Method of Teaching Writing Skills

Method of Teaching Writing Skills- Writing is a process of discovery and needs adequate time for reflection. It promotes a flexible, sophisticated command of the language and includes linguistic features such as spelling, punctuation, indentation, and connectives.

How to teach writing skills to students? It’s not easy to teach writing skills to students. But you need to follow some strategies to improve your writing skills. Do people constantly ask about How to develop writing skills in students?

Here you will get complete information on the step to teaching writing skills.

Method of Teaching Writing Skills
Method of Teaching Writing Skills

Method of Teaching Writing Skills

While writing, one has to be cautious with regard to the language grammar and spelling so that the reader can decipher the intended meaning of the content.

Thus, teaching writing involves both usages of correct language and correct organization.

Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling are key in written communication. Types of writing include controlled writing to proceed at their own pace as individual skills can be practiced.

However, the downside of controlled writing is the creative response, and the expression of ideas are discouraged.

The advantage is that learners can express themselves and the writing is more challenging and not mechanical.

A formal writing style is not necessarily better than an informal style, as each style serves a different purpose. Formal writing is thus, impersonal and requires a wide range of vocabulary and structure.

No contraction ae used to simplify words instead of full words reused. Complex, longer sentences are more prevalent. Each main point needs to be introduced, elaborated, and concluded.

How to teach writing skills to students?

  1. Math Maker
  2. Your Luck Today
  3. Who Stole The Ad
  4. Create Your Won Pizza
  5. Teach Phonics
  6. Teach Letter
  7. Teach the formation of words
  8. Teach the sentence structure
  9. Teach Grammar

1- Match Maker

Objective- To focus on current syntax formation.

Method- In pairs, learners are given strips of incomplete sentences. They have to join each incomplete sentence with its correct half.

2-Your Luck Today

Objective- To learn to compose write-ups.

Method-Distribute a sample horoscope. In pairs learners write a horoscope for each other, incorporating his knowledge of his partner.

3-Who Stole the Ad

Objective- To exploit the learner’s reasoning power through advertisement writing.

Method- Distribute ads from which keywords captions or pictures are missing learners complete the ad.

4- Create your own pizza

Objective-To focus on punctuation.

Method- Give learners pizza outlet pamphlets. Learners go through the materials and choose their own toppings.

5- Teach Phonic

Phonics is all about the sound systems. How a letter should pronounce? Teach your students to hear as much as possible.

6- Teach Letters

It’s important to teach letters to the students. Starting from the basic alphabet to advanced grammar.

7- Teach the formation of words

It’s essential to understand the formation of words and tell you students about it.

8- Teach the sentence structure

It’s possible to teach sentence structure to the students. Starting from the verb to vocabulary.

9- Teach Grammar

Grammar is one of the essential parts of any language.

Best Books for improving writing skills

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  • Improve Your Writing- Amazon
  • Easy Writing Book- Amazon

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Questions on the Writing Skills

1- The loss of a final segment of a word is called

A- Hendiadys





2-When you use the phrase ‘un-freaking-believable’ you are using a/an



C-curse word



3- This type of writing explains things






4- Your English teacher teaches you

A-Prescriptive grammar


C-Descriptive grammar

D-unilateral grammar


5- The word that describes the changing of the form of a verb in order to reflect person, number, tense, and mood is






6- A description of words or situations which can have more than one possible meaning is






7-Every sentence contains or implies to parts a subject and

A- the main noun

B-an objective

C-a predicate



8- You should not encourage your student to use

A-an idiom

B-a cliche

C-a metaphor

D-a proverb


9- The sensory perceptions created by a word or phrase is

A- poetry





10- The most suitable for an interactive writing activity is

A-creating your resume

B-writing a chain story

C-writing a company report

D-edition your work



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