Top MCQs on Letter Writing

Top MCQs on Letter Writing- Are you looking for objective questions on letter writing? Do you want to practice multiple choice questions on letter writing? Here you will get the most asked MCQ on letter writings. This post is applicable for class 6 to 12 students.

Top MCQs on Letter Writing
Top MCQs on Letter Writing

Here you will get multiple-choice questions on ”MCQ on letter to editor”, ”MCQ on formal letter”, ”MCQ on Order letter”, ”MCQ on complaint letter” etc.

MCQs on Formal Letter

1- A formal letter should be ———–to have the desired effect on the recipient.

A-In a proper format

B-Grammatically Correct


D-All of these


2-How to end the main body of a formal letter?

A-By telling the recipient what he should be doing next

B-By showing love

C-By discussing weather



3-What would you write in the opening part of a formal letter?

A-Asking about health

B-Asking about family

C-Informing the purpose of writing the letter



4-The key point of a formal letter is written in which part of a formal letter?






5-What is the accurate representation to Show the purpose of a letter?

A-Please note formal notice

B-Attention: Formal Notice

C-Subject: Formal Notice

D-Announcement: Formal Notice


6-Which of the following are Characteristics of the Block Format of a formal letter?

A-There is no indentation

B-Use of punctuation marks in dispensed within the block format

C-Each block begins with a margin on the left-hand side



7-What is the correct way to write the subscription in a formal letter?

A-Yours truly

B-Your truly

C-You truly



8-What is written at the top of the Editor’s letter on the left side?


B-Yours truly


D-Sender’s Address


9-Which of these is the right format for writing the date of all the formal letters?


B-5 Jan 2021

C-November 5,2021

D- January Five Twenty Twenty one


10-The subject of the letter to the editor should be ——-?



C-Brief and Relevant


MCQ on Letter to Editor

1- Which of these are the most suitable solutions to a letter to the Editor?

A-Dear Sir/Madam

B-Mr.Sir/Mrs. Madam




2-Which of the following statement is incorrect about the letter to the editor?

A-must be informal language

B-must be complete in all aspect

C-must be relevant information

D-must be informal


3-What is the purpose of wringing a letter to the editor?

A-To ask him to take action

B-To order him

C-To request him to give some space to your views in his column



4-Which of the following is not a part of a letter to the editor?






5-Where is the receiver’s address written?

A-On the top of the letter

B-just below the date

C-just above date

D-just after salutation


6-Which of the following are the features of a letter to the editor?

A- stick to the point

B-Formal language

C-Relevant content

D-All of these










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