What is Coordinating Conjunction With Example

What is a Coordinating Conjunction With Example– Are you looking for a Coordinating conjunction example? Do you want to practice questions on coordinating conjunction? Are you looking for a list of coordinating conjunction? Here you will get all the answers.


What is Coordinating Conjunction With Example

It seems necessary to talk about conjunctions because it is one of the critical parts of English grammar. There are 3 types of conjunctions in English grammar.

1- Coordinating Conjunction

2- Subordinating Conjunction

3- Co-relative Conjunction


What is Coordinating Conjunction?

A coordinating conjunction is a type of conjunction where two sentences, phrases, clauses or subjects are joined by a word that is called Coordinating conjunction.

List of Coordinating Conjunction

  1. For
  2. And
  3. Nor
  4. But
  5. Or
  6. Yet
  7. So

These are the coordinating conjunction available in English grammar.

How to use coordinating conjunction in a sentence?

For example- He was poor. He was honest.

The above sentence is not joined by but, yet, etc.

He was poor but honest.

In the above sentence, we have joined two sentences together by using the conjunction but.

Anita wrote the letter. Anita posted it.

In the above line, we did not use any conjunctions.

Anita wrote the letter and she posted it.

In the above example, we used the conjunction and


Example of Coordinating Conjunction

  1. Ram and Shayam are good friends.
  2. He is fast but steady.
  3. Do you like coffee or tea?
  4. He is very rich, yet not happy.
  5. The lady called for security.
  6. Sita can both eat and sing.
  7. Whoever says so is a liar.
  8.  Is the man alive or dead?
  9. Sita and Gita are good friends.
  10. I don’t respect children being rude, nor do I expect to be disobeyed.

What is Coordinating Conjunction With Example









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