Top 50 MCQs on Anglo-Saxon Period in English Literature

Top 50 MCQs on Anglo-Saxon Period in English LiteratureOld English Period MCQs– It is important to understand the chronological order of English literature. English literature starts from Old English (Anglo-Saxon Period) which dated 450-1066. This period is most important for any competitive examination. A small number of questions will come from this section.

It will be easier to practice the old English period important questions answers in order to understand the conceptual ideas about age.  This post is also helpful for those candidates who were going for PGT English/UGC NET/SET etc.

Anglo-Saxon Period in English Literature– This age gives us a clear image of the old England and its literary background. As we go through this age, we got to know the important writers and their literary works.

anglo saxon period questions
Anglo Saxon period questions

Top 50 Questions and Anglo-Saxon Period in English Literature

1- One of the oldest poems in English, Beowulf is written by

A-Caedmon             B-Cynewulf                    C-Bede                 D- Unknown

2-The monster Grendel appears  in the poem

A-Widshit               B- Doer’s Lament               C-Beowulf                D-Waldere

3- The poem Widshit probably the oldest in English is about

A- Personal Account of the minster’s life         B-Account of life of King          C-Both           D-None–

4- The three——–tribes came to England in the middle of the 5th century.

A- Germanic               B-French                C-Italian               D-Greek

5- Which Germanic tribes came to England in the middle of the 5th century?

A-Jutes and Angle         B-Saxon              C-Both              D-None

6- Who is called ”father of our English learning”?

A- Bede              B-Cynewulf                C-King Alfred                 D-None

7- Who wrote Ecclesiastical History of English People?

A- Bede             B-Cynewulf               C- King Alfred             D-None

8- Who wrote Paraphrase?

A- Caedmon              B-Cynewulf                 C-Bede                D-None

9- The didactic poem, Christ is written by?

A- Cynewulf              B-Bede                 C-Caedmon              D-None

10- Who translated Bede’s History into English in Anglo Saxon Period?

A-King Alfred          B-Bede                C-Caedmon           D-None

11- Who contributed to English/Saxon Chronicles?

A- King Alfred          B-Caedmon               C-Cynewulf              D-None

12- Alfred became the king of Wexxes in?

A- 871               B-901              C-547                  D-874

13- Harlod, the last of the Saxon king defeated in—-?

A- Battle of Hasting 1066               B-Battle of Wedmore 878              C-Both            D-None

14- Norman Conquest

A- Battle of Hasting,1066              B-Battle of Wedmore, 878           C-Both              D-None

15———-Is considered as the National epic of England?

A- Beowulf                  B-The Christ               C-Widshit                D-None

16- Pagan Literature —————.

A- Do not believe in God and Religion             B-Believe in Christianity          C-Believe in God           D-None

17- Timeline of Anglo-Sxon is———?

A- 450-1066            B-455-1010             C-400-1000              D-None

18- Who wrote The Fates of the Apostles and Elene?

A- Cynewulf                  B-Caedmon             C-Bede                 D-Beowulf

19- Beowulf is based on the story of ———-?

A- A monster and king              B-A bird and King              C-People and King            D-None

20- Which is the oldest anglo-Saxon biblical poem?

A-Exodus                B-Daniel               C-Christ             D-Genesis

21- Which is the earliest poem in our literature?

A-Beowulf           B-Widshit                C-Deor               D-None

22- Beowulf in an

A- Epic                B-Drama               C-Story                D-Poetry

23- Beowulf consist of ———successive narratives?

A- Three                  B-Two                C-Four                   D-None

24- Which poem depict mostly vividly the tribal life and rites of ancient days?

A- Beowulf          B-Widshit            C- The Seafarer               D-None

25- The oldest Epic in Germanic literature is

A- Beowulf               B- Widshit                   C- The Seafarer            D-None

26- The line ‘Came on the dark night gliding, the shadowy prowler has been taken from

A- Beowulf            B- Widshit        C- The Seafarer              D-None

27- The character of Heorranda appears in

A-Deor               B- Beowulf                 C-Widshit               D-None

28- Bede wrote his Eccelestical History in

A- Latin            B-French               C-Greek                D-English

29-Caedmon is a write from

A-7th Century                 B-6th Century            C-8th Century              D-9th Century

30- Who is known as the Anglo-Saxon Milton?

A- Caedmon              B-Bede              C-Cynewulf                   D-None

31- One of the following is not a poem by Caedmon?

A- The Christ            B-Dream of the Road             C- The Judith            D-None

32- The poem The Christ written by

A- Cynewulf                B- Bede              C-Caedmon                D-None

33- During the Anglo Saxon period in England Anglican came from

A- Germany             B-Rome                     C- Greek                   D-None

34- The first English Public School were founded by

A- Alfred The Great              B-The Venerable Bede               C-William Duke          D-None

35- A written literature began to evolve in Britain with the coming of the?

A- Christian Churches              B-Danes                  C-Romans              D-None

36- Alfred the Great managed to unify Britain temporarily by

A-Defeting the Danes                 B- Pushing back the celts             C-Both               D-None

37- The first German people to invade Britains and  settled there were called

A-Jutes               B-Romans                C-Normans             D-None

38- One of the principal functions of Anglo-Saxon poet was to?

A- Recites songs and tales             B-Provide dance music              C-Only Dance            D-None

39-St. Augustine came to England from—–?

A- Rome             B-Germany               C-Both              D-None

40- The first Archbishop of Canterbury was

A- Saint Augustine             B-Saint Munro              C-Both               D-None

41- Who introduced Christianity to Britains

A- Romans          B-German            C-American           D-None

42- Where did the Saxon originally come from?

A- Northern Germany            B-Eastern Germany                C-None

43- Poetry of Anglo-Saxon was passed down through what means?

A- Oral Tradition          B-Written              C-Both               D-None

44- Who were the original inhabitant of Britains?

A- Celtes            B-Roman                C-Jutes                D-None

45- Was the Celts believe?

A- Polythesis        B-Antithesis              C-Both                      D-None

46- What did the Anglo-Saxon call Britains?

A- Anglo Land           B-England             C-America              D-None

47- Who is the famous Celtes King?

A- King Alfred               B-King Alfonso                C-None

48-Besides being a poet Alfred is a great

A-Gower            B-Dancer             C-Poet                 D-None

49- Alfred King died in

A-901 AD            B-900 AD                C-903 AD              D-None

50- Praises of Virginity has been written by

A- Aldhelm               B-Bede                 C-Alcuin              D-None

Old English Period Questions and Answers

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Important Questions From Old English Period

Top 50 MCQs on Anglo-Saxon Period in English Literature

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