Examples of Interjections in English

Examples of Interjections in English-It’s really simple to understand definition of interjection. It is also necessary to understand some important interjections like Ahem, Aah, etc. Perhaps the easiest part of speech to find is the interjection. An interjection is a word or group of words used to express strong feelings.

Why do we need to study Interjection?

If you want to express your thoughts you must use interjection, which enables the audience to understand the deep truth or feeling of yours.

Here you will get a list of important interjection in English grammar for free.

Examples of Interjections in English
Examples of Interjections in English

Examples of Interjections in English

What is an Interjection?

An Interjection is a part of speech that is used to express emotion or sudden bursts of feeling. An interjection usually punctuated with an exclamatory mark (!).


Types of Interjection

  1. Interjection for Approval
  2. Interjection for Joy
  3. Interjection for Greetings
  4. Interjection for Attention
  5. Interjection for Surprise
  6. Interjection for Sorrow
  7. Interjection for Understanding

Interjection Example List

  1. Ahem- The sound of someone clearing their throat and means ”attention” or ”listen”.
  2. Aah- This is used as a call for help or when someone is scared.
  3. Boo- Thi is used to scaring someone or to voice disapproval.
  4. Eh- This is used when you didn’t hear or understand what someone said.
  5. Eww- Ahows dislike or disgust.
  6. Hmm- This can mean you are thinking or hesitating.
  7. Jeez- Could mean you can’t believe something, or you are exasperated.
  8. Ooh-la-la- A slightly comical way to refer to something as fancy or special.
  9. Oops- An exclamation people use when they accidentally do something.
  10. Phew- This expresses relief or that you are glad something is over.
  11. Whoa- This can show surprise or amazement.
  12. Yahoo- Expresses joy or happiness.
  13. Yeah- This shows a very strong affirmation or approval.
  14. Yoo-hoo – This is used to get someone’s attention and is usually used by women.
  15. Zing- This is similar to a rim shot used in comic acts and emphasizes a cleaver statement or comeback.

Interjection Sentences Examples

  • Ahh, that feels wonderful.
  • Alas! I am lost in the wilderness.
  • Bah! That was a total waste of time.
  • Bless You, I couldn’t have done it without you.
  • It’s time for me to go. Cheerio!
  • Congrats! You finally go for your Master’s degree.
  • Crickey! Do you ever think before you speak?
  • Gesundheit! Are you starting to get a cold?
  • Good grief! Why are you wearing shorts in the winter?
  • Grr! I am going to get back at him for that.
  • Humph, he probably cheated to make such good grades.
  • Oh, dear! I don’t know what to do about this mess.
  • Pip pip! Let’s get moving.
  • Shoot! I forgot about my brother’s birthday.
  • Well, duh! That was a stupid thing to do!
  • Yowza! That is a beautiful ball gown.
  • Hurry! We won the match.
  • Hmm! I am not sure about that.
  • Alas! my funds have some limitations.
  • Oh, dear! I have broken the light.
  • Ah, What a lovely baby.
  • Aha, It was a fox.
  • Tut tut, Jack, you disappointed me.
  • Oy, my legs hurt.
  • Ah! I hurt myself.
  • Help! I am going to fall.
  • Oh no! Did I leave my keys in the car?
  • Oh, I am going to die today.
  • Oops! I almost spilled the tea.
  • Aw, It’s a shame. I can.
  • Ahem, Can I make a suggestion?
  • Oww, I hit my thumb.
  • Oh! I have got a pen.
  • Yuck! This chicken dish is disgusting.
  • Er, This apple is rotten.
  • Oh! What a nice view.
  • Eek! It moved.
  • Ooh! What a lovely dress.
  • Wow! never knew that.
  • Yippe! We won, let’s head to the bar.

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Examples of Interjections in English

Examples of Interjections in English
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