English Literature MCQs for Subject Specialist

English literature MCQs PDF- Get English literature MCQs for subject specialist pdf. Get a complete English literature syllabus for competitive examination. Here you will get English literature questions answers pdf for free.

English literature is one of the leading components of any competitive examination. Before applying for any competitive examination, you need to understand the syllabus. As you know English is one of the important subjects to study in this world.

english literature questions and answers pdf
English literature questions and answers pdf

English Literature MCQs for Subject Specialist

1-  What is ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’?

A- A Painting by Bansil Hallward           B- A novel by Oscar Wilde       C- Both              D-None

2- An act, ”Don Juan in Hell” figures in

A- Man and Superman          B-St. Joan            C- Pygmalian              D-Don Juan

3- Who expressed this view? ”For art’s sake alone I would not face the toil of writing a single sentence”

A- G.B Shaw                B- T.S Elit                           C-Stephen Spender                  D-None

4-Swit said to Pope, ”I heartily hate and detest that animal called man”.

A- Gulliver’s Travels              B- The Battle of the Books             C- Both A and B             D- None

5-The Art of  Political Lying was written by

A- John Arbuthnot                  B- Jonathan Swift                 D-George Berkeley         D-None

6- The first periodical a manuscript newspaper that figured in Europe was

A- Gazette                B- Matthew Arnold                C-William Shakespeare             D-Jhon Donne

7- The term ‘Pathetic Fallacy’ was coined by

A- John Ruskin               B- Matthew Arnold                   C-William Shakespeare        D-John Donne

8- J.S Mill was an exponent of female suffrage.

A- Yes                 B- No                  C- May Be                       D-None of These

9- Who is the writer of ‘Prometheus Bound’?

A- P.B Shelley                 B- Robert Browning                C-Elizabeth Browning              D-John Keats

10- Which of the following contains the autobiographical element of Charles Dickens?

A- David Copperfield            B-Hard Times              C-Oliver Twist              D-None

11-Blake’s ‘The Book of Urizen’ is about

A- The origin of evil                B- The art of writing             C-Human Liberation             D-None

12- In which of Byron’s works do we come across the ‘Byronic Hero’?

A- Child Harold’s Pilgrimage            B-Don Juan            C- Alaster                D-Giaour

13- The character Maggie Tulliver is a creation of

A- George Eliot               B-Emile                  C-Thackery                D-None

14- Mary Evans is the real name of

A- George Eliot                   B-Mr. Liggins             C-T.S Eliot              D-None

15- Michael Henchard a Character created by a Hardy figure in

A- The Mayor of Casterbridge               B-Jude the Obscure            C-The Well-Beloved            D-The Woodlanders

16- Which novelist has expressed ”That the happiness was but the occasional episode in a general drama of pain?

A- Thomas Hardy              B-Joseph Conard              C-Charles Conard                 D-Charles Dickens

17- Which John Keats poem was brutally criticized by ‘Blackwood and Quarterly’ Magazines?

A- Endymion           B-Lamia                   C-Isabella                  D-The Eve of St. Agnes

18- Which poem was written by Tennyson expressing his sorrow for Arthur Hallam’s death?

A- Break, Break, Break           B-Dora              C-Tears Idle Tears            D-The Lotus Eaters

19- Who wrote ‘Kangaroo’?

A- Woolf                        B-Joyce                       C-Mansfield               D-Lawrence

20- In which year was Alfred Tennyson appointed ‘Poet Laureate’?

A- 1850                     B-1849                           C-1852                                 D-1851

21- Browning Pauline is

A- Tribute to Shelley and His poetry         B-Social Satire         C-Homage to Tennyson       D-None

22- Which as the first novel by Charles Dickens

A- Pickwick Papers          B- Christmas Carols                        C-Hard Times            D-Oliver Twist

23- Which book by Charles Dicken was incomplete when he died he died in 1870?

A- Edwin Drood               B-Dombey and Sons          C-Bleak House             D-Pickwick Papers

24————–George Elit’s novel belongs to the Middle period

A- Adam Bede                 B-Romola                C-Silas Marner          D- Middlemarch

25-Who said A thought to Donne was an experience. It modified his sensibility

A-T.S Elit                   B- F.R Leavis                  C-Samuel Johnson               D-I.A Richards

26-Which is the first novel of Richard Doddridge

A- The maid of Sker                  B-Spring Haven           C-Astice Lorraine        D-Clara Vaughan

27-Which book of Hardy is not pessimistic?

A- A Pair of Blue Eye                B-Jude the Obscure             C-Mayor of Casterbridge       D-The Return of the Native

28- Sohrab and Rustom by Matthew Arnold is taken from

A- Arabian Nights              B-Rubaiyat                C-Shah Namah             D- Akbar Namah

29- Who said ”I deal with all period but I never study any period but the present.”

A- Joseph Conard          B-G.B Shaw               C-H.G Wells             D- Matthew Arnold

30- Looma Doona is written by

A- Blackmore               B-Bulwer Lytton              C-Antony Trollope           D-Charles Reade

31- Which poem by Matthew Arnold incursion into the field Mythology?

A- Balder Dead           B-Scholar Gypsy             C-Sohrab and Rustam         D- Obermann

32- Which book of Hardy is not pessimistic?

A- A Pair of Blue Eye             B- Jude the Obscure            C-Mayor of Casterbridge        D- The Return of the Native

33- Kimball O Hare is

A- The full name of the character, Kim      B-A Pre- Raphaelite Poet      C- A famous playwright      D- None

34- The work, 1985 was written by

A- Anthony Burgers          B- It doesn’t exist              C- George Orwell           D- None

35- In which of his poems does T.S Eliot write the following line? ”Speak to me, Why do you never speak”?

A-The Waste Land            B-Ash Wednesday             C-The Hollow Men            D- None

36- The poem, ”Against Romanticism” was written by

A- Kingsley Amis                 B- T.S Elit               C- Ezra Pound            D- None

37- Thomas Rhymer was a

A- Critic            B-Essayist               C- Playwright             D-Poet

38- In which poem do we come across these lines? ”For men may come and men may go but I go on forever”

A- The Brooke           B-Ode to a Nightingale       C-Daffodils           D- None

40- The sensation novel, which contains a mystery story is associated with

A- Wilkie Collins          B- Thackery              C- Charles Dicken               D- Brontes

41- Willkie Collins is

A- A detective novelist          B- A historical novelist          C- Picaresque novelist        D- None

42- What was the award that Thomas Hardy was given?

A- Order of Merits              B-Nobel Prize             C-Poet Laureate               D-None

43- Who said the following for James Joyce Ulysses ”The work of a queasy undergraduate scratching his pimples”

A- Virginia Woolf              B-F.R Leavis               C-Alan Tate               D-T.S Eliot

44-Who made this famous statement ” Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed and some to be chewed and digested”

A- Bacon                B- Lamb                  C- Hazlith                    D-Sidney

45- How many Christian names did Oscar Wilde have?

A-4                    B-3                        C-2                       D-6

46- Who was also known as ‘Swan of Lichfield’?

A- Anna Seward                 B- Johnson                C-Dryden                 D-Philip Sidney

47- Who is the author of ‘A Vindication of the Right of Women’?

A-Mary Wollstonecraft              B-Toni Morrison            C-Jane Austen            D-Mary Godwin

48- When was Mary Wollstonecraft book ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Women ‘ Published

A- 1792               B-1791                  C-1794                       D-1793

49- Who among the following was also called ‘A Hyena in Petticoats’?

A- Mary Wollstonecraft             B-George Eliot                C-Toni Morrison           D-Jane Austen

50- Who among the following refused Nobel Prize?

A- Jane Paul Sartre                B-Albert Camus                C-Boris Pasternak            D-Pablo Neruda

English Literature MCQs for Subject Specialist

It’s not very completed to be an expert in English literature. I have come across one name call Vineet Pandey who is crack 8 times NET in India. You have to be passionate about English literature. As Vineet Pandey sir said ”Revision is the key to grab”. 

You need to have a complete understanding of all ages in English literature. English literature doesn’t mean British literature, It also suggests English literature as a whole. Whoever is writing in English, no matter where he/she belongs; All comes under English literature.

There are thousands of English literature books available in the market which help you to understand things. But I prefer to buy more than one book from the same topic so that I can get a perspective of two.

To be an English literature specialist, you need to read and understand lots of literary works starting from Old English to Post-modern.

Here are some books that will help you to boost your preparation.

  1.  History of English Literature Book- Amazon
  2. History of Indian English Literature Book- Amazon
  3. History of English Literature Guide- Amazon

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English Literature MCQs for Subject Specialist


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