The Healthy List: Your Social Network For Health

The Healthy List: Your Social Network For Health

Shortly after I joined Twitter back in March, I wrote a post called How Twitter May Be the Key to Weight Loss, having noticed the incredible volume of information, resources, and support for being active, eating healthy, and losing weight. I love how I wake up in the morning, check my Twitter stream and see people chattering about their morning workouts, complete with sunrise sightings and funny anecdotes along the way. My Twitter companions (largely complete strangers) make me feel motivated and energized…I think to myself: hey! I want to get out there too!! I often find myself congratulating strangers on their fitness accomplishments, getting encouragement for my own, and cracking jokes about health habits. One day I made a tweet “commitment” to my virtual circle of friends that I would be doing 1 abdominal plank each day to overcome my dreadful history with core exercise. I called it #PlankADay. Two months later, over 400 people on Twitter were tweeting their ab planks with me. I know 5 of them. The other 395 are complete strangers.

Getting people to pay attention on Twitter was so much easier. It wasn’t like YouTube, where I resorted to buying YouTube subscribers.

I can’t help but think, there is something to this.

If my Twitter network is motivating me to keep up my health habits, it must be motivating other people too. I’ve decided to take my fascination with the power of Twitter to impact health habits one step further by creating the Healthy List. The Healthy List is a list of people on Twitter who provide information, advice, support, and positive vibes around healthy diet, exercise, fitness, and/or weight management. The Healthy List is a “go to” online social community of people who will support and assist your healthy lifestyle. Follow the Healthy List, interact with the members, and get great support and information for a healthy lifestyle.

The current list (231 members) is just for starters and open to enrollment. I hand selected people who fit the bill (check it out, you may already be on it!), but I want to see the list grow! Please nominate yourself or others who you think should be on the Healthy List!! I will follow those people and add them to the list, and together we will watch the community grow. I highly encourage you to follow the Healthy List and recommend to your followers. Get on it soon because I will be promoting the Healthy List on Twitter, Facebook, FUdiet, other blogs, and to any people I encounter who are interested in becoming part of a support network around healthy lifestyle. I’m taking my list to the top! (Not on Twitter yet? No better time to get started!)

Here are the criteria to be on the Healthy List (If you meet 1 or more of these criteria, comment here or tweet me, you should be on my list!)

  1. You tweet regularly about your exercise and/or weight loss journey (and endorse healthy means of weight loss and exercise)
  2. You are a professional individual or organization that tweets information, science, and/or advice about healthy lifestyle, weight loss, exercise, or healthy eating.
  3. You frequently interact and encourage others about their exercise, healthy habits, weight loss journey, etc.
  4. You blog about exercise, fitness, diet, and weight management.
  5. You are not affiliated with or representing fad or commercial diets/supplements/pills for which there is no substantial research evidence to support. This is a no fad diet zone.

Bonus points for people with a positive vibe and fun tweets!

Please join my Healthy List! Let’s support each other on this road to a long and healthy life and change the world…

…one tweet at a time!

We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately. Benjamin Franklin


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