MCQ on Feminism in Literature

MCQ on Feminism in Literature- Faminism is commonly believed as a struggle for equality against the biased and unequal social order which marginalizes and dominates women because of their physical difference with the man. In simple words, feminism is resistance against gender disharmony and inequality and gender-based hierarchy here women were considered inferior to men.

It’s important to study Feminism for your upcoming examination. If you are a literature enthusiast you must read some important feminist books.

MCQ on Feminism in Literature
MCQ on Feminism in Literature

MCQ on Feminism in Literature

1-Who is known as the First Modern Feminist?

A- Mary Wollstonecraft

B-J.S Mill

C-Jane Austen

D-Mary Shelley


2-Who used the term ‘Patriarchal Govt’?

A-Kate Millett

B-Carole Pateman

C-Betty Friedman



3-Who said ”Man is Bourgeoisie and Women A prolatariete?


B-J.B Elshtain


D-S.M Okin


4-Viktor Shklovsky is related to

A-Russian Formalism

B-Reader-Response Theory

C-New Criticism



5-Reader-Response Theory argus that

A-The readers of an age construct the meaning

B-Beliefs determine to mean

C-A style is the hallmark of the text



6-The term ‘Practical Criticism’ is coined by

A-I.A Richards

B-William Empson

C-F.R Lewis



7-Who is not New Criticism’s critic?

A-Stanley Fish

B-Allen Tate

C-Cleanth Brooks

D-William Empson


8- Understanding poetry used to be a classical textbook that encapsulates the principles of

A-New Criticism

B-New Historicism

C-New Aristotelians

D-The New Left


9-Formal Criticism is associated ith the structure of


B-Literary Theory




10-The Concept of ‘Arche-writing’ was developed by

A- Derrida


C-Paul de Mann



11-Which of the following works is written by Clifford Geertz?

A-The Interpretation of Culture

B-Uses of Literacy

C-Culture Capital

D-Culture and Civilization


12-What does ‘Hegemony’ mean?

A-Dominance of one political state over another

B-Socio-economic disparity

C-Assimilation between two different cultures



13-Identify the speaker of the following quote ”One is not born, but rather becomes women”?

A-Simon de Beauvoir

B-Elaine Showalter

C-Kate Millet

D-Julia Kristeva


14-By whom was the term ‘Ideology’ coined?

A-Antoine Destutt de Tracy

B-Richard Hoggard

C-Stuart Hall



15-Which of the following is a Memoir by Stuart Hall?

A-Familiar Stranger: A Life Between Two Islands

B-The Hard Road to Renewal

C-Resistance Through Rituals



16-Who coined the ”Feminism”?

A-Charles Fourier

B-Helen Cixous

C-pierre Bourdieu



17-Who’s the author of the 1929 essay, ”A Room of One’s Own”

A-Virginia Woolf

B-Elaine Showalter

C-Helen Cixous

D-Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar


18-Who is considered the founding figures of Feminism in the USA academia?

A- Elaine Showalter

B-Helen Cixous

C-Virginia Woolf

D-Sandra Gilbert And Susan Gubar


19-Elaine Showlater’s prime area of research was

A-Hysteria and madness in women


C-The Performativity of gender

D-Feminism and Patriachy


20-Who among the following did not exercise an influence on Simon D Beauvoir?





51 Famous Feminist Writers and Their Works

  1. Mary Wollstonecraft- A Vindication of the Right of Women (1792)
  2. Simone De Beauvoir- The Second Sex (1949)
  3. Helen Cixous- The Laugh of The Medusa (1975)
  4. Elaine Showalter- Towards the Feminst Poetics (1977)
  5. Judith Butler- Gender Trouble (1990)
  6. Luce Irigaray- This Sex Which is Not One (1977)
  7. Julia Kristeva- Semiotike (1969)
  8. Margaret Atwood- The Handmaid’s Tale
  9. Alice Walker- In Search of our Mother
  10. Doris Lessing- The Golden Book
  11. Angela Carter- The Bloody Chamber
  12. Jane Austen- Emma
  13. Alice Walker- Color Purple
  14. Tony Morrison- Black Feminism
  15. Louisa May Alcott- Little Women
  16. Virginia Woolf- Orlando, Dalloway
  17. Gertrude Stein- LGBTQ
  18. Sylvia Plath- The Bell Jar
  19. Margaret Atwood- Handmaid’s Tale
  20. Maya Angelou- I Know Why the Caged Bird Sing
  21. George Sand- Indiana
  22. George Eliot- Middlemarch
  23. Amy Tan- The Joy Lucky Club
  24. Octavia E Butler- Mind of My Mind
  25. Bell Hooks- All About Love
  26. Sandra Cisneros- The House on Mango Street
  27. Andre Lorde- The First Cities
  28. Kate Bornstein- My New Gender Workbook
  29. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie- We Should All Be Feminist
  30. Caitlin Moran- How to Build A Girl
  31. Roxane Gay- Bad Feminist
  32. Linda West- Notes From a Loud Woman
  33. Malala Yousafzai- I am Malala
  34. Betty Friedan- The Feminine Mystique
  35. Gloria Steinem- New York Magazine
  36. Elizabeth Cady Staton- The Woman’s Bible
  37. Mary Shelley- Frankenstein
  38. Sappho- Sapphi Meter
  39. George Sand- La Mare au Diable
  40. Christina Rossetti- Goblin Market
  41. Adrienne Rich- Driving into the Wreck
  42. Joyce Carol Oates- My Heart
  43. Edna St. Vincent Millay- The Ballad of the Harp Weaver
  44. Doris Lessing- The Golden Notebook
  45. Maxine Hong Kempe- Feminist ideas
  46. Sarah Orne Jewett- Local Colour
  47. Zora Neale Hurston- Their Eyes Were Wating God
  48. Lillian Hellman- The Children’s Hour
  49. Lorraine Hansberry- A Raisin in the sun
  50. Margaret Fuller- Women in the Nineteen Century
  51. Marilyn French- The Women’s Room

List of Best English Literature Books

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Types of Feminism

  1. Cultural Feminism
  2. Eco-Feminism
  3. Radical Feminism
  4. Liberal Feminism
  5. Socialist Feminism
MCQ on Feminism in Literature

MCQ on Feminism in Literature

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