English Literature MCQ For TGT English PDF

English Literature MCQ For TGT English PDF- Are you looking for TGT English literature notes for free? Do you want to crack the TGT English exam? Do you have any books for TGT English literature? Have you aware of the TGT English syllabus? Here are the solutions.

Today I will give you comprehensive details about the TGT English examination. It’s not easy to crack the TGT English examination. But if you have proper notes, questions paper, and strategies then you will definitely qualify for this exam?

Some people say the TGT English exam requires lots of books and guides to qualify. I must say that many of my friends qualify for the TGT English examination with good marks. I asked about the TGT English examination. according to them, it’s easy to qualify but you need proper strategies.

Every year various organizations and government announced posts for TGT teachers. You must prepare for the examination before the commencement.

TGT English literature
TGT English literature

English Literature MCQ For TGT English PDF

It’s easy to get the top 50 English literature MCQ for the TGT English examination. Here you will get important English literature questions answers pdf for free.

1- The name of Shakespeare’s birthplace is

A- Stratford-upon-Avon

B-Stratford at Avon




2- Who affirmed that Shakespeare knew Greek?

A-Ben Jonson  

B-A. Nicoll

C-Francis Beaumont



3-The first folio edition of Shakespeare’s play was printed in

A-1623                      B-1922                      C-1623                   D-1625


4-Shakespeare addressed the second group of his sonnets to ”The Dark Lady” who maybe

A- Marry Fitton

B-Anne Hathway

C-Queen Elizabeth

D-Sarah Blunden


5- Shakespeare’s All well that ends well is called

A-A problems comedy            B-A realistic Night’s Dream        C-A Romantic comedy             D-None


6-Identify the dramatist who wrote all tragedies

A- Christopher Marlowe          B-Ben Jonson         C-Thomas Kyd           D-None


7-In which of Shakespeare’s play do the following lines figure?

”The Lunatic, the lover, and the poet Are of imagination all compact.”

A-Midsummer Night’s Dram             B-Twelfth Night           C-As you like it              D-None


8- Whose burial took place inside Stratford Church?

A- William Shakespeare           B-Christopher Marlowe            C-Sir Philip Sidney             D-None


9-Hotspur is a character in Shakespeare’s

A- Love’s Labour’s Lost            B- Measure For Measure             C-Two Gentlemen of Verona        D-None


10- ”Will you give up your Indian Empire or your Shakespeare, You English.

A- Thomas Carlyle              B-A.C Bradley               C-John Rusin                D-Thomas De Quincey


11- Who wrote, ”My Love is Like a Red Rose?

A- Robert Burns                 B-Wordsworth           C-William Shakespeare            D-None


12- What is meant by ”the Churchyard school of poets?

A- The Poetry that suffered from the melancholic strain            B-The poetry about the church      C-Both      D-None


13-The Castle of Indolence was written by?

A- James Thomson               B-William Collins                 C-Oliver Goldsmith            D-None


14- James Thomson’s death was lamented in the poem ”In Younger Grave, a Druid Lies”

A- William Collins                B-Anne Finch               C-Cowper                D-Gray


15- Which of the following is the epistolary novels of Samuel Richardson?

A- Pamela           B-Clarissa Harloue              C-Sir Charles Grandson              D-All of these


16- An ”Epistolary novel” is entirely written in the form of letters.

A- Yes                  B-No             C-May Be               D-None


17- The character Mrs. Malaprop was created by

A-Richard Sheridan           B- Samuel Jonson             C-Witcherly               D-None


18-Who is known as a ”Ploughman poet?

A-Robert Burns               B-Thomas Gray            C-William Blake            D-None


19-Who wrote the ‘Life of Johnson?

A- Boswells               B-Macaulay                 C-Goldsmith                D-None


20-Samuel Johson wrote the following in order to pay for his mother’s funeral

A-Rasselas                B-Rambler               C-The Lives of the Poets             D-Dictionary


21-Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones was dedicated to

A- George Lyttleton             B-Bishop Percy                 C-Robert Burns                D-None


22- ”Preserve the purity and ascertain the meaning of our English idioms was part of

A- Dictionary             B-The Vanity of Human Wishes           C-Rasselas           D-None


23-Mallopropism is coined after a character in

A- The Rivals                B-She Stoops to Conquer             C-The Way of the world           D-None


24-The ”Circulating Libraries were popular during.

A- The Eighteenth Century            B-The Seventeenth-Century            C-Both          D-None


25-Sir Anthony Absolut a character in The Rivals utters ”A Circulating library in a town is an evergreen tree of diabolical knowledge this mood is expressive of

A- Explosion of fiction by women           B-Explosion of fiction            C-Both           D-None


26- Thomas Love Peacock in his Nightmare Abbey satirized?

A-Coleridge              B-Shelley            C-Both                    D-None


27-Jane Austen’s subject matter for her novels is

A- Human Nature              B-Frustration               C-Revenge              D-None


28- ”It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in ant of a wife”

A- Pride and Prejudice              B-Sense and Sensibility           C-Mansfield Park         D-None


29- Blake’s Songs of Innocence is about?

A- The joys of childhood in a natural and protected world

B- The pastoral world

C- Both A and B



30-Blake’s Songs of Experience deals with

A-Social and Religious oppression

B-Sorrow and Suffering

C-Both A and B



31- ”Pity would be no more if we did not make somebody poor”

A-Blake               B-Coleridge              C-Wordsworth              D-Shelley


32- In which of his works Blake denounced the subordination of women?

A-Vision of the Daughters of Albion             B-He did not denounce          C-Book of Urizen          D-None


33-Blake’s The Book of Urizen is about

A- The Orizen of Evil                  B-The Art of writing            C-Human Liberation          D-None


34- Dr. Johnson’s Dictionary came out in

A-1755             B-1766                    C-1800                 D-None


35-The first edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica appeared in

A-1771            B-1815                C-1717                 D-None


40- The phrase ”Willing suspension of disbelief is associated with

A- Coleridge             B-Keats                  C-Byron                  D-None


41-When lovely woman stoops to folly refers to a work by

A-Goldsmith                 B-Sheridan                  C-Shakespeare               D-None


42- The year 1776 as associated with

A- American Independence               B-The Wars of Roses             C-Invention of Steam engine        D-None


43- The Times acquired this name in 1788 what was it known as earlier?

A- Daily Universal Register           B-Sunday Mirror           C-Tatler         D-The Telegraph


44-France standing on the top of nature seeming born again these lines are a form

A- The Prelude             B-Daffodils              C-Tintern Abbey             D-None


45- Horace Walpole is credited with the invention of —-in his The Castle of Otranto

A- Gothic                  B-Science Fiction               C-Fabulation           D-None


46- Sir William Tornhill figure in

A- The Vicar of Wakefield             B-She stoops to conquer              D-Amelia          D-None


47- Which among the following was written by Edmund Burke?

A- Reflection on the Revolution in France            B-Right of Man          C-The Wrongs of Woman     D-None


48- The French Revolution took place in

A-1789               B-1978                  C-1967                D-None


49- Hell is a city much like London which of the following Romantics wrote this?

A- Shelley              B-Keats              C-Wordsworth             D-Coleridge


50-The Romantic used the following faculties in search of spiritual truth.

A-Feelings                B-Imagination               C-Both A and B              D-None


TGT English Literature MCQ PDF

It’s simple to get an Important MCQ for TGT English literature. If you are preparing for TGT English you must read some important English literature books.

Untitled 1

Best Book for TGT English

History of English Literature (Oxford Press)

A Short History of English Literature Book 

History of English Literature by W.J.Long

History of English Literature- Edward Albert 

TGT English Syllabus PDF

It’s easy to download the TGT English syllabus for various organizations. Here you will get the detailed syllabus for TGT English.

  • TGT English Syllabus for Army Public School
  • TGT English Syllabus For DSSSB
  • TGT English Syllabus for KVS
  • TGT English Syllabus for NVS
  • TGT English Syllabus For UPTGT
  • TGT English Syllabus For OAVS
  • TGT English Syllabus For HTET
  • TGT English Syllabus For APS

TGT English syllabus divided into 5 sections which are

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Writing Ability
  3. Grammar and Usage
  4. Literature
  5. Teaching Methodology
1- Reading Comprehension

Ability to comprehend, analyze, and interpret an unseen text.

Three/Four unseen texts of varying lengths with a variety of objective type, multiple choice questions testing factual and global comprehension.


2- Writing Ability

Testing ability to express facts vies/opinions in a coherent and logical manner in a style suitable to the task set.

One short writing task such as:

A- Notice, Message, or a postcard

B- Writing a report of an event, process, or place

C- Writing an article, debate,speech-based, on visual topic

D-Writing a formal, informal letter


3- Grammar and Usage

Ability to apply the knowledge of syntax, language, grammatical items, and to use them accurately in context.

  • Tense
  • Modals
  • Voice
  • Subject-Verb-Agreement
  • Connectors
  • Clauses
  • Punctuation
  • Tense and Time
  • Article and Determiners
  • Preposition
  • Adjective and Adverbs
  • Type of Sentences

4- Literature

To test the candidate’s familiarity with the works of writers of different genres and periods of English Literature

A- Shakespeare’s Works

B-Romantic Periods (Shelley, Wordsworth, Ketas, etc)

C-19th and 20th century American and English literature

D- Modern Indian Writing in English

E- Modern Writing in English From a different part of the world

If you want the details syllabus of the TGT English PDF


5- Teaching Methodology

  • Aspects of English language- History, Nature and Importance of English
  • Problems and Principle of Teaching English
  • The objective of Teaching English
  • Approaches, methods, and techniques of teaching English
  • Developing study and reference skills
  • Remedial teaching
  • Evaluation in the teaching-learning process
  • Lesson planning
  • Curriculum and text book-development and use

TGT English Questions Paper PDF

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  • UP TGT English Questions Paper- Free Download
  • KVS TGT English Questions Paper- Free Download
  • NVS TGT English Questions Paper- Free Download
  • DSSSB TGT English Questions Paper- Free Download

TGT English Solved Questions Paper PDF

TGT English solved paper pdf page 0001


TGT English solved paper pdf page 0002

English Literature MCQ For TGT English PDF

English Literature MCQ For TGT English PDF

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