual talent
  • Marxist Criticism
  • Modernism and Postmodernism
  • Structuralism and post-structuralism
  • Deconstruction
  • Reader-response criticism
  • Faminism
  • Post-colonialism
  • Eco-criticism and eco-feminism

5- Grammar in Context

  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Tense and Aspect
  • Active and passive voice
  • Linking words
  • Error detection
  • Direct and indirect speech
  • Preposition
  • Modals
  • Phrases
  • sentences
Top 50 English Literature MCQ for SSB Odisha Lecturer
Top 50 English Literature MCQ for SSB Odisha Lecturer


















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