Ahh the Blue Tick… Instagram’s equivalent of receiving a knighthood from the Queen. Those used to be harder to get too! But anyway… There used to be a lot of confusion about how to get verified on Instagram. Luckily for you, it’s all been made much clearer.


When you’re verified on Instagram, it means that you’ll have a Blue Tick on your profile. That Blue Tick symbolizes authority. Not in the sense that you’re a moderator for Instagram, or anything like that, but instead that you’re a notable individual (or brand) within your niche. Someone worth following. Once you are verified, you can get Instagram followers more easily. 


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is verified – obviously…


As I say, the verification gives you credibility. People are going to be much more receptive towards your posts, meaning that your account is going to grow much faster. Obviously that still depends on how regularly you post high quality content.


It also makes your account that much more visible in the comment sections & Direct Messaging inboxes. Especially helpful when trying to contact Influencers for business opportunities. Or perhaps you just want to increase your chances of getting a reply from your celebrity crush. Either works.



Previously the Blue Tick had been reserved for top-level celebrities and brands, but with the emergence of the Influencer Generation, the opportunity has been made available to everyone. The quote from Instagram itself is that verified users must “represent a well-known, highly searched for person, brand, or entity.”


That may sound like it’s exclusive to Brad Pitt and his friends, but with social media growing at the rate it is, we’re seeing YouTube personalities and Bloggers get verified too. Meme accounts are unlikely to receive the blue tick, however if you’re a well known personality that shares great memes – you’re in with a chance.


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Now you know the benefits of being verified, you’ll want to know how to get the Blue Tick. The process is actually very simple now. You’ll want to do the following…


Access the Instagram app on your mobile or tablet

Click on your profile at the bottom right

Click on the 3 bars (≡) at the top right of your profile

A menu should slide out, click on Settings

Then click on Account

And finally, click on Request Verification

How to get verified on Instagram

Here’s a visual guide on what to do to get verified on Instagram, credit: @unreal.tattoos

Under Request Verification, you’ll be greeted with a page with a form to complete. It will also advise you of the general requirements in order to become verified. The form will ask you for your Instagram username, full name, the name that you’re known as & the category that you fall into.


The category covers a range of niches including blogging, sports, news, music & fashion. Not only will you be asked for the above, but you will also be required to provide a photo ID – to prove that you are who you say you are. Instagram will accept the following as identification:


Driver’s license


National identification card

Official business documents (i.e. tax filing, recent utility bill or articles of incorporation)

Obviously you will be uploading these documents directly from your mobile or tablet, so make sure that the above is scanned in. You will need to make sure that the scanned photo is clear & displays all of the necessary information, including the photograph.


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Just because you’ve figured out how to apply, doesn’t mean that it’s guaranteed. In fact the chances of being verified are slim, unless you’re a socially established person or brand in your industry. That being said though, there are some unwritten criteria which can help your cause…


Be Featured On Many Sites Or Blogs

Instagram is likely to run a search on the internet to find out how ‘notable’ you really are. So if they see your name plastered all over established websites, then it’s only going to help. Unless those websites are national media sites, reporting your criminal activity – Just in case you were thinking of going down that route!


Paid promotions such as Google Ads won’t work either. A better plan-of-attack would be to make guest appearances on as many blogs & podcasts as you can. Instagram will see that you’re featuring on dozens, if not hundreds of quality websites, and will be much more likely to consider approving your request. So start contacting bloggers today!


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Having fans can definitely help you get verified, here’s an example of one of Kylie Jenner’s fanpages.

Have Fan Accounts

One of the few benefits of having stalkers is that they can help you get that blue tick! Fan accounts that regularly post content about (or for) you is going to show Instagram that you’re a notable figure that people admire.


It’s worth noting though that Instagram is going to notice if you’re creating these accounts yourself. You might find that some people take it too far, and are actually pretending to be you. More often than not they do so to fool your followers & get money from them.


Obviously this can tarnish your reputation, so the Instagram verification could help to make it clear that your account is the official one.


Post Great Content

This is one factor that shouldn’t be ignored. If you post poor quality content, or you don’t even post at all, then Instagram is going to be a bit hesitant about verifying your account. If you’re looking to get serious with Instagram anyway, then you already know that you should be posting great posts & stories on a regular basis.


Another thing to consider is how many followers you have. Although it’s not definite that you’ll get verified when your follower count reaches 5-7 figures… It might just be the deciding factor on a 50/50 decision. Keep growing your account organically and you’ll work your way into Instagram’s good books – eventually!


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There is no limit to how many times you can request verification. So if you get rejected, don’t worry… just continue to implement the above pointers. They will only improve your chances of getting verified in the future.

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