Interjections Questions For Class 6 to 12

Interjections Questions For Class 6 to 12- Are you looking for interjection worksheets with answers? Do you want to practice interjection questions? Are you preparing for any competitive examinations like GCSE, PCS, UPSC, Railways, Bank then this post is for you?

Here you will get interjection questions and answers pdf also you can download interjection worksheets pdf for free.

What is an interjection?

Words that show spontaneous feeling or emotion are called interjection. An interjection is a word used to express some sudden feeling or emotion of the mind.

Example- Hurry! I won the race.

100+ Example of Interjections in English Grammar

Interjections Questions For Class 6 to 12

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Interjections Questions For Class 6 to 12

Identify the interjections in the following sentences.

  1. Oh! I was wrong.
  2. Alas! My cat is dead.
  3. Ah! I have broken my cycle.
  4. Aha! It is very tasty.
  5. Ah! His grandmother is no more.
  6. Hurry! We won the match.
  7. Well done! Go ahead.
  8. Bravo! Go on.
  9. Hush! Grandfather is sleeping.
  10. Fie! Don’t like this ice cream.
  11. Oops! I left the key in the hotel.
  12. Aaw ! that cat is cute.
  13. Argh! that car doesn’t work.
  14. Yipee! I bought a new phone.
  15. Yuck! That taste nasty.
  16. Hurry! We lost the match.
  17. Alas! We lost the match.
  18. Aww! The baby is so cute.
  19. Bingo! Your answer is correct.
  20. Eww! The cat popped on my carpet.

List of Interjections

  1. Ow
  2. Ouch
  3. Boo
  4. Tut
  5. Ding dong
  6. Ew
  7. Gosh
  8. Yuck
  9. Shoot
  10. Rats
  11. Ho
  12. No
  13. Well
  14. Eek
  15. Yikes
  16. Cheers
  17. Gee
  18. Dang
  19. Holy Smoke
  20. Draft
  21. Huh

Interjection Quiz

Fill in the blanks with appropriate interjections.

  1.  ———–you stepped on my toe.
  2. ——–I dropped it again.
  3. ——–It’s so dirty.
  4. ————look at the cat.
  5. ———-all of you.
  6. ———–what’s the time?
  7. ———- it’s so cold.
  8. ———-say it again.
  9. I can’t even touch it ———.
  10. ——I don’t know.
  11. Suddenly he yelled———-.
  12. ——-you did great.
  13. ———happy new year.
  14. ——listen.
  15. You own——.
  16. ———–Get off the stage.
  17. ————–there is a snake.
  18. Are you also going———-.
  19. ———-he is saying anything.
  20. ———I am trying to study.

Interjections Questions For Class 6 to 12

Interjections Questions For Class 6 to 12
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