MCQ on Non-Fiction Writers and Their Works

MCQ on Non-Fiction Writers and Their Works- Are you looking for famous non-fiction writers in the world? Do you want to read the works of the top non-fiction authors in English literature? Are you searching for ”Non-fiction writers in English literature”?  Here are the solutions

It is essential to read non-fiction writers and their works for examination. I would suggest you go through the list of non-fiction writers and therefore better understanding.

What is the meaning of non-fiction?

Non-fiction is a type of writing based on real-life experience. Example of  non-fiction ‘A Brief History of Time’ By Stephen Hawking

What is the meaning of fiction?

Fiction in its simplest term is a formation of any kind of story, narrative, and writing which is completely imaginary, unreal.

MCQ on Non-Fiction Writers and Their Works
MCQ on Non-Fiction Writers and Their Works

MCQ on Non-Fiction Writers and Their Works

1-What are the significant elements of the nonfiction writings?

A-The characters of non-fiction writing are true and real

B-There is extensive use of supernatural elements

C-Its characters are unread



2-What is a biography?

A-A biography is written about someone by someone else

B-Biography a life record by its author about him or herself.

C-Biography overs only a specific memory in the life of someone

D-In biography the author is the subject


3-Essay on Dramatic Poesie is written in

A-Dialogue form

B-Poetic style

C-Sarcastic tone

D-Story telling style


4-Notably, Divers Voyages Touching the Discoveries of America is an influential work by

A-Richard Hakluyt

B-Samuel Purchas

C-William Camden

D-Raphael Holinshed


5-Eugenius, Crites Lisideius, and Neander are the four speakers in which of the following works?

A-Essay on Dramatic Poesie

B-Religio Medici

C-Sartor Resartus

D-Alexander Fest


6-Religio Medici is translated as

A-Religion and Medicine

B-Medicine aRelic

C-Religion of Queen

D-Religion of Physician


7-Which was the most prevalent theme in the writings of the Puritans?

A-Religion and Politics

B-War and Politics

C-Love and Romance

D-Knighthood and War


8-In whose writing we find the oldest records of Travel writing?

A-Samuel Purchas

B-Samuel Pepys

C-Samuel Johnson

D-Samuel Butler


9-John Wycliffe translated the Bible from —–to ——

A-From Hebrew to Latin

B-Vulgate to Medieval English

C-From Latin to French



10-Who is known as the father of Liberalism?

A-John Locke

B-Charles Lamb

C-Francis Bacon

D-Thomas Carlyle


11-The Last of the Church is a work by

A-John Wycliffe

B-Thomas Elyot

C-Raphael Holinshed

D-William Camdean


12-Who is the author of Four Ages of Poetry?

A-Thomas Love Peacock

B-William Hazlitt

C-P.B Shelley

D-Charles Lamb


13-Who worked for The East India Company?

A-Thomas Love Peacock

B-Thomas De Quincey

C-Thomas Carlyle

D-William Hazlitt


14-Table-Talk belongs to whose critic?

A-William Hazlitt

B-Thomas de Quincey

C-Thomas Elyot

D-Thomas Carlyle


15-HOw would you define Testimonies?

A-Personal account of people about their traumatic incidents violence rape etc.

B-Testimonies are autobiographical in nature

C-Testimonies are essentially romantic in nature

D-Testimonies are only cyber content


16-John Milon has written poetry like Paradise Lost but what is the title of his nonfiction work?



C-On his Blindness

D-Revolt of the Tartars


17-Simon of Durham was a






18-What are the major works by Simon of Durham?

A-The Historia Regum

B-Gesta Regum Anglorum

C-Chronica Majora



19-Name the two Major Chroniclers of the Medieval period?

A-Simon of Durham

B-John Wycliffe


D-Thomas Browne


20-The name of Hydriotaphia is

A-Urn Burial

B-Vulgar Error

C-Religion of a Doctor

D-Unto-to the Last


21-Gesta Regum Anglorum is a work by

A-William of Malmesbury

B-Matthew Paris

C-Simon of Durham

D-Robert Burton


22-William Tyndale was famous for


B-The Bible Translation

C-Travel Writing

D-Religious Philosophy


23-Prologue to Janah is written by

A-William Tyndale

B-Robert Burton

C-William of Malmesbury

D-Matthew Paris


24-Samuel Pepys diary has a record of which two great events of the Restoration period?

A-The Great Fire of London and Great Plague of London

B-Lock down of the theatres

C-Death of Oliver Cromwell

D-Restoration of Charles


25-Who was the contemporary of Samuel Pepys?

A-John Evelyn

B-Matthew Paris

C-Robert Burtons

D-John Locke


26-When An Essay Concerning Human Understanding was published on






27-Who among the following suffered mental illness?

A-Chalres Lamb

B-Samuel Johnson

C-John Locke

D-Thomas Locke


28-Essay on Elia was written by

A-Charles Lamb

B-John Locke

C-Thomas Carlyle

D-John Evelyn


29-The Round Table A collection of Essays on Literature Men and Manners belong to

A-William Hazlitt

B-Charles Lamb

C-Thomas De Quincey

D-John Locke


30-On the Knowkcing at the Gate in Macbeth is written by

A-Thomas de Quincey

B-Thomas Carlyle

C-William Hazlitt



31-John Stuart Mill has borrowed the concept of Utilitarianism from

A-Jeremy Bentham

B-Charles Lamb

C-John Lockey



32-Unto the Last has a subtitle called

A-The Four Essays on the Political Economy

B-Architecture and painting

C-Seven Lamps of Architecture



33-Which one of the following is the autobiography of Graham Greene?

A-Ways of Escape

B-John Aubrey and His Friends

C-The End of Affair

D-The Brighton Rock


34-Seven Lamps of Architecture was published in






35-Dreams From my Father A Story of Race and Inheritance is a memoir by

A-Barak Obama

B-Richard Wright

C-Tony Morison

D-Alice Walker


36-What are the two major modes of writing nonfiction?

A-Informal Nonfiction and literary nonfiction

B-Fantasy figurative mode

C-Romantic and Fantasy

D-Formal and liner mode


37-lives of Most Prominent English Poets by Samuel Johnson is an a

A-Biographical work

B-Autobiographical work

C-Description of Samuel Johnson



38-Who among themes is a biographer?

A-Samuel Johnson

B-Samuel Pepys

C-Thomas Carlyle

D-John Locke


39-An Account of the Life of Mr. Richard Savage, Son of Earl Rivers simply known as the life of Mr. Richard Savage written by

A-Samuel Johnson

B-William Hazlitt

C-Thomas Carlyle

D-James Boswell


40-Conversation with Myself is a diary by

A-Nelson Mandela

B-Alic Walker

C-Tony Morison

D-Malala Yousuf Zai


41-Who has also written the first English Dictionary of Classical Latin?

A-Thomas lelyot

B-Thomas Carlyle

C-William Tyndale

D-William Hazlitt


42-Thomas Browne has written

A-A Garden of Cyrus

B-A Pathway into the Holy Scripture




43-Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy was published in






44-Memoirs of Shelley is written by

A-Thomas Love Peacock

B-P.B Shelley

C-Marry Shelley

D-John Keats


45-Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays were written by

A-William Hazlitt

B-John Locke

C-Thomas de Quincey



46-The Subjectiono f Women is a work by

A-John Stuart Mill

B-John Locke

C-Thomas Love Peacock

D-William Hazlitt


47-Encounter is a work by

A-Umberto Eco

B-John Locke

C-William Hazlitt

D-John Stuart Mill


48-Sartor Resartus is a work by

A-Thomas Carlyle


C-Charles Lamb

D-Stuart Mill


49-Who has introduced English Education in India?

A-Thomas Babington Macaulay

B-Charles Lamb

C-John Stuart Mill

D-John Locke


50-Who among the following was involved in the formation of the King James Version of the Bible?

A-Richard Baxter

B-Robert Burton

C-Thomas Browne

D-William Tyndale

Famous Non-Fiction Writers in English Literature

  1. Simon of Durham
  2. William Malmesbury
  3. Matthew Paris
  4. John Wycliffe
  5. Reginald Peacock
  6. John Fisher
  7. William Tyndale
  8. Thomas Elyot
  9. Raphael Holinshed
  10. William Camden
  11. Richard Hakluyt
  12. Samuel Purchas
  13. Thomas Brown
  14. Robert Burtons
  15. Samuel Pepys
  16. John Evelyn
  17. John Dryden
  18. John Locke
  19. Charles Lab
  20. William Hazlitt
  21. Thomas de Quincey
  22. Thomas Love Peacock
  23. Thomas Carlyle
  24. Thomas Macaulay
  25. John Stuart Mill
  26. John Ruskin
  27. Graham Greene
  28. Maya Angelou

List of English Literature Book

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MCQ on Non-Fiction Writers and Their Works

MCQ on Non-Fiction Writers and Their Works
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