English Literature MCQs For PGT PDF

English Literature MCQs For PGT PDF- It’s very difficult to cover English literature in one month or a couple of months because English literature itself is the world. In the PGT (Post Graduate Teacher) examination; they are always asking about British English or American English. So be prepare according to the syllabus of the examination.

English Literature For PGT- If you are looking for English literature notes for the PGT examination then you are in the right place. Here you will get some important English literature MCQs for the PGT examination.

There are thousands of books and guides available in the market for PGT English. But I prefer to make notes for myself. I have collected some important English literature MCQs for the PGT English examination.

pgt english mcq
PGT English MCQ

Top 100 MCQs on English Literature For PGT

1-What is the name of Matthew Arnold’s Autobiography?

A- Truth About an Author           B-My Experiences          C- My Story             D-What Life Has Given Me

2- Which dramatist made this statement ‘I write plays with the deliberate purpose to convert the nation to my opinion?

A- G.B Shaw        B- Galsworthy           C-T.S Eliot               D- Pinero

3- What is Pastiche?

A- A selection of varieties of work       B-A love song         C-Tragi Comedy              D- Romantic Verse

4- To whom did Hermon Melville dedicate his book ‘Moby Dick’?

A- Nathaniel Hawthorne            B- Jack Chase               C-G.B Shaw               D- How Wife

5- Which novel has Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw as character

A- Wuthering Heights           B-Moby Dick            C-Jane Eyre                D- Middlemarch

6- What was the name of Ulysses’ Son?

A- Telemachus             B-Hector              C- Paris                 D-Priam

7-When was Morte D Arthur Published?

A- 1485                  B-1486                 C-1787                   D-1488

8- Which is the only prose work of Edmund Spenser?

A- View of the State of Ireland        B-Shephards Calender          C-Vicar of Wakefield        D-Essays of Elia

9- What is the name of elegy that Spenser wrote when Sidney expired in the year 1595?

A- Astrophel            B-Epithalmion           C-Amoretti               D-Orlando Furioso

10- Don Adriano is a character in

A-Love Labour Lost          B-King lear              C-Hamlet           D-Tempest

11- Who is the central character in Marlowe’s ‘The Jew of Malta’?

A- Barabas            B-Isaac               C-Abraham             D-Shylock

12- At what age did Marlowe die?

A- 29 Years           B-30 Years             C-42 Years              D-50 Years

13-Morose and Cutbeard are characters from which Jonson plays?

A- The Silent Women          B-The Alchemist             C-Volpone             D- Everyman in his humor

14- Who wrote ‘Instauratio Magna’

A- Bacon         B-Hazlitt               C-Lamb            D-Wordsworth

15- Who till today is known as dictator of English letters?

A- Samuel Johnson             B-John Keats               C- Pope              D-None

16- Dunciad was written by

A- Pope              B-Byron                   C-Shelley                 D-Keats

17- John Phillip’s ”The Splendid Shilling” parodies the style of Milton’s

A- Paradise Lost             B- Paradise Regained         C- Samson Agonistes        D- None

18- ”The Blessed Damozel” a poem by D.G Rosetti a preraphalite is about the

A- Union of Flesh and Spirit           B-Frustration            C- Poverty              D-None

19- Hardy who created ”Wessex ” is known as

A- Regional Novelist            B- National Novelist           C- Religious Novelist        D- NOne

20- Who wrote ‘My Love is Like a Red Red Rose”?

A- Robert Burns            B-Wordsworth           C-Shakespeare             D-None

21- Henry Fielding’s ‘Tom Jones’ was dedicated to

A- George Lyttleton       B-Bishop Percy              C-Robert Burns             D-None

22- The ‘Complete Angler ‘ was written by

A-Izaak Walton                 B-Jeremy Taylor          C- Robert Burton            D-None

23- Christina Rosetti usually deals with the themes of

A- Death             B-Love                     C-Religion                  D-None

24- Which of the following traces the genealogy of shoemakers?

A- The Gentle Craft          B- Cobler             C- Shoemaker’s Holiday               D- None

25- Which of the following is the epistolary novels of Samuel Richardson?

A- Pamela            B-Clarissa Harloue              C-Sir Charles Grandison           D-All of these

26- The movement of ”Return to nature” has to do with

A- The Pre-Romantic Period           B-The Romantic Age               C-The Neoclassical Age      D- None

27- Which of the following essay of Virginia Woolf is one feminism?

A- A Room of One’s Own           B-Roger Fry              C- The Death of the Moth          D- The Moment

29- The Neoclassical ideal was founded especially on

A- Horace’s Ars Poetica           B- Aristotle’s Poetics              C-Plato’s The Republic           D-Machiavelli’s The Prince

30- Who wrote History of Dramatic Literature?

A- Ward               B- Dr.Breymann               C- Swinburne              D-Stubbs

31-Who wrote ‘Vanity of Human Wishes’?

A-Johnson             B-Gray              C-Swift             D- Pope

32- In which story does the character of Willy Loman appear?

A- Death of a salesman        B- Saint Joan              C-1984                 D-Second Sex

33-Who created Archie the Cockroach and Mehitabel the Cat?

A- Don Marquis             B-T.S Eliot            C- Lewis Caroll                D-George Orwell

34- Who wrote ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’

A- Anita Loss                B-Muriel Spark             C-Fanny Hill                 D-George Orwell

35- Who wrote ‘As I Lay Dying’?

A- William Faulkner            B-Hemingway           C- O’Neill              D-Pearl S. Buck

36-Who wrote ‘Walden and Civil Disobedience’

A-Thoreau               B-Whitman                 C-Yeats               D-Eliot

37- Who rote ‘Culture and Anarchy and Essays in Criticism?

A- Matthew Arnold              B-Hazlitt             C-Bacon                D-Johnson

38-When did ‘Isaac Bashevis Singer’ win the Nobel Prize?

A- 1978               B-1799              C-1976                D-1986

39- In which novel does ”All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal occur?

A- Animal Farm                      B-Old Man and the Sea           C-The Castle        D-Plague

40- Where do these lines occur? ”And there I shut her wild eyes with kisses four?

A- La Belle Dame Sans Merci         B-Wasteland           C-Lamia              D-Hyperion

41- The Hundred Years War’ which began in 1338 was with

A- France             B-America                C-Spain                 D-Italy

42- Authorized Version of the Bible came into being in

A-1611                 B-1616                  C-1116                       D-1616

43- The Waste Land was dedicated to

A- Ezra Pound           B- Jessie Weston             C-Camae               D-James Frazer

44- Who wrote ”True wit is what oft was thought but never so ell expressed”

A- Pope             B-Swift                  C-Dryden                     D-None

46- The Norman Conquest Took place in

A-1066                B-1077                      C-1155                         D-None

47- ‘Urn Burial’ was written by

A- Sir Thomas Browne                 B-John Ford                C-Francis Bacon                 D-None

48- Who among the following can be considered the originator of the Picaresque Novel?

A-Thomas Nash                    B-Daniel Defoe                C-Charles Dickens                D-None

49- Milton’s Areopagitica was directed against

A- Censorship               B- The Ban on poetry                C- The ban on the theatres         D-None

50- Who is ”a classicist in literature, royalist in politics and anglo-catholic in religion?

A- T.S Eliot              B- Ezra Pound               C-M. Arnold               D- W.B Yeats

51- The Seven Types of Ambiguity was written by

A-William Epsom               B- F.R Leavis                  C-I.A Richard               D-None

52- James 2 ascended the throne in

A-1685                      B-1680                    C-1690                   D-1660

53- The ‘Castle of Indolence ‘ was written by

A-James Thomson                 B-William Colllins                C-Oliver Goldsmith              D-None

54- What is  ‘The Fifth Column?

A- The only play was written by Hemingway        B- Radio and TV              C- Churchill’s Autobiography      D-None

55- Swinburn is known for the

A- Political passion worthy of Shelley         B-Love Poetry          C-Keen ear for sound           D-None

56- Sidney’s  Apologise for poetry is a response to the following write

A- Stephen Gosson               B-Socrates                    C-John Lily                     D-None

57- The Oxford Movement was

A- Opposed to rationalism     B-Anti-rationalistic              C- Interested in the Biblical Miracles  D-All of these

58- Who wrote ‘Finnegan’s Wake?

A- James Joyce               B- Yeats                 C-Ezra Pound              D-W.B Yeats

59- The author of ‘Ass Poetica’ is

A- Horace                 B-Plato                            C-Virgil                   D-Cicero

60-  Who wrote ‘Sejanus’ and Catiline?

A- Johnson              B-Marlowe              C-Webster                   D-Dekker

61- What did P.B Shelley wrote in 1811 for which he was expelled from university?

A- The Necessity of Atheism            B-Alastor             C-Adonais           D-The Revolt of Islam

62- Why is John Lyly remembered today?

A- The developer of Euphuism             B-Poet                C-Dramatist             D-Critic

63- In which G.B Shaw play we meet Eliza Dolittle?

A-Pygmalion                B-Maj Barbara               C-Candida                D-St. Joan

64- In which year did Lord Byron die?

A-1880                      B-1823                       C-1874                    D-1848

65- Who wrote Blessed Bamozel and Goblin Market?

A- C.G Rossetti              B-D.G Rossetti                    C-Swinburne              D-Tennyson

66- How does Swift represent the puritan enthusiasm in ‘A Tale of a Tub?

A- As Wind             B-As earth                 C-as fire                   D-as rain

67- According to whom the 18th century is an age of prose?

A- M. Arnold         B-Bacon            C- A short poem               D-Lamb

68- What is a Canto?

A- A recitable section of a long poem        B-A long Poem           C-Short Poem           D-Lyrical Stanza

69-Who introduced blank verse in England?

A- Earl of Surrey                B- Marlowe                C- Chaucer                  D- Dryden

70- What is ‘the Duenna’ and Patricks Day written by Sheridan

A- Plays                B-Stories                C-Poems               D-Novels

71- Who wrote ”Six Characters in search of an author”

A- Pirandello              B-Church of England            C-Lutheran               D- Bapist

72- The New English Bible is not recognized by one of the Churches. Which?

A- Roman Catholic                  B-Church of England            C-Lutheran                 D-Baptist

73- Who wrote ”Nightmare Abbey”

A- T.L Peacock            B-George Eliot                C-Jane Austen            D-Monk Lewis

74- Who is the author of Cry the Beloved Country

A- Henry James’s Creation, Isabel Archer figures in

A- The Portrait of a lady           B-The Ivory Tower        C-The Turn of the Screw       D-None

75- Swinburn was an admirer or

A- Blake        B-Baudelair               C-Both Blake and Baudelaire         D-None of these

76- Virginia Woolf was the daughter of an eminent critic. Who was he?

A- Sir Leslie Stephen           B-John Ruskin           C-Matthew Arnold              D-None

77- Who said, I have a smack of Hamlet myself, if I may say so”

A-Coleridge         B-Shelley            C-Byron                D-Keats

78- The poem If was written by

A- Rudyard Kipling            B-T.S Eliot              C-G.M Hopkins           D-None

79- The first regular English Journal, a weekly by Thomas Archer and Nicholas Burne began in

A-1622             B-1615                    C-1644                D-None

80- George Eliot’s ‘Romola’ is a

A- Historical Novel              B-Romantic Novel          C-Naturliasitc Novel              D-None

81-Who said, ”I have to enliven morality with wit, and to temper wit with morality”

A- Addison               B-Pope              C-Dryden                    D-None

82- Who said, ”I have a smack of Hamlet myself, if I may say so”?

A- Coleridge            B-Shelley              C-Keats                D-Byron

83- The first regular English Journal a weekly by Thomas Archer and Nicholas Baume began

A-1662         B-1615                      C-1644               D-None

84- Which is considered the ”long loved mistress rhyme?

A-The Heroic Couplet           B-The free verse                C-The rhyme royal            D-The sprung rhythm

85-The poem ‘IF’ was written by

A-Rudyard Kipling            B-T.S Eliot                C-G.M Hopkins                  D-None

86-” It is strange but true, for truth is always strange stranger than function” Who wrote this?

A- Keats               B-Shelley                C-Byron                   D-None

87- Shakespeare took many characters and incidents from ‘Plutarch’s Lives’ who translated this book into English?

A- Thomas North              B-Khox                C-John Foxe               D-None

88- Neoclassical Age is also known as

A- Age of Dryden          B-The Restoration Era         C- The Age of Reason             D-All these three

89- Which of the following praised the comedy of manners?

A-Lamb               B-Hazlitt                C-Both Hazlitt and Lamb            D-None of these

90- Hardy’s creation of a character. Sue Bridehead, an adulteress figures in

A- Jude the Obscure             B-Return of the Native           C-The Mayor of Casterbridge       D-None

91- The character, Zimri appears in ———- of Dryden

A- Absalon and Achitophel        B-McFlecknoe           C-The Medal                 D-The Rehearsal

92- ”Of all my books” Dickens declared I like this the best”

A- David Copperfield             B-Oliver Twist          C-The Tale of Two Cities            D- Great Expectations

93- In which of the following novels of Virginia Woolfs does a character change his sex?

A- Orlando            B-To the lighthouse                 C-Mrs. Dolloway                D-None

94- Who is the writer of ‘Emile’ that is said to have influenced the Romantic Movement?

A-Rousseau             B-Aristotle                C-Diderot                 D-None

95- The death of Elizabeth and the accession of James 1 took place in the year.

A-1603               B-1602                 C-1600                 D-1621

96- Who said ”Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel?

A- Winston Churchill           B-Samuel Johnson                C-Matthew Arnold                 D-Thomas Carlyle

97- Who said ”Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes”?

A- H.D Thoreau            B-Robert Frost                C-G.B Shaw                D-Yeats

98- Of the following writes who was shortest?

A-Pope             B-Shelley                   C-Byron              D-Keats

99- Who among the following did not get Nobel Prize for his works?

A- Hardy               B-Tagore                    C-T.S Eliot                     D-Churchill

100- When was Mulk Raj Anand’s novel ‘Untouchable’ published?

A-1935                 B-136                                C-1967                           D-1977

PGT English Syllabus PDF Download

  • General English- 20 Marks
  • General Hindi- 20 Marks
  • Current Affairs- 20 Marks
  • Reasoning- 20 Marks
  • Teaching Methodology- 20 Marks
  • Subject Concerned- 100 Marks
  • Total – 200 Marks

PGT English Details Syllabus

Section A

Reading Comprehension (Unseen Passage/Poetry)

Section B

Writing Ability (Letter, Application, Job, CV, Resume)

Section C

Grammar and Usages (Tense, Preposition, Idioms, Phrases)

Section D

English Literature

  • History of English Literature
  • Anglo Saxon to Post Modernism
  • Indian English Literature
  • Age of Chaucer
  • Age of Revival
  • Elizabethan Age
  • Jacobean and Caroline Age
  • Restoration Age
  • Romantic Age
  • Victorian Age
  • Modernism
  • Post-Modernism
  • American Literature
  • Literary Criticism
  • Literary Theory
  • Cultural Studies

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English Literature MCQs For PGT PDF



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