Lycidas Questions and Answer

Lycidas Questions and Answer- Are you looking for an MCQ on Lycidas by Milton? Do you want to download questions and answers on Lycidas by Milton? Are you looking for questions and answer on Lycidas by Milton?


Lycidas Questions and Answer

1- Why did Milton decide to write this poem?

Ans- The figure of Lycidas represents Edward King. Milton and Edward King were two intimate friends. They attended college together and after the king drowned, Milton was asked to write about him. Milton is seen speaking to the muses at the beginning of the poem.

2- How did Milton immortalize his friends?

Ans- Lycidas is an elegy poem by the English poet John Milton. The elegy published in 1657, is dedicated to Milton’s friend and former Cambridge classmate, Edward king, who drowned in the Irish sea. Milton immortalized his friend, Edward King by writing his virtues and their closeness at length.

3- Who are the characters of Lycidas by John Milton?

Ans- Milton is portrayed as a shepherd in the poem as his friend Edward king. King is actually Lycidas, and the poem is about mourning or lamenting. We can see this poem is the way Milton grieved and coped with the loss of his friend. St. Peter is also in the poem. In Christian theology, Peter is the gatekeeper of heaven. The character named Camus and Phoebus is also seen in Lycidas.

4- Write a short note on Lyciads as a universal appeal to the readers.

Ans- The poem was written in a way that has universal appeal to the reader, for three reasons. First grief and pain are universal feelings for the poor, rich, and everyone in between. Second most people even, non-Christians understand who St. Peter is and his role as the gatekeeper of Heaven. Finally, the use of mythology and shepherd imagery adds another element as most people have an understanding of shepherding and mythology.

5-What are the themes of Lycidas by John Milton?

Ans- Death, rebirth, and corruption in the church are the main themes of Lycidas. Edward king a person he attended college with drowned and his body was lost at sea. Milton was asked to write an elegy for him. Check out English Notes Guru for notes

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