Top 61 MCQ on Literary Theory and Criticism

Top 61 MCQ on Literary Theory and CriticismLiterary theory and criticism are one of the leading parts of any competitive examination. It’s also important to know about the major schools of criticism and important critics. There are a few important t schools of criticism you need to understand here.

Here are some of the major schools of criticism are the following

  1. Legislative Criticism
  2. Aesthetic Criticism
  3. The Neo-Classical School of Criticism
  4. The Romantic School of Criticism
  5. The Impressionistic School of Criticism
  6. Descriptive Criticism
  7. Practical Criticism
Top 61 MCQ on Literary Theory and Criticism
Top 61 MCQ on Literary Theory and Criticism

Top 61 MCQ on Literary Theory and Criticism

1- Who was the first literary critic who said that ”Art is twice removed from reality”?


B- Aristotle




2-Who proposed that poets should be banished from the ideal Republic?

A- Plato

B- Aristotle

C- Longinus



3-Aristotle’s critical work is entitled

A- Poetics

B-D Arte Poetica

C- Art Poetique

D-Ars Poetica


4-ho is the author of Ars Poetica?

A- Horace





5-Who is the author of the Symposium?

A- Plato





6-Horace was a

A- Roman Critic

B- French Critic

C- Greek Critic

D-German Critic


7-Aristotle discusses the theory of Tragedy in


B- Rhetoric

C-Ars Poetica

D-Art Poetique


8-How many principal sources of sublimity are there according to Longinus?






9-What is the meaning of the term Hamartia as used by Aristotle in his Theory of Tragedy?

A- A weak trait in the character of the hero

B- Working of fate against the hero

C-Tragic end of the tragedy



10-What is the meaning of the term Peripeteia are used by Aristotle in his Theory of Tragedy?

A- Change in the fortune of the hero from good to bad

B- Change in the fortune of the hero from bad to good

C- Constancy in the fortune of the hero

D- None


11-What is the meaning of the term Anagnorisis as used by Aristotle in his Theory of Tragedy?

A-The hero’s recognition of his tragic flaw

B- The hero’s ignorance about his tragic flaw

c- The hero’s recognition of his adversary

D- The hero’s recognition of his tragic end


12-What is denouncement?

A-The ending of a comedy

B- The ending of a tragedy

C- The climax in a tragedy

D- The climax in a comedy


13- Who is the originator of the Theory of Imitation in literature?






14-Who was the most illustrious disciple of Socrates?

A- Plato





15- From where has the term Oedipus Complex Originated?

A- Oedipus the Rex


C-Oedipus at Cons



16-The term Electra Complex has originated from a tragedy entitled Electra. ho is the author of this tragedy

A- Sophocles





17-In which of the following works Plato discusses his Theory of Poetry?

A- The Republic





18-Who is the author of a notorious book entitled The School of Abuse?

A-Stephen Gosson

B-John Skelton

C-Stephen Hawes

D-Roger Ascham


19-Philip Sidney’s Apology for Poetry is a defense of poetry against the charges bought against it by

A- Stephen Gosson

B- John Skelton

C-Roger Ascham

D-Henry Howard


20-It is not rhyming and versing that maketh a poet no more than a long worn maketh an advocate whose view is this?

A- Sidney





21-What does Sidney say about the observance of the three Dramatic Unities in Drama?

A-They must be observed

B- It is not necessary to observe them

C- He Favours the observation



22-What does Ben Jonson mean by a Humorous Character?

A-A character whose temper is determined by the predominance of one out of the four fluids in the human body

B- A character who is always cheerful and gay



23-Which of the following is a critical work of Ben Jonson?

A- Discoveries

B- Discourse of English poetry

C-Arte of English Poesie



24-Dryden wrote An Essay of Dramatic Poesy is this?

A- An Interlocution

B- A poetical Work

C-A drama

D-An Essay


25-In Dryden’s Essay of Dramatic Poesy there is four interlocutors representing four different ideologies. Which of them expresses Dryden’s own views?

A- Neander





26- Is Dryden’s Essay of Dramatic Poesy a work of

A- Comparative Criticism

B- Interpretative Criticism

C-Legislative Criticism

D-Textual Criticism


27-Who called Dryden the Father of English Criticism?

A- Dr. Johnson


C-Matthew Arnold

D-Joseph Addison


28-Poetic Diction was taken to be the standard language for poetry in

A-The Neo-classical Age

B-The Victorian Age

C-The Elizabethan Age

D-The Romantic Age


29-”The tragic-comedy which is the product of the English theatre is one of the most monstrous inventions that ever entered into a poet’s thought” Whose view is this?

A- Joseph Addisons

B- Dr.Johnson’s

C-John Dryden’s

D-Alexander Pope’s


30- ”Be Homer’s works your study and delight. Read them by day and meditate by night” by

A- Pope





31-Which of the following critics preferred Shakespeare’s Comedies to his Tragedies?

A- Dr.Johnson





32-Wordsworth’s Preface to the Lyrical Ballads is believed to be the Preamble to Romantic Criticism. In which year was it published






33-Who is the author of The Four Ages of Poetry?

A- Thomas Love Peacock

B-Samuel Rogers

C-De Quincey

D-Thomas Campbell


34-Who is the author of Biographia Literaria?

A-S.T Coleridge

B- William Hazlitt

C-P.B Shelley



35-In the Life of which poet did Dr. Johnson apply the term Metaphysical Schol of Poetry






36-”I write in meter because I am about to use a language different from that of prose” Who says this






37-Which of the following critics has most elaborately discussed the concept of Imagination?

A- S.T Coleridge


C- Walter Pater



38-Who says that ”Poets are the unacknowledged legislator of the world?

A- Shelley

B-Walter Peter

C-Matthew Arnold

D-T.S Eliot


39-Who has divided literature into two broad divisions- the literature of power and literature of knowedge

A- De Quincey

B- Matthew Arnold

C- F.R Leavis

D- T.S Eliot


40- Who gave the concept of ‘Art for Art’s Sake?

A-Walter Pater

B- F.R Leavis

C-T.S Eliot

D- John Keats


41-Who gave the concept of Art of Life Sake?

A-Matthew Arnold

B- Tennyson

C-T.S Eliot



42-Who said, ”For art’s see alone I would not face the toil fo writing a single sentence?

A- G.B Shaw

B- John Galsworthy

C-John Masefield

D-T.S Eliot


43-In whose opinion ”Poetry is the most highly organized form of intellectual activity?

A-T.S Eliot

B-D.H Lawerence

C- G.B Shaw

D-W.B Yeats


44-A critic says that Pope’s Essay on Criticism is all stolen which of the following critics says this?

A- Lady M.W Montague

B- Addison

C-Robert Southey



45-Shelley’s Defence of Poetry was a rejoinder to

A-Thomas Love Peacock’s The Four Ages of Poetry

B-Sidney’s An Apology for Poetry

C- Dryden’s Essay f Dramatic Poetry

D-Stephen Gosson’s The Schol fo Abuse


46-Dryden found English poetry brick and left it marble” Who said this

A- Dr. Johnson


C-Matthew Arnold



47-Who is the author of Seven Types of Ambiguity

A- William Empson

B- Stephen Spender

C- Walter Pater



48-Who is the author of New Bearings in English Poetry?

A-F.R Leavis

B- Walter Pater

C- Matthew Arnold

D- T.S Eliot


49-Who is the author of The Sacred Wood?

A- T.S Eliot

B- I. A Richards

C- Walter Pater

D-Matthew Arnold


50-Who called Shakespeare’s Hamlet an artistic failure?

A- T.S Eliot

B-I.A Richard

C-F.R Leavis

D-Aldous Huxley


51- Who is the author of Conversations with Drummond?

A- Ben Jonson

B-George Puttenham

C-Thomas Lodge

D-John Dryden


52-Who is the author of Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays?



C- Addison

D-Charles Lamb


53-Matthew Arnold is the author of one of the following works. Which of the following?

A- Essays in Criticism

B-What is a classic


D-The English Comic Writers


54-Who is the author of The Meaning of Meaning?

A-I.A Richard

B-F.R Leavis

C-David Daiches



56-Who is the author of the Principle of Literary Criticism?

A-I.A Richard

B-William Empson

C-F.R Leavis

D- Daivid Daiches


57-Who has written Shakespeare’s Sonnets Reconsidered?

A- Samuel butler

B- Walter Pater

C- F.R Leavis



58- Who is the author of New Criticism?

A- David Daiches

B-I.A Richards

C- F.R Leavis



59-Who is the author of Poetry Since?

A- Stephen Spender

B- Northrop Frye

C-I.A Richard



60-Who is the author of The Foundation of Esthetics?

A- I.A Richards

B- Walter Pater

C-Stephen Spender



61-Who called poets ”Semi-barbarians in a civilized community?

A-Love Peacock

B-T.S Eliot

C-Walter Pater


Top 5 Books on Literary Theory and Criticism

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Literary Theory and Criticism Notes PDF Download

  1. Literary Theory and Criticism Book (Oxford)- Amazon
  2. Literary Terms and Literary Theory Book (Penguin Classic)- Amazon
  3. A critical Study of Literary Theory and Criticism Book- Amazon
  4. A New Approach to Literary Theory and Criticism Book- Amazon
  5. Modern Literary Criticism and Theory Book- Amazon

List of Famous Literary Critics

  1. Plato
  2. Aristotle
  3. Longinus
  4. Horace
  5. Quintilian
  6. Dante
  7. Boileau
  8. Rapin
  9. Vida
  10. William Webbe
  11. George Puttenham
  12. Stephen Gosson
  13. Philip Sidney
  14. Thomas Lodge
  15. Ben Jonson
  16. John Dryden
  17. Joseph Addison
  18. Alexander Pope
  19. Dr.Samuel Johnson
  20. S.T Coleridge
  21. William Wordsworth
  22. P.B Shelley
  23. Charles Lamb
  24. Thomas Love Peacock
  25. William Hazlitt
  26. Mathew Arnold
  27. H.G Wells
  28. Walter Pater
  29. T.S Eliot
  30. Samuel Butler
  31. Stephen Spender
  32. William Empson
  33. I.A Richard
  34. F.R Leavis
  35. David Daiches
  36. Northrop Frye
Literary Theory and Literary Criticism Notes

Literary Theory and Criticism Notes PDF





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