How To Use Twitter Effectively? 7 Mistakes You Might be Doing

You are here because you want to know “how to use Twitter effectively”. This is another case study after using Twitter 24×7 for a month. Following are 7 common mistakes you might be doing with Twitter marketing:

1. Focusing on an irrelevant niche than business

Have you asked yourself before sharing a tweet or retweet, if you are going to like or retweet something similar? If not then start posting like you are your first follower. Twitter is a business marketing platform. And people are not going to like every post or content you put through to them. Following are some basics you need to do before starting losing your customer base. You can try to buy Twitter likes once you’ve decided on a niche.

First, understand the difference between a business account and a personal account

When sharing content, remember that they are following you for a reason and that is your niche. If you start posting something irrelevant they will not ignore you any longer.

For a better understanding of the user base of Twitter, check the below infographic:

2. Using automatic services to follow or unfollow people

We recently used social quant for a trial period. Though the software saves a lot of time, we didn’t love the automatic approach for following and unfollowing users. Actually, the CEO of @TheSocialQuant explained everything in his introductory video. But it took almost a week for us to customize our settings. Social quant was getting ready meanwhile. However, it started working before we could customize it.


It already began un-following users who were not following us and in 2 days’ time, we already unfollowed some really helpful Twitter accounts in the same niche. Fortunately, there were a couple of Twitter accounts that we remembered. Most importantly, @Sam_Hurley.


Even they provide a section where you can add profiles that you don’t want to unfollow in any case. But it is a totally time-consuming job to copy Twitter usernames when you have hundreds of Twitter accounts that you want to follow in any case.


3. Not using hashtags within profile bio

This is not a common case but sometimes Twitter users figure this out later. It is Twitter hashtags that make your profile reach millions of Twitter users. Using your niche hashtags will give you an extra audience when someone does a profile search for your hashtags. We will soon be writing an individual post on “how to use hashtags on Twitter”.

4. Not outreaching your followers manually

If you do not spend time manually then twitter won’t generate leads for you. Most of the Twitter users are known to all marketing methods being used in the platform and so about the automatic responders. If you are not greeting or starting any conversation with your follower, they won’t know you. And if they don’t know you, they will not hesitate to unfollow you.


Knowing and making conversation with your followers’ increases the chances of making a healthy relationship. And this relationship can make wonders. They might mention you within their tweets or like to connect on Linkedin or be willing to use your services.


5. Not following at least 100 users a day

To progress at a faster pace, you need to aim for at least 100 users a day. Yes. This is the best strategy until you get at least 1000 followers on your profile. Why? Because it would be a waste of time if you do have not a large following to check your content. Do remember to follow only niche followers. Following niche followers will give you two advantages: i.) It will help you grow on twitter at a faster rate and ii.) Each of your followers will give you the potential of reaching more relevant users.

Don’t get carried away. It is less likely that people follow you if you are following more people than being followed. Unfollow users that didn’t follow you back after a week.


6. Not responding to your messages within a day

Being responsive is one of the most important aspects of not getting unfollowed by people. Using automatic responders is a good solution. However, try to make it look more like a manual approach, not an automatic approach. The following screenshot of the automatic message is one such example in context.

7. Using your account as a machine

This is the last but not the least important thing people do. If you are posting hundreds of tweets a day without re-tweeting, having conversations and appreciating other users for re-tweet then you are making the biggest mistake of Twitter marketing. People appreciate good content though they just don’t want you to be a machine. If they re-tweet, thank them, if they comment, reply to them and if they post quality content as you do, re-tweet them.


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