UPPSC LT Grade Teacher Syllabus For TGT English

UPPSC LT Grade Teacher Syllabus For TGT English- Are you looking for an English syllabus for UPPSC LT Grade teacher recruitment examination? Do you want to be an English teacher under UPPSC? Do you want to download UPPSC LT Grade Teacher Syllabus for TGT English?

UPPSC LT Grade Teacher Syllabus For TGT English- Here you will get all the information related to the English syllabus.

UPPSC LT Grade Teacher Syllabus For TGT English
UPPSC LT Grade Teacher Syllabus For TGT English

UPPSC LT Grade Teacher Syllabus For TGT English 

English syllabus for UPPSC LT Grade Teacher recruitment examination. Here you will get the detailed syllabus for TGT English.

UPPSC LT Grade Teacher English syllabus consists of two sections.

  1. Section A- English Language
  2. Section B- Literature in English

Section A

  1. Unseen Passage and comprehension
  2. Advanced English grammar (Subject-verb agreement, parts of speech, reported speech, active-passive voice, etc)

Section B

Literary form and movement with special reference to allegory, ballad, ode, sonnet, blank verse, epic, mock-epic, heroic couplet, lyric, elegy, and another stanza form, dramatic monologue, free verse, rhyme scheme

Dramatic forms like- tragedy, comedy, tragic-comedy, romance, one-act play, biography, autobiography, memoir, and travel writing, frictional forms, different types of essay, Renaissance and Reformation, Neo-classicism, metaphysical poets, Romanticism, Pre-graphite, modernism, impressionism, expressionism, and surrealism, understanding and identification of figure of speech.

Poetry- trends, and movement in with special reference to the following

  1. Shakespeare- Sonnet No-29, When in Disgrace with fortune and men’s eye, Sonnet No -138, When my love swears that she is made of truth.
  2. Milton- On His Blindness and Paradise Lost
  3. Thomas Gray- Elegy Written in Country Churchyard
  4. John Donne- Canonization
  5. Pope- Rape of the Lock
  6. William Wordsworth- Tintern Abbey, The World Too Much With us,
  7. P.B Shelley- Ode to The West Wind, To A Skylark,
  8. John Keats- Ode to An Gracian Urn, La Belle Dame Merci
  9. Tennyson- Break, Break, Break, Ulysses
  10. Robert Browning- My Last Duchess, Prospice
  11. Arnold- Dover Beach, Memorial Verses
  12. W.B Yeats- The Second Coming, Sailing to Byzantium
  13. T.S Eliot- The Waste Land
  14. W.H Auden- In Memory of W.B Yeats
  15. Ted Hughes- Crow Alights
  16. Philip Larkin-Wants
  17. Walt Whitman- O Captain My Captain
  18. Emily Dickenson- Success is counted sweetest
  19. Robert Frost- Birches, Stopping by Woods
  20. Rabindranath Tagore- Gitanjali, Leave the Chanting
  21. Nissim Ezekiel- Night of Scorpian, Philosophy
  22. Kamala Das- An Introduction
  23. A.K Ramanujan- Obituary
  24. Berek Walcott’s -A For Cry From Africa


  • Shakespeare’s- Macbeth, Twelfth Night, Merchant of Venice
  • Ben Jonson- Everyman in his humor
  • Dryden- All For Love
  • G.B Shaw- Arms and Man
  • Galsworthy- Justice
  • Harold Pinter- The Birthday Party
  • Eugenie O Neil- The Hairy Ape
  • Arthur Miller- All My Son
  • Girish Conrad- Hayavadana

Prose and Fiction-

  • Francis Bacon- Of Studies, Of Truth
  • Addison- Sir Roger at Home, Will Wimble
  • Steele- The Spectator Club
  • Lamb- Dream Children
  • E.V Lucas- Tight Corners
  • A.G Gardiner- In Defence of Ignorance
  • Bertrand Russell- The Road to Happiness
  • Richard Wright- Twelve Million Black Voice
  • Mahatma Gandhi- My Experiment With Truth
  • Jawaharlal Nehru- The Discovery of India
  • Maugham- The  Lunceon
  • Anita Desai- A Farewell Party
  • Katherine Mansfield- The Fly
  • O Henry- The Last Leaf
  • Fielding- Joseph Andrew
  • Jane Austen- Pride and Prejudice
  • Dickens- Great Expectation
  • Hardy- The Mayor of Casterbridge
  • George Orwell- Animal Farm
  • Woolf- Mrs. Dallowy
  • Golding- Lord of the Flies
  • Hawthrone- The Scarlet Letter
  • Hemingway- The Old man and the sea
  • Steinbeck- The Grapes of Wrath
  • Raja Rao- Kanthapura
  • R.K Narayan- The Bachelor of Arts
  • Kamala Markendiya- Two Virgins
  • Chinua Achebe- Things Fall A Apart

UPPSC LT Grade Teacher Syllabus For TGT English

UPPSC LT Grade Teacher Syllabus For TGT English

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