Top 50 MCQ on Thomas Hardy

Top 50 MCQ on Thomas Hardy- Thomas Hardy was an eminent novelist of the Victorian era. He was considered one of the leading literary figures of English literature. As a literary aspirant; you need to study Thomas Hardy. It is also important to practice objective questions on Thomas Hardy.

Top 50 MCQ on Thomas Hardy
Top 50 MCQ on Thomas Hardy

Top 50 MCQ on Thomas Hardy

1- Hardy is called the novelist of:

A-The Wessex Region

B-The Lake Districts

C-The Mining Countryside

D-The Scottish Highlands


2-Hardy was honored with

A-Order of Merit


C-The Nobel Prize

D-Lake Side


3-What is meant by Wessex?

A-The region in which hardy’s novels are set

B-The region where Hardy’s ancestors lived

C-The home town of Hardy



4- It is said that the most important character in Hardy’s novels is not a person by a place. What is that place

A-Wessex Region

B-Egdon Heath




5-What is Hardy’s Dynast?

A-An epic drama written by Hardy

B-The last novel of Hardy

C-A Collection of poems



6-How many parts are there in Hardy’s Dynasts?






7-What is the central theme of Hardy’s Dynasts?

A-The Napoleonic wars

B-The industrial Revolution

C-The glories of the region of Victoria

D-The expanding British Empire


8-Hardy believed in the philosophy of

A-Immanent Will

B-Free Will

C-Character is destiny



9-Hardy was essentially

A-An agnostic

B-An iconoclast


D-An atheist


10-According to Hardy, God is essentially






11-”As flies to the wanton boys are we to the god, They kill us for their sport”


B-Jude the Obscure

C-The Mayor of Casterbridge

D-The Return f the Native


12-In which of Hardy’s novels the scene of a wife’s auction takes place?

A-The Mayor of Casterbridge

B-Return of the Native

C-Jude the Obscure

D-A Pair of Blue Eyes


13-Hardy gives to one of his novels the title ”Far from the Madding Crowd.”

A-Gray’s Elegy Written in a country churchyard

B-From Collins’s ode to evening

C-Shelley’s Adonais



14-Whom does Tess kill in an emotional fury?

A-Alec D’Urbeville

B-Angel Clare


D-Michael Henchard


15-Clym Yeobright is a character in

A-The Return of the Native

B-The Woodlenaders

C-Far from the Madding Crowd

D-Two on a Tower


16-What is the name of the hero of a novel of Hardy, who rises from the position of a hay cutter to the position of a mayor

A-Michael Henchard

B-Angel Clare

C-Clym Yeobright

D-Donald Farfrae


17-In one of the novels, Hardy says, ”Happiness is but an occasional episode in the general drama of pain”

A-The Mayor of Casterbridge

B-Jude the Obscure


D-Return of the Native


18-In which novel does Sue Bridehead appear as a character?

A-Jude the Obscure

B-The Mayor of Casterbridge




19-In which novel does Giles Winterbourne appear as the hero?

A-The Woodlanders

B-A Pair of Blue Eyes

C-Far from Madding Crowd



20-Which of the following heroes writes his will before his death?


B-Jude Fawle

C-Angel Clare



21-One of the heroines of Hardy is hanged to death by the order of the court, Who is she?



C-Angel Clare



22-Eustacia Vye appears in

A-The Return of the Native

B-Jude the Obscure


D-Desperate Remedies


23-Gabriel Oak is a character in

A-Far From the Madding Crowd

B-Under the Green wrood Tree

C-Desperate Remedies

D-The Woodlanders


24-Which of the following is a poetical collection of Hardy?

A-Poems of the Past and the Present

B-Heartbreak House

C-The Skin Game

D-The Inn of Tranquillity


25-Which of the following is a drama written by Hardy?

A-The Famous Tragedy of the Queen of Cornwall

B-Heartbreak House

C-The Skin Game

D-The Inn of Tranquillity


26-Hardy’s characters are types, though not without individuality. Whose view is this?

A-Jean Brooks

B-D.H Lawrence

C-H.C Duffin

D-David Council


27-Who is the rival of Michael Henchard in The Mayor of Casterbridge?

A-Donal Farfrae

B-Gabriel Oak




28-From where did Hardy take the hint for the title Under the Greenwood Tree?

A-Shakespeare’s As You Like It

B-Shelley’s Ode to the West Wind

C-Wordsworth’s Tintern Abbey

D-Keats’s Ode to Autumn


29-Which of the following is a novel by Hardy?

A-A Laodicean

B-The Antiquity

C-Jonathan Wild

D-The Last of Barons


30-Which of the following is not a novel by Hardy?

A-The Heart of Midlothian

B-The Trumpet Major

C-A Laodicean

D-The Hand of Ethelberta


31-Who wrote a feminist reading of Hardy

A-Patricia Ingham





32-The character is not created by Hardy

A-Betsy Trotwood





33-Select the matching pair

A-Emily Bronte- Yorkshire Moors

B-Hardy- Scotland

C-Walter Scott- Ireland

D-Mark Twain- Yoknapatha


34-In which of Hardy’s novel does the Character Susan Nonsuch appear?

A-The Return of the Native

B-A Pair of Blue Eyes

C-The Mayor of Casterbridge

D-Far From Madding Crowd


35-Which novel of Thomas Hardy set in Mellstock?

A-Under the Greenwood Tree

B-Far From Madding Crowd

C-The Return of the Native

D-Jude of Obscure


36-Here is the list of Women abandoned by their lovers in Hardy’s novel.

A-Bathsheb Everdene

B-Marty South

C-Tess D’Uberville



37-God is referred to as ”The President of Immortals in

A-Tess of D’Ubervilles

B-Waiting for Godot

C-Paradise Lost

D-The White Devil


38-Which of the following character is described as ”in emotion she was all the while an epicure”

A-Eustacia Vye


C-Bathsheba Everdene



39-Which of the following novels of Thomas Hardy is the novel of ingenuity?

A-A Laodicean

B-The Woodlander

C-A group of Novel Dams

D-The Queen


40-Which of the flowing novel of Thomas Hardy reveals the study of Man helplessness before the malignancy of all power fate.

A-The Return of the Native


C-The Trumpet Mayor



41- Thomas Hardy first published work was rather sensational, which appeared anonymously  in 1871 identify the title

A-Desperate Remedies


C-Far From Madding Crowd



42-What is the subtitle of Thomas Hardy first Wessex Novel, Under the Green Wood Tree

A-A rural painting of the dutch school

B-The Mellstock Quire

C-A Story of Two Days

D- Both A and B


43-Which among these is the first novel to be published under Hardy’s own name

A-A Pair of Blue Eyes

B-Desperate Remedies

C-The Poor man the Lady



44-From where did Hardy derived the title for the novel ‘Under the Green Wood Tree’?

A-A song from Shakespeare play

B-A john donne satire

C-A Ben Johnson Poem

D-A Dryden poem


45-One of the most popular novel Hardy is The Return of the native first appear in this magazine

A-Belgravia Magazine

B-Tinsley’s Magazine

C-Cornhill Magazine

D-Haper’s Monthly Magazines


46-Which of the following novel is the only Historical novel written by Hardy

A-The Trumpet Major

B-The Laodicean

C-Two on a Tower

D-The Hand of Ethelberta


47- ‘Heart Insurgent’ is the name which this novel of Hardy was published as a serial in Harper’s New Monthly Magazines

A-Jude the Obscure

B-The Woodlanders

C-The Return of the Native



48-The Subject matter of The Darkling Thrush Hardy’s best-known poem is

A-An elegy on the death of the 19th century

B-A garden scene

C-A romantic poem



49-The convergence of the twain is a very popular and topical poem by Hard. What are its subjects?

A-The sinking of the Titanic Ship

B-The Boar Wars

C-The Fall of Nepolean



50-What is the name of Mrs. Yeobright’s house?

A-Clym Yeobright

B-Clam Yeobright

C-Yeobright House



Famous Works of Thomas Hardy

  • The Dynast
  • Moment of Vision
  • Desperate Remedies
  • Two on a Tower
  • A Paire of Blue Eyes
  • The Trumpet Major
  • Tess of D’Ubervills
  • The Woodlanders
  • The Mayor of Casterbridge
  • The Poor Man and the Lady
  • Under the Greenwood Tree

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Top 50 MCQ on Thomas Hardy


Top 50 MCQ on Thomas Hardy

Top 50 MCQ on Thomas Hardy
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