Informal Letter Examples (20+ Format & Topics)

Informal letter Examples- Are you looking for informal letter examples and topics for your examination? Do you want to write an informal letter? Can you write an informal letter without proper format or style? Here you will get all the details related to informal letters.

An informal letter has been an important part of English.  An informal letter is used for personal messages or conversations. Some people said the informal letter has no format. But let me tell you there are some basic steps that one should follow while writing an informal letter.

Here you will get complete details about informal letters like meaning, definition, format, topics, and questions for free.

informal letter example
informal letter example

Informal Letter Examples

It’s very simple to write an informal letter to your parents, friends, and relatives. Here you will get a comprehensive idea about informal letters.

1-  You are Ravi/Ravina of Sector IV, Delhi, Write a letter to your friend describing a pleasant experience you had recently.


23, Netaji Road



My Dear Karuna,

I would like to share with you a pleasant experience. You know my cousin Shankar is in Mumbai. He had invited me to stay with him for a week. I accepted his invitation because I wanted to see Mumbai.

So I went to Mumbai on 14 October. Soon after reaching there. I heard about the conference. It was a conference on ‘How to combat terrorism”. With the permission of the Chair. I was also allowed to speak appreciation of the crowd. All of the themes appreciated my point of view.

I will give you the details of my speech when we meet.

With Love

Yours Affectionately



2- You have recently visited a hill station during winter vacation. Write your experience to your friend. You are Manu/Manavi.

Rajhans Hotel

Kendriya Vidyalaya



My Dear Manu

I hope you are hale and hearty. Nevertheless, I am sure you will not be feeling very comfortable in Kandhamal. It must be very cold there. Yet it may surprise you that I have visited Simila last week. Instead of feeling uncomfortable. I enjoyed myself a lot.

It as the end of December. The usual crowd of summer days was absent. We got a comfortable room. In the morning I opened the window. What a sensation!

In the afternoon. I watched an exciting programme on Iceskating. I found not participate in it.

With Love

Yours Affectionately

Manu Dev


3-You are Ramesh living at ABC Janakpuri, Puri. Write a letter to your friend inviting him to come to Puri during the vacation. Mention a few attractions that you want both of you to visit.

ABC Janakpuri


2 April 2021

Dear Rohit

The holidays have started. I wish to pass some time with you.

Please come to puri during the holidays. We shall be visiting historical places in and around Puri. We will go to the restaurants, cinema house, etc. We will go for a picnic on the sea beach. I shall take you to the Sun Temple, Konark Temple.

With Love

You’re Lovingly


Informal letter topics

4- You are Suresh of 25, Neheru Nagar Sambalpur, Write a letter to your friend Vinaya describing your birthday party.

25, Neheru Nagar


10 June, 2016

My Dear Vinaya

Thank you for the good-wishes card on my birthday. The card was really beautiful. However, I missed you.

Anyway, my parents held a party on the occasion. All my relatives and friends came to wish me a happy birthday.

Everybody liked the birthday cake. There was a special program of dance and music. We enjoyed ourselves till late in the evening.

I will show you the same when you come here.

With Love

Yours Affectionately



5-Your father has sent you a watch as a present on your birthday, but it is not keeping the correct time. Write a letter informing him of his fact and requesting him to get it replaced. You are Sudhir/Sudha

Miranda Hostel

ABC School


1 March 2021

Dear Father,

Thank you very much for sending the beautiful wristwatch on my birthday. However, the watch has some defects. It loses about five minutes every twenty-four hours. It has one year’s guarantee. So kindly get it replaced.

I shall wait for your letter. I am quite well here. I hope everything is fine there at home.

With Regards

Yours Lovingly



6– Your friend Nikita, who lives in Agra, has to go admission to a prestigious college in South Delhi, She wrote to you making inquiries about the hostel accommodation in Delhi. Write a letter to her in response to her inquiries.

611/C Malviya Nagar

New Delhi

10th June 2021

Dear Nikita,

In response to your letter, I made a few inquiries about hostel accommodation in Delhi.

The normal rent expected in any of South Delhi youth hostel or private houses in between 1k to 12k per month. This includes meals water and power bills facilities like AC or the use of washing machines can be provided.

However, for security reasons, boys are not permitted in the girl’s hostel. You may not have much freedom of staying out late at night or attend late evening parties as well.

Yours Affectionately


Informal letter writing

7– Write a letter to a friend who has not returned your book. Request him to return it immediately as you have to finish your homework.

139, G Mahesh



Dear Madhu,

I hope you remember that you had taken my golden English for only two days. It is now a week. I need it urgently to finish my homework.

Kindly send it back at once and oblige.

Yours affectionately



8– Your friend, Mahesh is fond of reading good books. Write a letter to him inviting him to visit the book fair which is going to be held in your city in December. You are Raghu Mital living at H-15 Bira Colony, Bhubaneswar.

H-15 Bira Colony, Bhubaneswar

2 March 2021

My Dear Raghu,

Thank you very much for your letter. I am glad that everybody is fine.

Our city is holding a book fair in the third week of December. All the major publishers of the country and from abroad are taking part. It is an opportunity for book lovers. You are very fond of reading good books so I invite you to visit this book fair in our city. When are you coming to use for this purpose?

Yours Sincerely



9– Your Aunty has presented a book to you on your birthday. It is related with the art of living. Pointing out of the book in life write a letter in about 100 words thanking your aunty. You are Nalini living at 250 Rajdhani Enclave Cuttack.

250, Rajdhani Enclave


2 March 2021

Dear Aunty,

It is always a pleasure to hear from you. The last friendly was my 11th birthday. The same day I received your gift of a book along with your blessings.

Thank you very much for this valuable gift. I have not read the entire book. But the little that I have read is highly useful and entertaining. I feel that these are the things that matter most.

Yours Affectionately


Informal Writing Format

10– Your mother has sent you a laptop as a present on your birthday. but it is not keeping the correct time. Write a letter informing him of this fact and requesting him to get it replaced. You are Lakha.

Sina Boys Hostel

ABC College 


1 March 2021

Dear Mother,

Thank you very much for sending the beautiful Laptop on my birthday. However, the watch has some defects. It loses about five minutes every twenty-four hours. I t has a year’s guarantee. So kindly get it replaced. Tell me whom to send it to.

I shall wait for your letter. I am quite well here. I hope that everything is fine there at home.

With Regards



11– Write a letter to a photographer.

Sector 12, Delhi

6th July 2021

Dear Madhu, 

Thank you very much for your last letter. It was great to hear from you. You seem to have a good time in Delhi.

Thanks for the photograph. I absolutely love the snapshot of Red fort. I would like to go there. There is not happening here. I am busy with my work.

Hope you see you soon.



12– Write a letter to your friends to thank you for your contribution.

12 Luck Duck Conclave


12 April 2021

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your last. I am very happy to hear from you after the month. I think you are good.

Recently I Join a 6-month photographer class in Delhi. That’s why I am busy in class. Again thanks for your contribution to my life.

Hope you see you soon.



13-Write a letter to your sister congratulating her on her success in the examination.

Indra Nagar, New Delhi

July 14, 2021

Dear Madhu,

We are so glad to hear about your success in your class 12 final examination. I felt so pleased that I wish I were there to congratulate you personally.

That result has proved that hard work brings a good result. You were so much, hard-working person. My parents already come up with confidence that you will get good results.

My father has sent lots of love for you. See you soon.

With lots of love and best wishes



14– Write a letter to your girlfriends about expressing your love.

25 Neheru Club, New Delhi


Dear Niki,

I don’t know how many times I say sorry for what I have done. Believe me, I realize what I have done to you. It’s wrong to say such words to you. You know I loved you very much more than anything else. I hope you will forgive me.

I have now realized that you matter a lot in my life. I was so stupid that I fought with you. I have also try to connect with you via social media but you couldn’t respond to my SMS. So I thought this is the right time to say sorry.

Please forgive me, my love.

Yours only



15- Write a letter to your boss for thanking him/her.

Airtel Office, New Delhi

21 March 2021

Dear Kaur Sir,

I really appreciate your understanding and support regarding the changes we are a customer service team.  I believe that these changes are going to streamline the current team, enable us to work efficiently, and facilitate the organization.

Thank you for your confidence in me and your support for this project. I am sure you are going to pleased with the results.

Best Regards



16– Write a letter to your grandmother to thanks her.

155, Greene Avenue

February 21, 2021

Dear Granny, 

I hope this letter finds you in a good health and spirit. A big thank you for the wonderful gift. I badly needed a tab. And you sent me the coolest tab. I pledge you to use this to study and playing games. I will show it to my friends also.

I miss you so much. Lots of love to grandpa.

Best Regards



17- Write a letter to your mother expressing your first day at boarding school.

Tagore Hostel, Chennai


Dear Mother,

I hope you are doing well. I have written this letter to let you know about my daily schedule.

I am doing good. Every day I woke up at 6 O’clock. After the Gym, I have my breakfast get ready for school. My school starts at 9 Am and ends at  5 PM. I have made a really good friend here.

Hope you see you in the summer vacation.

Lots of Love



18- Write a letter to your sister on her birthday.

42 Pic Mohalla, New Delhi


Dear Sister,

I hope you will in good health. I have received a good wristwatch on my birthday. I received many gifts on my birthday. All my friends liked it very much. It helps me to regular and will help me in the exam.

Lots of love



19– Write a letter to your aunt for thanking her for the help.

15, Guruji Nagar, New Delhi


Dear Aunt,

How are you? I hope everything is fine and you are in good health. How is everyone at home? How is my brother and sister?

My birthday was last week and you come. Thanks for attending the party. I am writing this letter to thank you for your help. It was a beautiful bag. I will use it for my picnic.

I hope you will come next time.

Lots of love

Shami Mahamad


20– Write a letter to your cousin inviting him to spend his winter break with you.

22 Mall Road, New Delhi

Dear Sandy,

I am fine and hope the same for you. I am writing this letter inviting you to spend your winter break with me. It will be great fun if you will come to this place. We will have a nice time together. We will go to many places.

With Regards



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How to write informal letters in English?

It seems necessary to write some lines about the difference between formal letters and informal letters. Let me tell you one thing both are important for writing.

What is a formal letter?

It is a type of letter, is written in a professional tone. Having some professional languages and style.

Formal letter format for school

  1. Date with address
  2. Salutation
  3. Opening Paragraph
  4. Body of the letter
  5. Closing
  6. Signature with designation

examples of how to write informal letters in english personal

What is an informal letter?

An informal letter is a type of letter written for personal use or on the other hand it is a personal letter. You can write to relatives, friends, family, etc.

Informal letter format

  1. Address
  2. Date
  3. Opening Lines
  4. Body
  5. Closing
  6. Signature


Informal Letter Examples (20+ Format & Topics)

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