Rasa Theory by Bharat Muni Notes

Rasa Theory by Bharat Muni Notes- Where do I get notes on Rasa theory in Indian Aesthetics? How do I download Rasa Theory by Bharat Muni’s summary? Here you will get all the notes related to Rasa theory Natyashastra by Bharat Muni.

Rasa Theory by Bharat Muni Notes

The Rasa Theory is a segment of Natyashastra written by Bharat Muni. Natyashastra is a notable work of Bharat Muni which is written between 200 BCE to 200 CE. It consists of 36 chapters and approximately 6000 slokas (poetic verses).

What is Natyashastra?

Natyashastra is the earliest literature on music and drama. It focuses on dance and drama. The title is the combination of two Sanskrit words ‘Natya’ and Shastra. Natya refers to the technique of dance and drama whereas Shastra refers to science. Natyashastra is called the 5th Veda because it has evolved by talking words from the Rigveda, music from the Samaveda, gestures from the Yajurveda, and emotion from the Atharva Veda.

What is Rasa?

Rasa is a Sanskrit word that means Juices, essence. The concept of Rasa is not only about Natya, but it includes dance, music, cinema, and literature.

What is Rasa Theory?

Rasa Theory was first mentioned by Bharat Muni in Natyashastra. Rasa means juices or essence. It is about the senses of human, which creates emotions in the mind with the help of Natya.

What are 8 Rasas?

The 8 Rasas are the following

  1. Sringar Ras (The Erotic, Romance, Love)
  2. Hasya Ras (Comic, Humour, Laugh)
  3. Karuna Ras (Pathetic, Sadness)
  4. Roudra Ras (Furious, Anger)
  5. Veera Ras (Heroic, Velour)
  6. Bhayanka Ras (Terrible, Fear, Horror)
  7. Bibhasa Ras (Odious, Disgust)
  8. Adbhuta Ras (Wonder, Amaze, Astonishment)
  9. Sant Ras (Calmness) Added by Abhinav Gupt

These are the 8 Rasas by Bharat Muni but later on, Abhinav Gupt added Sant Ras to this category in his book Rasa Bhava Theory.

Different Rasas has denotes different colors and Gods.

Rasas God Colour
Sringar Vishnu Light Green
Hasya Shiva White
Karuna Shiva Red
Raudra Yama Grey
Vira Shiva Blue
Bhayanaka Yama Black
Bibhatsa Indra Saffron
Abhuta Brahma Yellow
Best Books on Rasa Theory

5 Features of Rasa Theory

  1. Rasa means aesthetics juice, essence test in performance.
  2. Rasa is an undefinable realization and intense feelings.
  3. It is a flavor of aesthetic emotion.
  4. It is the soul of poetry.
  5. It is the impression created on the mind of the audience.

Rasa Theory by Bharat Muni Notes



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