Notice Writing Examples PDF

Notice writing example PDF- It’s easy to write a notice for various events in schools and colleges. You need to follow some important steps so that you will be able to write a good notice in English. Notice writing has been one of the important subjects taught in high school.

Here you will get some examples of notice writing. First, you need to understand the basics format of notice writing. Notice writing contents a formal announcement of any subjects.

Before writing a notice you need to see some examples of it. Here I will share with you a list of notice writing questions with answers.

Notice Writing Examples PDF
Notice Writing Examples PDF

How to Write a Notice in English?

Students keep asking about these questions ”What is Notice writing?” Today I will give you the exact definition of notice writing.

What is notice writing?

It is a kind of writing based on the formal announcement about events or subjects. It should be precise and formal. The notice should be grammatically correct and a good structure. The notice should have appropriate dates and signs or stamps.

Important points to follow while writing a notice

  1. Grammatically Correct
  2. Should have proper dates and signs
  3. Formal and easy to understand
  4. Proper Name and place should be included
  5. Purpose of the notice
  6. Mention the relevant details like date, name, etc

Notice Writing Format

Here is the notice writing format.

Notice writing format
Notice writing format

Notice Writing Topics

Here are some of the notice writing topics for you to write on. There are several topics available but it always depends on the school events or dates.

    1. Observation of Independence day
    2. Observation of important national events
    3. Notice for Annual Function
    4. Notice for Annual Athletic Meet
    5. Observation of various Pujas
    6. Holy, Diwali, Dussera, etc
    7. Notice on Republic Day
    8. Observation of International Events
    9. Notice on Christmas Observation
    10. Notice on Camp, Excursion, and Trips
    11. Notice writing on a debate competition
    12. Notice writing on essays competition


      • Notice writing on the cultural program in school
      • Notice writing on singing competition in school
      • Notice writing on blood donation camp
      • Notice writing on poster making competition
      • Notice writing on career counseling session
      • Notice writing on an art exhibition
      • Notice writing on book fair in school
      • Notice writing on the ban on plastic week
      • Notice writing on Covid 19
      • Notice writing on change of Timetable in school
      • Notice writing on the dance competition
      • Notice writing on Gandhi Jayanti


There are other topics to write a notice on. It depends on the school and colleges.

Notice Writing Questions and Answer (Sample questions for notice writing)

  • You are Vinay, Head boy of Vidya Public School, Delhi. Your school has arranged a charity show to aid the poverty-stricken people of a nearby slum. (Write a notice to be displayed on the school notice board seeking the cooperation of the students to make the show a success)


  • As Secretary of the club writes a notice to be put up on the club notice board about the charity show. Invite the names of those interested in taking part in the program.


  • You are Rahul/Rina the President of the Social Service Club of Vidyamandir School. You are organizing a visit to ‘Poul’ a nearby orphanage. (Write a notice in not more than 50 words for your school notice board inviting name s of the students who want to go and encouraging other students to make contributions.)


  • Draft a notice in not more than 50 words inviting the social service club members for the induction meeting at school.


  • You are Mary the editor of the school magazine and want to hold an interclass competition to collect poems and cartoons for the magazine before December. (Draft a notice using not more than 50 words for the student’s notice board inviting entries. Mentions all the details required like entry dates, prize, etc.)


  • Cris Moris is the sports captain of Navodaya School. The sports day is to be held on March 21 which is just two weeks away. She has to inform the house captains that they have to submit the names of the participant to her in a week’s time. ( Write a notice on sports day)


  • You are the cultural secretary of your school. You have been asked to inform students of classes VI-XII about an inter-school dramatic competition. (Draft a notice to be put on the school notice board with all the necessary details)


  • Sardaneep Singh of Class X is the secretary of Tours and Trips Society of Beni Prasad Public School. The School is organizing a 20 days historical tour to Delhi. He has been asked by the principal to put up a notice inviting students in visiting those places. (Write this notice for the school notice board)


  • You are Bina the Head girl of Blossoms Public School, BBSR. (Write a notice in about 50 words informing the students of class IX and X about an inter-class debate competition to be held in the school in the first week of April?


  • Farah Khan of class IX is the secretary of the Holy Christ School Geography Forum. The geography teacher has asked Farah to put up a notice to invite the students of geography to participate in the geography quiz contest. (Write this notice and try to make the notice catch all the student’s attention.)


Notice Writing Examples PDF

Here you can download notice writing examples for free. It’s easy to download notice writing examples. Just follow these links

  • Important Notice Writing Examples PDF- Free Download
  • Notice Writing Format PDF- Free Download
  • Notice Writing Sample PDF- Free Download

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