Top 50 MCQs on Forms of Literature in English

Top 50 MCQs on Forms of Literature in English- Literature has given a chain of genres like prose, poetry, play, essay, novel, criticism, drama and short story, etc. Literature can broadly be divided into three major forms: poetry, drama, and prose.

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Top 100 MCQs on Forms of Literature in English
Top 100 MCQs on Forms of Literature in English

Top 50 MCQs on Forms of Literature in English

1- Almost the whole of modern English poetry is dominated by

Ans- Iambic Pentameter


2- A kind of poetry that flourished in England and America at the beginning of the 20th century is said to be

Ans- Imagism


3-Each separate sheet of paper in a book consisting of two pages is known as

Ans- Leaf


4- A character of two or more letters joined together and each in one piece is known as



5- A literary man, a writer of literary works is

Ans- literateur


6-The use of words with humorous satirical intention so that the meaning is the direct opposite to what is actually said is known as

Ans- Irony


7- A doleful complaint a pessimistic lamentation in the old testament is said to be

Ans- Jeremiad


8- A style considered characteristic of newspaper writing is known as

Ans- Jourkalere


9-Early works produced by the author or artist hen they were young is known as

Ans- Juvenilia


10- A piece of satire either in prose or verse, mainly personal attack is known as

Ans- Lampoon


11- An attack by mouth upon some person or work and a bitter and violent criticism refers to

Ans- Diatribe


12- Usually a one-act play given at the beginning of a program before that main play is called

Ans- A curtain-raiser


13- The last book of the New Testament containing the revelation made of St.John on the Island of Patmos is known as

Ans- Apocalypse


14- Analogue is known as

Ans- A word or thing which is similar to another


15- THe ridiculous misuse of the words in speech or writing by replacing one word for another similar sound but different meaning

Ans- Malapropism


16- A quotation placed before a book or chapter as a motto is called

Ans- Epigraph


17- A confusion between the poem and its results is known as

Ans- the affective fallacy


18-A phrase or statement yielding sense in more than one way is known as

Ans- Amphiboly


19-An error in chronology, placing an event in its wrong historical time is known as



20—– is termed as adherence to the classical principles and Greek and Latin in taste in art and literature scholarship.

Ans- Classicism


21-A polite and elegant literature is termed as

Ans- Belles-letters


22-The rhythm in poetry and prose produced by stressed and unstressed verse

Ans- Cadence


23-Exaggeration is related to

Ans- Chauvinism


24- To use someone else’s thoughts ideas and writings as one’s own is called



25-What will you name the art of deciphering ancient inscriptions and manuscripts

Ans- Paleography


26-Nostalgia means

Ans- Love for the past


27-A new word formed by rearranging the letters is known as



28- Discovery ad reversal of torture is known as



29-A kind of repetition in which the last word or sentence are repeated is known as

Ans- Anadiplosis


30- A reference to characters and events of mythology means

Ans- allusive


31-Standing by itself is known as

Ans- ampersand


32- A romantic piece of music that is not regular if the form

Ans- Rhapsody


33- Sobriquet means

Ans- Nick-name


34-What do you call a thing which has the appearance of truth?

Ans- Verisimilitude


35- Needless repetition of the same thing in different words without making one’s meaning clear of more powerful

Ans- tantology


36- Love of a purely spiritual character is known as

Ans- Platonic love


37- A short novel, especially one of poor literary quality is known as

Ans- Novellette


38-What do you mean by neologism?

Ans-The coming of new words


39-To write a word correctly, the system of spelling is known as

Ans- Orthography


40- The science or study of being a branch of thought concerned with the nature of existence is known as

Ans- Ontology


41- A phrase applied to ideas thought and expression which are in harmony with the spirit of the age is

Ans- Climatic opinion


42- The effect of flight and shade in nature the use of contrast in music and literature is

Ans- Chiaroscuro


43- Paean stands for

Ans- A Greek song of joy or victory


44- An imposing outdoor procession of spectacular performance is called as

Ans- Paleography


45- A word sentence or verse which reads the same ackwards

Ans- Parlance


46- A poem in which the author retracts something said in a former poem

Ans- Palinode


47-  The original patterns from which copies are made is

Ans- Antithesis


48- A short allegorical tale intended to convey a moral is known as



49-A style of decoration derived from the Moors and Arabs is



50-A statement that is accepted as true without proof is


Major Forms of Literature in English

Classification of English Literary Terms

  1. Poetry
  2. Drama
  3. Prose

1- Poetry

  • The Epic
  • Mock Epic
  • Sonnet
  • Ode
  • Lyric
  • Idyll
  • Pastoral

2- Drama

  • Eliabethan Drama
  • Tragedy
  • Melodrama
  • Tragic-Comedy
  • Romantic
  • Comedy of Humour
  • Comedy of Manner
  • Farce
  • Poetic Play
  • Dramatic Manologue
  • Problem Play
  • One Act Play

3- Prose

  • Essay
  • Personal
  • Aphoristic Essay
  • Periodical Essay
  • Critical Essay
  • Prose Romances
  • Gothic Novels
  • Domestic Novels
  • Picaresque Novel
  • Historical Novel
  • Regional Novel
  • Prophetic Novel
  • Psychologial Novel

What is Literary Genre?

A literary genre is a type of category of literature.

Four Main Literary Genres

  1. Drama
  2. Fiction
  3. Non-Fiction
  4. Poetry

1- Drama

  • Comedy
  • Tragedy

2- Fiction

  • Fantasy
  • Folklore
  • Historical
  • Mystery
  • Realistic Fiction
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Thriller

3- Non-Fiction

  • Biography
  • Auto-Biography
  • Narrative
  • Periodicals

4- Poetry

  • Lyric
  • Narrative Poetry
  • Dramatic Poetry

Best English Literature Books For Students

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Top 50 MCQs on Forms of Literature in English

Top 50 MCQs on Forms of Literature in English
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