MCQ on Idioms and Phrases PDF

MCQ on Idioms and Phrases PDF-Are you looking for MCQ questions on Idioms and phrases for your upcoming examination? Do you want to practice Idioms and phrases questions for free? Here you will get some important idioms and phrases for your examination. This post is helpful for those who are preparing for competitive examinations like UPSC, Railways, Navy, Army, Bank, etc.

Idioms and phrases are the part of English language and grammar. If you want to crack any examination, you must have knowledge of idioms and phrases. It’s easy to remember all the essential idioms and phrases. I have listed some of the important idioms and phrases for you.

MCQ on Idioms and Phrases PDF
MCQ on Idioms and Phrases PDF

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MCQ on Idioms and Phrases PDF

1-Fling away

A-to have an affair

B-to flare-up

C-to throw aside violently

D-to swing


2-Stick by

A-to adhere closely

B-stand by someone

C-to paste

D-to pass by


3-Wink at

A-to tease somebody

B-to like someone

C-to pretend not to see

D-to stare at


4-To be on the wane

A-to complain

B-to be sick

C-to be on a boat

D-to be diminishing


5-To give a person that cold shoulder

A-to treat coldly

B-to threaten

C-to be humble

D-to offer someone ice-cream


6-To get one’s back up

A-to become irritated

B-to sit straight

C-to act proud

D-to give support


7-To feather one’s nest

A-to build one’s house

B-to enrich oneself when opportunity knocks

C-to acquire something in abundance


8-To strike oil

A-to have licky cuccess

B-to have a close escape

C-to be unsuccessful

D-to have found an oil well


9-To talk shop

A-to talk a lot

B-to use phrases peculiar to one’s employment

C-to like to shop

D-to lie


10-To draw a line

A-to fix a limit

B-to caution someone

C-to be stern

D-to insult someone


11-A swan song

A-melodious song

B-Dishrmonious display

C-Concocted tale


12-A white elephant

A-precious thing

B-uncommon event

C-unprofitable possession

D-a rare phenomenon


13-Knit one’s brows

A-to disappoint somebody

B-to frown

C-to have a headache

D-to express discontentment


14-To plow the sands

A-to be extremely accomplished

B-to be resourceful

C-to be dejected

D-to busy oneself in an unprofitable proposition


15-To rip up old sores

A-to destroy something

B-to act cruelly

C-to reopen a quarrel

D-to inflict pain on someone


16-To rate soundly

A-to ensure strongly

B-to acquire heavy profits

C-to be at peace

D-to assure somebody


17-To run in the same groove

A-to have a pleasant time

B-to run away from somebody

C-to be in the same situation

D-to advance in harmony


18-To be no chicken

A-to be brave

B-to be honest

C-to be no longer young

D-to be childish


19-To take to one’s bed

A-to lie in bed due to illness

B-to fight with one’s husband

C-to agree with someone

D-to be very attached to one’s belongings


20-To stand on ceremony

A-to celebrate an occasion in a grand way

B-to be extravagant

C-to get married

D-to treat with cold right civility


21-To be at sixes and sevens

A-to be undecided

B-to be a great success

C-to be certain

D-to give away generously


22-To break the ice

A-a strong man

B-to start a quarrel

C-to break the awkward silence

D-to become violent


23-Put one’s foot down

A-to demand

B-to take rest

C-to be firm about something

D-to do something stupid


24-Backstairs influence

A-one who is easily influenced

B-influential person

C-Influential person

D-Wife’s influence on her husband


25-Long in the tooth

A-rather old



D-distant journey


26-Crocodile tears

A-hypocritical tears

B-to use something to sincerely

C-to get hysterical

D-tears caused due to presence of ammonia in something


27-Elbow room

A-opportunity for freedom of action

B-special room for the guest

C-to give enough space to move or work in

D-to add a new room to the house


28-French leave

A-a person who does not take leave

B-leave without permission

C-to take long to leave

D-to take a day off and have fun


29-To call a spade a spade

A-to play cards

B-to be arrogant

C-to speak plainly without mincing matters

D-to be everything one does


30-To commit to memory

A-to learn by heart

B-to tax one’s memory

C-to be forgetful

D-to commit oneself totally to a task


31-To burn a hole in the pocket

A-to steal from someone’s pocket

B-to destroy other’s belongings

C-to be very miserly

D-money that is spent quickly


32-To bury the hatchet

A-to have found a treasure

B-to make peace

C-to purchase something without discretion

D-to act in a suspicious manner


33-To beggar description

A-something of least importance

B-something beyond description

C-to describe a beggar

D-an accurate description


34-To beat the air

A-efforts that are vain useless

B-to be satisfied with one’s performance

C-to be extremely relived

D-to be very happy


35-To provide against a rainy day

A-to provide plentifully

B-to provide for a possible future

C-to store for the family

D-to store for the rainy season


36-A bone of contention

A-area of agreement

B-act of submission

C-act of submission

D-subject of dispute


37-To be all eyes

A-to be cautious

B-Watching closely and attentively

C-to be amazed

D-to be non-plussed


38-Swollen headed

A-to be suffering from illness

B-to be conceited

C-to be narrow-minded

D-to be dumb


39-To be like a fish out of water

A-to be face to face with death

B-to be in a strange situation

C-to be in want of a house

D-to be determined to live


40-To stir up a hornet’s nest

A-to excited the hostility of people

B-to do some social service

C-to be totally at a loss in a situation

D-to be bankrupt


41- My hands are full

A-I am having a lot of things to carry

B-I am having lots of money

C-I am very busy

D-I am anxious


42-To be at sea

A-to be a sailor

B-to be a steward

C-to be occupied

D- to be perplexed


43-No love lost between them

A-to have a fight

B-to dislike each other

C-to be as friendly as ever

D-to be upset


44-To be hand and glove with someone

A-to be social

B-to be playful

C-to be annoyed

D-to be intimate


45-To play fast and loose

A-to deceive someone

B-to be agile

C-say one thing and do another

D-to be efficient


46-To take stock of

A-to imagine

B-to supply

C-to survey

D-to attract


47-A man of straw

A-a man of no substance

B-a man without means

C-a man of character

D-a generous man


48-olf in sheep’s clothing

A-to act on the sly

B-to be a good actor

C-to be a hypocrite

D-to be money-minded


49-To cut someone short

A-to oblige someone

B-to assist someone

C-to interrupt somone

D-to insult someone


50-To stick to one’s color

A-to refuse to yield

B-to be patriotic

C-to be notorious

D-to be straightforward

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MCQ on Idioms and phrases
MCQ on Idioms and phrases

MCQ on Idioms and Phrases PDF

MCQ on Idioms and Phrases PDF

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