101 One-Liner Questions on Romantic Age in English Literature

English Literature Questions- Are you looking for important one-liner questions on the Romantic Age in English literature? Do you want to download the English literature questions pdf? Here you will get a list of important English literature one-liner questions with answer pdf.

English Literature MCQ- It’s hard to collect English literature MCQ for the UGC NET examination. It’s tough to get English literature MCQ books. But do not worry here are the solutions. I have a good collection of English literature one-liner questions and answers which may help you to score good marks in the UGC NET or PGT examination.

It’s important to have a list of writers’ names and their works from different ages of British English Literature. Because most of the questions come from English literature.

101 One-Liner Questions on Romantic Age in English Literature
101 One-Liner Questions on Romantic Age in English Literature

Romantic Age in Engish Literature PDF

It’s hard to find out the essential one-liner questions for English literature. It is important to study one-liner questions on the Romantic Period because this age is one of the important portions when it comes to UGC NET.

Here I will give you a list of the most important one-liner questions on the Romantic Age in English Literature.

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101 One-Liner Questions on Romantic Age in English Literature

  1.  What was the period of the Romantic Age?
  2. Ans– 1798 to 1837
  3. The Romantic Period begins with the publication of
  4. Ans– Lyrical Ballads
  5. The Romantic Period Ended with the accession of
  6. Ans-Queen Victoria 1837
  7. The Romantic Age also is known as
  8. Ans– Age of Revolution
  9. In these poems, Wordsworth tells the scholar to do away with books and make nature his teacher.
  10. Ans-Tables Turned
  11. Who called Wordsworth ”The Egotistical Sublime”
  12. Ans-John Keats
  13. Who is a frequent theme in the Romantic poetry of Hallas?
  14. Ans-The Oldest Poet of Greece
  15. The poetry of Wordsworth and Coleridge was influenced by
  16. Ans-The French Revolution
  17. ”The Mind- forged manacles ” is a phrase from William Blake
  18. Ans-London
  19. Which is a spoof of a Gothic novel?
  20. Ans-Northanger Abbey
  21. Essays of Elia  was published in
  22. Ans-1823
  23. In John Keats’s poetic career, the most productive year was
  24. Ans-1819
  25. Which Romantic poets coined the term ‘Sports Time’?
  26. Ans– William Wordsworth
  27. Shelley was expelled from Oxford University due to the publication of
  28. Ans– The Necessity of Theism
  29. If……………. Comes, Can……….be far behind?
  30. Ans– Winter, Spring (Ode to the West Wind) Shelley
  31. Confession of an English Opium Eater is a literary work by
  32. Ans– Thomas De Quincey
  33. Romantic Age in English Literature Notes

  34. Who is John Keats ‘Sylvian Historian?
  35. Ans- The Grecian Urn
  36. Whom did Keats regard as the prime example of ‘Negative Capability
  37. Ans- William Wordsworth
  38. What alternative title to ‘Frankenstein ‘ did Mary Shelley give
  39. Ans– The modern Prometheus
  40. The Essay of William Hazlitt is divided into
  41. Ans– Critical Essay, Miscellaneous Essay
  42.  Who wrote the critical essay ”Literary Reminiscences”
  43. Ans– Thomas De Quincey
  44. Who has been labeled as an Escapist?
  45. Ans-John Keats
  46. The English Mail Coach is written by
  47. Ans– Thomas De Quincey
  48. My first acquaintance with poets, an unforgettable account of meeting with literary heroes is written by
  49. Ans– William Hazlitt
  50. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is about
  51. Ans– The guilt and explanation of The Ancient Mariner
  52. Characteristics of the Romantic Age in English literature

  53. The Pamphlets of the Irish people, an address to Irish people was composed by
  54. Ans– P.B Shelley
  55. The Spirit of the age is written in
  56. Ans– 1836
  57. Willam Wordsworth record his development as a poet in
  58. Ans– The Prelude
  59. What was the first title of Pride and Prejudice?
  60. Ans– First Impression
  61. Maria Edge’s worth is considered to be the founder of the regional novel in English literature.
  62. Ans– She portrays life in a particular locality and the approach outside the locality.
  63. What is the subtitle of Maria?
  64. Ans– The Wrong of Women
  65. Who employed day-to-day in his poem?
  66. Ans– William Wordsworth
  67. Who has been called a ‘Ploughman Poet’?
  68. Ans– Robert Burns
  69. Salient features of the Romantic Age in English literature pdf

  70. Who has been credited for pioneering the historical novel?
  71. Ans– Walter Scott
  72. Which age is considered the second creative period of English literature?
  73. Ans– Age of Romanticism
  74.  William Wordsworth believe in the concept of
  75. Ans-Pantheism
  76. What is Pantheism?
  77. Ans– Healing Power in Nature
  78. Who wrote the Marriage of Heaven and Hell?
  79. Ans– William Blake
  80. The Best known work of S.T Coleridge is
  81. Ans– The Rime of Ancient Mariner
  82. Who defines imagination is a creative power, which color object of sense with the minds own light
  83. Ans– S.T Coleridge
  84. Romantic age English literature MCQ

  85. Who defines ”Poetry as a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings”
  86. Ans– Wordsworth
  87. The first generation of Romantics was inspired by
  88. Ans– The Battle of Bastille and the French Revolution
  89. The Second generation of Romantics was inspired by
  90. Ans– Different social and political tension
  91. Romantic Writing is written by
  92. Ans- Stephen Bygrave
  93. When and Where William Blake born
  94. Ans– London, England in 1787
  95. What was the name of William Blake’s mother?
  96. Ans– Catherine Wright Armitage Blake
  97. Who Claimed to have seen his first version of a tree full of angles?
  98. Ans– William Blake
  99. Who became a journeyman copy engraver working for book and print publishers?
  100. Ans– William Blake
  101. romantic age writers in English literature

  102. Poetical Sketches is privately published in
  103. Ans-1783
  104. Who developed a method of illuminated printing?
  105. Ans– William Blake
  106. The First illuminated work of William Blake
  107. Ans– Natural Religion
  108. When was William Wordsworth born?
  109. Ans– 1770
  110. Where was William Wordsworth born?
  111. Ans– At Cockermouth
  112. What was Wordsworth’s father’s name?
  113. Ans– John Wordsworth
  114. What was John Wordsworth?
  115. Ans– Attorney at Law
  116. What was Wordsworth’s Mother’s Name?
  117. Ans– Anne Cookson
  118.  What was Wordsworth writes in his debut?
  119. Ans– A Sonnet on Seeing Ms. Helen Maria
  120. When did William Wordsworth die?
  121. Ans– 1850
  122. Where was William Wordsworth buried?
  123. Ans– At Grasmere Churchyard
  124. Under Which title were Wordsworth’s autobiographical poems published?
  125. Ans– Prelude
  126. Which work of Wordsworth was published in 1850?
  127. Ans– Prelude
  128. How many poems did Lyrical Ballad consist of?
  129. Ans– 23
  130. What is regarded as a Romantic manifesto?
  131. Ans– The Preface to the  Lyrical Ballad
  132. What is the original title of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?
  133. Ans– The Rime of Ancient Mariner
  134. Which work of Wordsworth is considered a masterpiece?
  135. Ans– The Prelude
  136. When did Wordsworth become the Poet Laureate of Britain?
  137. Ans– 1843
  138. When was the French Revolution started?
  139. Ans– 1789
  140. Who was the first to criticize Wordsworth’s theory of Poetic diction?
  141. Ans– S.T Coleridge
  142.  S.T Criticize Wordsworth’s theory of diction in?
  143. Ans– Biographia Literaria
  144. What is the subtitle of the Prelude?
  145. Ans– The Growth of Poets Mind
  146. When was the French Revolution end?
  147. Ans– 1779
  148. Tintern Abbey is
  149. Ans– A Dramatic Lyrics
  150. Who was the greatest of the poets of the Romantic movement in England?
  151. Ans– William Wordsworth
  152. Who said ”A poet is a man speaking to man”
  153. Ans– William Wordsworth
  154. Preface to Lyrical Ballads comes in
  155. Ans– 1800
  156. Wordsworth wrote Appendix to Lyrical Ballad
  157. Ans-1802
  158. Which is Wordsworth’s first volume of poetry?
  159. Ans– Descriptive Sketches
  160. The Love Sonnet of Wordsworth is
  161. Ans– Why Art Thou Silent
  162. When was the first version of The Prelude was published?
  163. Ans-1799
  164. When was the second version of The Prelude was published?
  165. Ans– 1805
  166. Who Said ”Wordsworth is absolute without humor?
  167. Ans– William J Long
  168.  Who said ”Wordsworth is the greatest poet of nature that our literature has produced?
  169. Ans– William J Long
  170. Which Romantic poet coined the term ‘Spot of Time’?
  171. Ans– William Wordsworth
  172. Wordsworth believes in the concept of
  173. Ans-Pantheism
  174. Whose novel is called Waverly Novel?
  175. Ans– Walter Scott
  176. Elia is the pen name of
  177. Ans– Charles Lamb
  178. Adonais is a Pastoral Elegy written on the death of
  179. Ans-Keats
  180.  Who said ”My Name is Writ in Water”?
  181. Ans– John Keats
  182. Who said ” I have a smack of Hamlet Myself”
  183. Ans– Coleridge
  184. Shelley’s death was caused by
  185. Ans– Drawing
  186. ” A Things of Beauty Joy For Ever”
  187. Ans– Endymion
  188. ”We look before and after, and pine for what is not” Shelley’s work
  189. Ans– To A skylark
  190. ”He Prayeth best, who loveth best, all things great and small, lines from
  191. Ans– The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
  192. Who is the author of Confession of an English Opium-Eater?
  193. Ans– Thomas De Quincey
  194. Who is the author of Life of Scott?
  195. Ans-John Lockhart
  196. Who has written The tales of Shakespeare?
  197. Ans– Charles Lamb
  198. Who considered being the most remarkable Historical Novelist of the Romantic Period?
  199. Ans-Walter Scott
  200. Edinburg founded in
  201. Ans-1802
  202.  After Whom did Wordsworth Become the Poet laureate of England?
  203. Ans– Robert Southey
  204.  Who distinguishes between the literature of knowledge- the literature of power?
  205. Ans– Thomas De Quincey
  206. A character of the leach gatherer appears in
  207. Ans-Resolutions and Independence (Wordsworth)
  208.  A figure of the Abyssinian maid appears in
  209. Ans– Kubla Khan
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