Methods of Teaching Reading Skills

Methods of Teaching Reading Skills- How to teach reading skills? There are four approaches to teaching reading skills to students and adults. It’s not easy to teach reading skills to adults or Old people. There is also a sentence method to teach reading skills to the students.

I have also added some comprehension passages to improve your reading skills by reading unseen passages. It’s easy to teach reading skills but you need to flow some steps in order to make it effective.

Reading is a receptive skill and highly valuable, enabling a reader to read the written form as meaningful language and to mentally interact with the message. Reading can be silent or aloud and extensive and intensive.

Methods of Teaching Reading Skills
Methods of Teaching Reading Skills

Methods of Teaching Reading Skills

How to teach a reading skill?

It’s easy to teach reading skills to the students or other people. The skills involved in reading range from literal comprehension inference, reorganization, and reinterpretation of what has been read and the reader’s personal response.

To read effectively one must overcome linguistic difficulties such as unfamiliar vocabulary, difficult pronunciation, and complicated grammar structures.

A skilled reader learns to reason out written material, using knowledge from everyday life and from disciplined fields of study. The reader has the mastery of basic processes, to the point where they are automatic, so that attention is freed for the analysis of meaning.

The objective here is to lead a learner to interact productively and actively with a text and become a good reader.

Methods to Teach Reading Skill

  1. Word Method to teach reading Skills
  2. Sentence Method to teach a reading skill
  3. Four approaches to teaching the reading skill
  4. Sounds and Letter
  5. Pick me Out
  6. Comic Hour
  7. Summarize Me
  8. Change Me

Question on Reading Skills

1- All of the words and word forms in a language with meaning or function is/are

A-head words



D-word count


2-In skim reading, students read a text

A-to pick out unknown words

B-to get the general idea of the text

C-to thoroughly understand the text

C-to read for practice


3-A non-authentic text is a text that

A- contains spelling and grammatical errors

B-has been written for language learning

C-cannot be independently authenticated

D- contains no errors


4-When you teach students how to look for specific details in a text you are showing them how to






5-Like the skill of listening, reading is typically classified as

A- receptive skill

B-productive skill

C-reproductive skill

D-communicative skill


6-Simplified books that are written for English learners, at specific reading levels, are called

A- graded readers

B-authentic text

C-leveled forms

D-text books


7- A reading test that asks, what’s the main idea? may also be worded this way

A-find the gist


C-identify the genre

D-give the conclusion


8- Words from different languages that have a common origin and are often similar in meaning are called

A- cognates





9- When beginner reader demonstrate an understanding of individual sounds in spoken words they have

A- phonemic awareness

B-alphabetic understanding

C-syllabic thinking

D-pitch awareness


10- The study of meaning in interaction is






Methods of Teaching Reading Skills

Methods of Teaching Reading Skills



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