Methods of Teaching Speaking Skills

Methods to Teach Speaking Skill-  Speaking is a productive skill, an interactive process of constructing meaning that involves producing, receiving, and processing information. It is ofter spontaneous, open-ended, and evolving, helping us to communicate our thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and comments in the most natural and reliable way.

This capacity to put words together, in a meaningful way to reflect thoughts, opinion, and feelings provide the speaker with important advantages such as the ability to inform persuade and direct.

Speaking can be formal or informal, informal speaking is typically used with family and friends or people you know well.

formal speaking occurs in business or academic situations or hen meeting people for the first time.

Here you will get all the details related to speaking skills.

Methods of Teaching Speaking Skills
Methods of Teaching Speaking Skills

Methods of Teaching Speaking Skills

Good speaking skills is the act of generating words that can be understood by listeners. Speech has its own skills, structures, and conventions, different from written language. A good speaker is clear and informative and synthesizes this array of skills and knowledge to succeed in a given speech act.

In this post, you will get some method to teach speaking skills

  1. Where am I?
  2. All Jumbled Up
  3. Story Time
  4. Say it again
  5. Free Speaking
  6. Speaking Activities

1- Where am I?

Objective- To learn the proper use of prepositions.

Method- Distribute flashcards with pictures on them. Ask learners to describe the position of various things in the picture.

2-All Jumbled Up

Objective- To improve the learner’s powers of concentration.

Method- Make pairs give the learners a jumbled up dialogue. Learners discuss and rearrange the dialogue.

3- Story Time

Objective- To develop conversational skills and imagination.

Method- Ask two learners to choose a topic and begin a conversation on it. At any one point, they can stop and two more learners continue the dialogue. The tone and content of the dialogue need to remain constant till the class can do so.

4-Say It Again

Objective-To sensitizes learners to the concept of tone.

Method-Give learners a few sentences and ask them to use different tones a polite tone so that they comprehend how tones can render different meanings.

5- Free Speaking

It’s important to speak for free. Take a mirror and start speaking on a topic. You must speak without concerning the grammar or vocabulary.

6- Speaking Activity

There are thousands of speaking apps and websites available. Where you can practice English for free. You can practice with your friends or family.

Strategies for teaching speaking skills

Speaking skills are important because

  • Skills speaker can effectively present their own point of view.
  • Skills speakers are often better readers and writers.
  • Skill speakers are more confident in participating in a variety of contexts both in and out of school.
  • Skill speakers are able to advocate for themselves and get their academic and emotional needs.

Which Skills are matter?

  1. Mechanical Skills
  2. Organizational Skills

Common problems during speaking activities

  • Students don’t want to speak
  • They lack the required vocabulary
  • They are afraid of making errors
  • They use their native language in group or pair work
Tips for staging speaking activities
  1. Review useful grammar and vocabulary
  2. Brainstorm ideas as a class
  3. Provide a framework such as topic-related questions for students to answer

Activity for Developing Speaking Skills

Method to Teach Speaking Skills





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