List of War Poets in English Literature

List of War Poets in English Literature- It’s important to study War poetry because it gives us insight into the actual scenario of war during World War I and II. Most of the poets of that time considered themselves as soldiers as well as poets. They used to write poets in their leisure time and express their emotions through writings.

Here you will get a list of War poets of all time. People keep asking me ”Who are the most famous war poets?”. It also essential to understand War poetry in modern English literature.

Today you will get the following items

  1. What is War Poets/Poetry?
  2. The theme of War Poetry
  3. Characteristics of War Poets/Poetry
  4. Purpose of War Poetry
  5. War Poetry Notes
  6. List of famous War Poets and their works
List of War Poets in English Literature
List of War Poets in English Literature

List of War Poets in English Literature

  1. Rupert Brooke
  2. Siegfried Sassoon
  3. Wilfred Owen
  4. Robert Graves
  5. Edward Thomas
  6. Isaac Rosenberg
  7. Kingsley Aims
  8. John Beaching
  9. Sidney Keyes
  10. Christine Brok Rose
  11. Ivor Gurney
  12. Alan Seeger
  13. Guillaume Apollonaire
  14. Vere Britain
  15. August Stramm

Here are the top 15 war poets of English literature.

What is a War Poet?

A War poet is a poet who participates in a war and writes about their experiences or non-combatants who writes poems about war. These war poets are also called trench poets.

The term war poetry chiefly denotes the poetry written under the direct impact of World War I. It is also called anti-romantic. Earlier also we had war poets but after World War I these kinds of poet and poetry comes under the genre called ‘War Poetry‘.

The theme of War Poetry

  • The loss of innocence
  • Brotherhood and Relationship
  • The Horror of war
  • Disillusionment with religion
  • Nature
  • Irrationality of war
  • Emotional and feelings

Purpose of War Poetry

  • Poetry is the best way to express someone’s emotion and expression during the war.
  • Another main reason for writing war poetry is to show the true picture of war.
  • It also helps to spend time
  • It creates a sense of honor
Characteristics of War Poetry
  • It used gruesome and showing imagery
  • It signed a break off from the contemporary poetic tradition.
  • It uses the actual language of the men engaged in war.
  • Realistic documentation of war with all its brutality.
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List of War Poets in English Literature

List of War Poets in English Literature

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