One-Word Substitution For Competitive Exams

One Word Substitution For Competitive Exams- One-word substitution is one of the essential portions of any competitive examination in the world. If you are preparing for SSC CGL, Railways, UPSC, PSC, Clerical, Navy, Army, Air force entrance exams, then you must read this blog.

In every second competitive examination, you will find 2 to 4 questions from one-word substitution. I have listed download important one-word substitution for you. You can practice one-word substitution for free.

What is a one-word substitution?

One-word substitution may be defined as single words that are used in place of a group of words to denote a person, an object, place, a state of mind a profession.

One-Word Substitution For Competitive Exams
One-Word Substitution For Competitive Exams

One-Word Substitution For Competitive Exams

  1. One who knows many languages- Linguist
  2. Being unable to pay one’s debts- Insolvent
  3. Having an evil reputation- Notorious
  4. One who leaves his country to settle elsewhere- Emigrant
  5. A person who lives at the same time as another- COntemporary
  6. A person who can neither read nor write- Illiterate
  7. A person who spends his money recklessly- Spendthrift
  8. A person who lives by himself- Recluse
  9. A woman whose husband is dead- Widow
  10. A child whose parents are dead- Orphan
  11. A minister representing a sovereign or state in a foreign country- Ambassador
  12. A person sent on a mission- Emissary
  13. A person who is indifferent to pleasure or pain- Stoic
  14. One who defends or is zealous for his country’s freedom or right- Patriot
  15. One who makes an eloquent public speech- Orator
  16. One who undergoes penalty of death for striking to his faith- Martyr
  17. One who abandons his religious faith- Apostate
  18. One who is given to questioning the truth of facts and the soundness of inferences- Sceptic
  19. Belonging to all part of the world, a person familiar with many different countries- Cosmopolitan
  20. One who resides in a country of which he is not a citizen- Alien
  21. One who comes as a settler into a foreign country- Immigrant
  22. Being present everywhere-Omnipresent
  23. Being all-powerful- Omnipotent
  24. One who knows everything- omniscient
  25. Beyond making a mistake-infallible
  26. One who eats human flesh- Cannibal
  27. One who looks at the dark side of things- Pessimist
  28. One who looks at the bright side of things-Optimist
  29. Not suitable to be elected or selected under the rule- Intelligible
  30. One who lives and works or his fellow men- Philanthropist
  31. One who hats making-Misanthropist
  32. One who lies on vegetables- Vegetarian
  33. One who has belief in the existence of God- Theist
  34. One who  believes in fate- fatalist
  35. One who plays a game for pleasure and not professionally- Amateur
  36. One who has grown old in or has long experience of service or occupation- Veteran
  37. One who lends money at an exorbitant rate of interest- Usurer
  38. A member of a council- Councillor
  39. The practice of having two or more spouse- Polygamy
  40. A general pardon of political offenders- Amnesty
  41. Fond of entertaining guest-Hospitable
  42. One who totally abstains from alcoholic- Teetotaller
  43. One who walks on foot- Pedestrian
  44. Taking of one’s on life-Suicide
  45. Murder of a king- Regicide
  46. Murder of a new-born infant- Infanticide
  47. The murder of one’s own father/mother-Patricide/Matricide
  48. A member of a council- Councillor
  49. The king of human beings- Homicide
  50. A child born after the death of his father or a book published after the death of its author- Posthumous
  51. Forbidden, prohibited by law- Illicit
  52. A man whose manners are more like those of a woman- Effeminate
  53. A medicine to counteract the effect of position- Antidote
  54. A speech made without preparation- Extempore
  55. A language that is no longer spoken- Dead
  56. The word which is no longer is use- Obsolete
  57. The motive merely to get money- Mercenary
  58. Existing forever without any beginning or end Eternal
  59. Subject to death- Mortal
  60. Resulting in death- Fatal or Mortal
  61. Property inherited from one’s father or ancestors- Patrimony
  62. A paper is written by hand- Manuscript
  63. The result of the match where neither party wins- Draw
  64. Animals that give birth to babies and feed them with their milk- Mammals
  65. Method of sending messages without the help of wire- Wireless or radio
  66. A place for the burial of dead bodies- Cemetery
  67. Counterfeiting of document-Forgery
  68. Of one’s own free will- Voluntary
  69. Give tit for tat- Retaliate
  70. The cessation of warfare before a treaty is signed- Armistice
  71. The science of reasoning- Logic
  72. Belonging to all part of the world- Universal
  73. A figure with many angles or sides- Polygon
  74. An instrument for measuring temperature- Thermometer
  75. Compulsory enlistment for military or another service- Conscription
  76. A place where young plants are reared- Nursery
  77. The absence of government in a country- AnachyGovernment carried on by an absolute ruler- Dictatorship
  78. Government by a representative of the people- Democracy
  79. Government by officials- Bureaucracy
  80. An absolute government- Autocracy
  81. The life history of a person written by another- Biography
  82. The life history of a person written by himself- Autobiography
  83. Conferred as an honor or performed without pay- Honorary
  84. The yearly return of a date- Anniversary
  85. O unknown or unadmitted authorship- Anonymous
  86. Allowing the passage of rays of light- Transparent
  87. Not allowing the passage of light- Opaque
  88. A substance that kills insects- insecticide
  89. As an assembly of worshippers- Congregation
  90. An assembly of listeners- Audience
  91. A substance that kills germs – gERMICIDE
  92. A cure for all disease- Panacea
  93. All of one mind- Unanimous
  94. Contrary to law- Illegal
  95. Not definitely or clearly expressed- Inexplicit
  96. That which cannot be excused- inexcusable
  97. That which cannot be taken by force of arms- Impregnable
  98. That which cannot be admitted or allowed- Inadmissible
  99. That which cannot be reached- Inaccessible
  100. That which cannot be perceived by sense- Imperceptible

Is it necessary to practice one-word substitution?

Well, It’s very simple if you are not good at understanding one-word substitution, then you should practice some of them so that they can give you a boost. As I said in this post, ”Practice makes a man perfect”.

Yes, it is necessary to practice one-word substitution for your upcoming examination. If you need more one-word substitution then you can download it here.

One-Word Substitution For Competitive Exams
One-Word Substitution For Competitive Exams
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One-Word Substitution For Competitive Exams

One-Word Substitution For Competitive Exams

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