Top 100 Poets and Their Poems in English Literature

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Top 100 Poets and Their Poems in English Literature
Top 100 Poets and Their Poems in English Literature

Top 100 Poets and Their Poems in English Literature

Writer NameWorks
Robert FrostThe Road Not Taken
Edgar Allan PoeThe Raven
P.B ShelleyOzymandias
Edgar Allan PoeAnnabel Lee
William Earnest HenleyInvictus
Robert FrostNothing Gold Can Stay
Walt WhitmanO Captain My Captain
Robert FrostStopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
John DonneNo Man is an Island
Emily DickinsonBecause I could not stop for death
T.S EliotThe Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock
William WordsworthI Wandered Lonely as a could
Samuel Taylor ColeridgeThe Rime of the Ancient Mariner
H.W LongfellowPaul Revere’s Ride
Rudyard KiplingIf
S.T ColeridgeKubla Khan
John McCraeIn Flanders Fields
Emily DickinsonHope is the thing with feathers
John KeatsEndymion
Oliver Wendell HolmesOld Ironsides
E. Barrett BrowningHow do I love Thee
William ShakespeareShall I compare Thee to a Summer’s Day
Lord ByronShe Walks in Beauty
Matthew ArnoldDover Beach
Lord TennysonThe Charge of the Light Brigade
William Cullen BryantThanatopsis
John KeatsOde on a Gracian Urn
Robert FrostFire and Ice
Lord TennysonThe Lady of Shalott
Robert BurnsJohn Barleycorn
Emma LazarusJohn Barleycorn
William WordsworthThe World is Too Much with Us
Robert FrostMending Wall
John KeatsOde to a Nightingale
Paul Laurence DunbarWe Wear the Mask
Edgar Allan PoeA Dream within a Dream
William BlakeThe Tyger
Emily DickinsonI heard a fly buzz
P.B ShelleyOde to the West Wind
Christopher MarloweThe Passionate Shepherd to his love
Robert ServiceThe Cremation of Sam McGee
Robert FrostAcquainted with the Night
Anne BradstreetTo My Dear and Loving Husband
Lord TennysonCrossing the Bar By Alfred
Emily DickinsonI felt a funeral in m brain
Walt WhitmanA noiseless Patient Spider
John KeatsWhen I Have Fears That I May Cease
H.W LongfellowA Psalm of Life
John DonneHoly Sonnet10
Lord TennysonUlysses
Robert BurnsA Red Red Rose
Emily DickinsonMuch madness is a most divine sense
Thomas GrayElegy Written in a Country Churchyard
Rupert BrookeThe Soldier
William BlakeA Poison Tree
Robert BurnsTo A Mouse
Emily DickinsonSuccess is counted sweetest
Robert FrostBirches
John MiltonWhen I considered how my light is spent
John Greenleaf WhittierSnow-Bound
Emily DickinsonMy Life had stood
John KeatsTo Autumn
Alan SeegerI have a Rendezvous with Death
William BlakeAuguries of Innocence
Thomas BabingtonHoratius at the Bridge
Leigh HuntAbou Ben Adhem
Emily DickinsonTell all the truth by telling it to slant
H.W LongfellowThe Village Blacksmith
Joyce KilmerTrees
S.T ColeridgeFrost at Midnight
William ShakespeareAll the world’s a stage
Emily DickinsonA bird came down the walk
Walt WhitmanPioneers
Edgar Allan PoeAlone
Emily DickinsonI am nobody who are you?
Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Chambered Nautilus
Ralph Waldo EmersonConcord Hymn
John MasefieldSea Fever
Carl SandburgFog
Lord ByronWhen we Two Parted
Emily DickinsonThere is no frigate like a book
Lord TennysonIn Memoriam
H.W LongfellowThe Arrow and the Song
Lord TennysonThe Eagle
Felicia HemansCasabianca
Emily DickinsonI taste a liquor never brewed
Emily DickinsonI like to see it lap the miles
Emily DickinsonIf I can stop one heart from breaking
Lord TennysonBreak Break Break
Emily DickinsonWild Nights
Emily DickinsonThere is another sky
John KeatsBright Star
James Russell LowellThe Frist Snowfall
Lord TennysonLocksley Hall
Edgar Allan PoeEvening Star
Robert FrostA late alk
Robert BurnsAe Fond Kiss
Robert Louis StevensonMy Shadow
John Greenleaf WhittierMaud Muller

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Top 100 Poets and Their Poems in English Literature

Top 100 Poets and Their Poems in English Literature

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