Should I Go Solo and Learn English by Myself?

In our time, knowing English is cool. Simplifying formalities when traveling abroad allowed tens and even hundreds of thousands of people to go where they wanted and for how long. Some have found work abroad or are in the process of finding it. Knowledge of this language becomes a necessity. And so, dictionaries, phrasebooks, textbooks, and simply self-taught books that gathered dust on the shelves of bookstores are now instantly sold out, and various audio courses of the English language are flourishing.


Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to learn English due to employment or financial insecurity can afford to attend paid language courses, let alone take individual lessons. There is only one way out – independent English language study. But it is essential to find suitable services for self-study, and nowadays, it is not a problem. Currently, there are many good services, but the question arises of how to choose the best. Everything is straightforward. Everyone can use services like the Mosalingua review, read information about different services and choose the best one. However, an independent study of English, like any other, is specific, and questions often arise during the study, which should be discussed and resolved with qualified teachers.

Self-study from scratch

Every naturally average person is capable of learning any language, including English, at any age. No people are utterly incapable of learning English, although language abilities vary greatly. Indeed, for some reason, this language is given faster and more accessible. Although they start learning a language from scratch, for others, it is slower because of force. People who consider themselves unable to learn languages ​​do not know how to organize independent language learning properly and bring it into the system. As in everything else, the result of self-study of the language is directly proportional to the level of your interest and persistence spent on its implementation. In any case, knowing English even moderately is better than not knowing it at all.


You can start learning English at any age. The common belief that it is too late for an adult to learn English is a mistake. True, it is worth admitting that learning is not so fast but more thorough in adulthood. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of interest in learning English. Interest is the most critical force of human activity. Thanks to interest, attention is focused, many associations are created, perception is sharpened, and repetition is facilitated. What attracts and brings pleasure is assimilated without complications and efforts, easily and naturally.

How to start an independent study?

Before you start learning English, you should understand that only such a chosen method of learning, which will not be perceived as a burden and necessity, will lead to undeniable success. Pressure from the outside most often causes only opposition. What is the beautiful independent study of the English language compared to language courses: here, you dictate all the conditions yourself. Learning occurs much faster if the student himself determines the most acceptable pace and mobilizes energy himself. But where to start?

Plan your time

A specific time of the day should be set aside for independent English language study. It would be best if you practiced every day, you can take a day off during the week. Daily, even if not very long, classes are much more helpful than a long-hour storm once a week.

Arrange the workplace

Try to arrange comfortable conditions for learning English: a comfortable workplace, and good lighting. A pleasant environment creates an appropriate emotional mood.


Apply your knowledge, and constantly practice at every opportunity. Use these breaks in your main activity, time spent in transport, or time waiting somewhere. Fill any forced free time with language practice, even 10 or 5 minutes. Feel free to practice spoken English with yourself, for example, in front of a mirror.


But do not forget to practice writing skills, which is also very important. Try to find acquaintances abroad and write letters to them. The main thing is to understand that writing skills are essential as a synonym for a future career. You can find more information about this on the Internet. According to the plan of self-study of the English language planned by you in advance, be sure to repeat the studied material. Only specially organized repetition ensures vital memorization!

Use every opportunity

In independent learning of the English language, rely on all the senses: sight, hearing, movement of speech organs, and hands. Use all channels of information input, combining their work. That is when assimilation will be decisive.

Take your time and follow the plan

When learning English, never speed up your optimal pace of learning English, which has been established for some time because acceleration or quick jumps may later harm your results. This advice for learning applies precisely to the initial stage of learning it from scratch. In the future, as the material is mastered, the pace of your language acquisition will gradually increase.


Here it is implied that you should not change the chosen method of learning English halfway, rushing to extremes and trying more intensive language learning methods. Such a selection of methods can be justified only when you have not yet made your choice and have not decided which way of learning English will be best for you.

Learn by playing

During the last two decades, methods of learning English, including game situations, have become very popular. The game forms the basis of intensive learning methods, the so-called immersion method. In all cases, immersion in the English language requires learning in a group in communication with other students. However, game moments can also be used when learning English alone.


If you think learning through games is ineffective, try to find ways to complete tasks quickly. You can learn this here now and choose the best way to promptly and efficiently complete your home tasks. Or you can combine games and regular tasks, which will also be effective. The main thing is not how you study, but the result of your efforts.


Therefore, it is essential to learn English. Self-study is no worse than studying with a tutor. The main thing is not to hesitate to constantly praise yourself for the successes achieved. Be confident in your abilities. And you can, if you want, go much further. And never miss a convenient opportunity to get acquainted with the history, geography, economy, culture, art, and literature of the country whose language is being studied. It is one of the effective ways to increase your interest in learning English.


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