25 Major Authors and Their Works of Chaucer’s Age

25 Major Authors and Their Works of Chaucer’s Age- Are you looking for the literary works of different writers from Age of Chaucer? Do you want to practice some MCQ on Age of Chaucer? Here are the solutions

The Age of Chaucer dates from 1340 to 1400.  It was a period of glaring social contrasts and rapid political changes.  This year covers the regions of three English monarchs, Edward III Richard II, and Henry IV.  But there was another side of the picture too. It is a dark and dismal side of social contrasts. With the increase of trade, the commercial classes rolled in wealth and lived in extravagant luxury.

This was followed by a period of unprecedented degradation, hypocrisy, and corruption. It’s the worst phase as seen in the corruption of the Church and the Clergy.

25 Major Authors and Their Works of Chaucer's Age
25 Major Authors and Their Works of Chaucer’s Age

25 Major Authors and Their Works of Chaucer’s Age

  1. King James I of Scotland
  2. John Lydgate
  3. Sir Thoms Malory
  4. Sir Thomas More
  5. Tottel
  6. William Tyndale
  7. Geoffery Chaucer
  8. William Langland
  9. John Gower
  10. Wycliff
  11. Sir John Mandeville
  12. Thomas Hoccleve
  13. William Dunbar
  14. Roger Ascham
  15. Nicholas Udall
  16. John Heywood
  17. Thomas Sackville and Thomas Norton
  18. John Still
  19. John Barbour
  20. Sir David Lyndsay
  21. Robert Henryson
  22. Gawain Douglas
  23. Stephen Hawes
  24. Alexander Barclay
  25. John Skelton

Major Writers of Chaucer’s Age and Their Works

1- King James I of Scotland (1394)

  • The King’s Quair
  • Peblis to the Play
  • Christis Kirk on the Green

2- John Lydgate (1370-141)

  • Falls of Princes
  • The Temple of Glass
  • Story of Thebes
  • London Lickpenny

3- Sir Thomas Malory

  • Mort d’ Arthur

4- Sir Thomas More (1478-1535)

  • Utopia

5- Tottel

  • Miscellany

6-William Tyndale (1485-1536)

  • New Testament

7- Geoffrey Chaucer (1341-1400)

  • The Boke of the Duchesse
  • The Romaunt of the Rose
  • The House of Fame
  • Troylus Criseyde
  • The Canterbury Tales
  • Legends of Good Women
  • The Parliament of Fouls

8- William Langland (1330-1400)

  • Piers the Plowman
  • A Treatise on the Astrolabe

9-John Gower (1332-1408)

  • Confessio Amantis Vox Clamantis
  • Speculum Meditantis

10- Wycliff (1320-1384)

  • The Bible

11- Sir John Mandeville (14th Century)

  • The Travels of Sir John Mandeville

12- Thomas Occleve (1370-1450)

  • The Governale of Princes
  • Hoccleve’s Complaint
  • La Mala Regle
  • The Complaint of our Lady

13- William Dunbar (1465-1530)

  • The Thistle and the Rose
  • Dance of the Seven Deadly Sins

14- Roger Ascham (1515-1568)

  • The Schol Master

15- Nicholas Udall (1505-1556)

  • Roister Doister

16- John Heywood (1564-1627)

  • Four P’s

17- Thomas Sackville and Thomas Norton

  • Gorboduc

18- John Still (1543-1608)

  • Gammer Gurton’s Needle

19- John Barbour (13116-1395)

  • Bruce

20- Sir David Lyndsay (1490-1555)

  • The Dreme
  • Meldrum
  • Estaits

21- Robert Henryson

  • Moral Fables of Esope
  • The Testament of Crested
  • Orpheus and Eurydice

22-Gowain Douglas (1474-1522)

  • The Palace of Honour
  • King Hart
  • Conscience

23- Stephen Hawes

  • The Passetyme of Pleasure
  • The Example of Virtue
  • A Joyful Medytacyon

24- Alexander Barclay (1475-1552)

  • Ship of Fools
  • Certayne Eclogues

25- John Skelton (1460-1529)

  • Garland of Laurell
  • Dirge on Edward IV
  • Magnificence

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MCQ On Chaucer Age in English Literature

1- Chaucer began to write Canterbury Tales in the year






2- Who introduced the Heroic Couplet into English verse?

A- Geoffery Chaucer

B-William Langland

C- John Gower



3- ”Ah! freedom is a noble thing” who is the composer of this line


B- Chaucer

C-Thomas Sackville

D- Langland


4- ”Chaucer was not in any sense a poet of the people” Who said this


B- Shakespeare




5- Who has been called the ”Prince of Plagiarists”?

A- Chaucer

B- Langland

C- Gower

D- Dunbar


6- How many characters are there in the prologue?






7- Who were Lollards?

A- The Follower of John Wycliffe

B- Follower of Wordsworth

C- Follower of God



8-Chaucer is known much for his

A- Realism


C- Poetry



9-Chaucer first used his Rhyme-royal stanza in his?

A-Troilus and Criseyde

B- The Book of Duchesse

C-The House of Fame

D- The Canterbury Tales


10- The Tabard Inn is situated in




D- West

Age of Chaucer Summary

25 Major Authors and Their Works of Chaucer’s Age







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