List of Australian Writers in English Literature

List of Australian Writers in English Literature- Like other countries Australia also has some English authors. If you want to be a good English teacher, you must have depth knowledge of important authors and their works from various countries.

Here you will get a list of famous Australian authors and their works for free. It’s also necessary to remember all the name and their works related to English literature.

This blog is for that aspirant who is preparing for an English lecturer post, Elementary English teacher, PGT English, TGT English, M.phil, MA entrance, P.hd entrance, etc.

List of Australian Writers in English Literature
List of Australian Writers in English Literature

List of Australian Writers in English Literature

  1. Patrik White
  2. David Malouf
  3. Marcus Clarke
  4. Peter Carey
  5. Helen Garner
  6. Thomas Keneally
  7. Morris West
  8. Judith Wright
  9. Richard Flanagan
  10. A.D Hope
  11. Anna Maria Bun
  12. Miles Franklin

Famous Australian Writers and their Works

1- Patrik White

  • Happy Valley
  • The Living and the Dead
  • The Aunt’s Story
  • Voss
  • The Burnt Ones
  • Flaws in the Glass
  • The Hanging Garden

2-David Malouf

  • Johnno
  • An Imaginary Life
  • Fly Away Peter
  • Untold Tales
  • Poems
  • Revolving Days
  • Blood Relation

3-Marcus Clarke

  • For the Term of His Natural Life

4-Peter Carey

  • Oscar and Lucinda
  • True History of the  Kelly Gang
  • Bliss
  • The Tax Inspector
  • A letter to our son
  • The Journey of a lifetime

5- Helen Garner

  • Monkey Garner
  • The First Stone
  • Joe Cinque Consolation
  • This House of Grip
  • Two Friends
  • Moving Out

6-Thomas Kennelly

  • The Place at Whitton
  • The Fear
  • The Survivor
  • The Dutiful Daughter
  • Moses the Law Giver
  • Passenger
  • Flying Hero Class
  • An Angel in Australia
  • Outback
  • The Great Shame
  • Silver City

7- Morris West

  • The Shoes of the Fisherman
  • The Devil’s Advocate
  • The Moon in My Pocket
  • Kundu
  • The Second Victory
  • Daughter of Silence
  • The Naked Country

8-Judith Wright

  • Woman to Man
  • Woman to Child
  • Bora Ring
  • Hunting Snake
  • The Two Fires
  • At Cooloola
  • For My Daughter

9- Richard Flanagan

  • Death of a River Guide
  • The Unknown Terrorist
  • Wanting
  • First Person
  • The Narrow Road To The Deep North
  • The Sound of One Hand Clapping

10-A.D Hope

  • The Wandering Island
  • Poems
  • Collected Poems
  • Ladies From the Sea
  • Chance Encounter

11-Anna Maria Bun

  • The Guardian

12-Miles Franklin

  • My Brilliant Career
  • Bring the Monkey
  • All that Swagger
  • My Career Goes Bung
  • Up the Country
  • Laughter Not For A Cage

List of Australian Writers in English Literature

List of Australian Writers in English Literature

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