English Literature MCQ for KPPSC Exam

English Literature MCQ for KPPSC Exam- Get study materials for the KPPSC examination. English literature has been one of the leading portions of the KPPSC examination. It’s been years since that examiner keeps asking questions related to English literature. KPPSC stands for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission.

Every year KPPSC conducts tests for the aspirant those who want to be in KPPSC service. This examination comprises of 900 marks in total, having various subjects like English, general knowledge, etc.

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English Literature MCQ for KPPSC Exam

1- Kimball O Hare is

A- The full name of the character, Kim        B-A pre-Raphalite          C-A famous playwright           D- NOne

2- Which is the figure that appears throughout ‘The Waste Land’?

A- Tiresias            B-Marie Larisch            C- Madame Sosostris            D-None

3-The phrase, Rich disorganization which refers to ‘The Waste Land’ was used by

A- F.R Leavis           B-I.A Richards                   C-Ezra Pound              D-None

4- Based on Shakespeare’s ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ Dryden wrote a play in blank verse

A- All for love                B-Aureng-Zebe              C-Tryannic Love               D-None

5- In which of the following did  Dr. Johnson extend the use of the term ”Metaphysical” to a school of poetry?

A- Life of Cowley          B-Life of Milton           C-Life of Donne            D-None

6- In which of the following did Dryden say Donne ”affects the metaphysics”?

A- Discourse of Satire            B-Essay of Dramatic Poesie          C-Religio Laici           D-None

7-” Is Pope a poet? ”If Pope e, not a poet, where is poetry to be found”? Whose answer is this?

A- Dr.Johnson         B-Coleridge          C-Wordsworth             D-None

8- Who extended the term ”Metaphysical” from Donne to a school of poets?

A-Dr. Johnson          B-T.S Elit            C-Pope              D-None

9- The Mariner in ”The Ancient Mariner” kills?

A-Albatross        B-A Devil              C- A penguin              D-None

10- ”A Grammarian’s Funeral” was written by

A- Robert Browning      B-Randolph Quirk            C-Wren and Martin            D-Krishnaswamy

11- Scorner of his kind implacable in revenge yet capable of deep and strong affection. Who is he?

A- A Byronic hero             B-Walter Scott’s       C- Protagonist            D-Jane Austine’s Hero     D-None

12- Hardy’s The Dynasts and epic drama is about

A- The Napoleanic Wars             B-The British Dynasties           C-Women              D-None

13- Who said Byron was Mad-bad and dangerous to know?

A- Lady Caroline Lamb             B-Scott               C-Shelley                D-Keats

14- The writer influenced by Walter Pater was

A- Oscar Wild              B-Hopkins             C-Arthur Symons           D-All

15-Who was the Heroine in ‘Pride and Prejudice’?

A- Elizabeth Bennet           B-Mrs. Bennet              C-Lucas               D-None

16- Who was it that defined Romanticism as ”Additio of strangeness to beauty”?

A- Walter Peter             B-Graham Hough             C-Wordsworth             D-None

17- Which of the following of Byron is autobiographical?

A- Manfred            B-The Corsair                C-Child Harold’s Pilgrimage           D- None

18- Who wrote ”If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him”

A- Voltaire                B-Alfred Tennyson             C-Rousseau             D-None

19- Which one of the stories is an example of Kipling’s tales of British India?

A- The Man Who Was            B-A Diversity of creatures             C-Without benefit of the clergy         D-None

20- In which year did Robert Browning marry Elizabeth Barrett?

A-1852                 B-1853               C-1851                 D-1894

21- By nature Tennyson was

A- Shy and Retiring            B- Loved to Travel             C- Loved Nature              D-Enjoyed Parties

22- In which century did ”Wyatt, Surrey and Howard” live?

A-16th Century              B-15th Century               C-14th Century              D-17th Century

23- What was the ambition of Edmund Spenser?

A- Express the dreams of English Chivalry    B-To be rival of Chaucer         C-Earn Favour in Court       D-None

24- Lady Barackeell is a character in

A-The importance of Being Earnest       B-Emma           C-King Lear            D-All For Love

25- The ‘Structure of Novel’ has been written by

A- Edwin Muir             B-FR Leavis                C-Arnold              D-I.A Richards

26- In which novel of Jane Austen we come across a pivotal character of Mr. Knightley?

A- Emma              B-Mansfield Park               C-Persuasion              D-Northanger Abbey

27- Which was Jane Austen’s first novel?

A- Sense and Sensibility         B-Mansfield Park          C-Pride and Prejudice          D-Emma

28- In which Charles Dickens novel we come across a character called ”Miss Pross”?

A- A Tale of Two Cities       B-Hard Times          C-David Copperfield           D-Dombey and Sons

29- To which age did Drayton, Webster, and Middleton being

A- Elizabethan Era          B- Romantic Period         C- Victorian Age            D- Post World War 1

30- Who is the author of ‘Catalina’?

A- Somerset Maugham         B- Hemingway               C-James Joyce              D-Richard Kipling

31- What is the other name of Thomas Hardy’s novel ”Under the Green Wood Tree”?

A- The Mellstock Quire         B-Life’s Ironies           C-The Dynasts            D-The Woodlanders

32- Who is the author of the Classic ”Gone with the Wind”?

A- Margaret Mitchell         B-Daphne De Mauries        C-Edith Wharton           D-Toni Morrison

33- What is the locale of ‘Romeo and Juliet’?

A- Verona            B-Rome               C-Venice              D-Paris

34-In which year did John Steinbeck receive Noel Prize?

A-1962                  B-1963                    C-1964                         D-1965

35- Which is the character in Jane Austen’s novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’

A- Darcy            B- Henry Craw            C- Captain Wentworth            D-None

36- Who said ‘A hen is only an egg’s way of making another egg”

A- Samuel Butler           B- Webster              C-Mark Twain               D-G.B Shaw

37- Who wrote ”The New Atlantis”?

A- Bacon              B-Goethe            C-Lamb                 D-Mazut

38- Who described Francis Bacon as ”The wisest brightest, meanest of mankind

A-Pope               B-Lamb                C-Hazlitt                  D-Sidney

39- The Vicar of Wakefield is a

A- Novel                  B-Long Poem              C-Tragedy              D-Comedy

40- Who wrote ‘Eminent Victorians’

A- Lytton                           B-Hardy            C-Samuel Butler             D-Dickens

41- The Picture of Dorian Gray a novel was written by

A- Oscar Wilde              B-William Gilbert         C-Osborne                    D-John Galsworthy

42- The novelist who wholeheartedly embraced Darwin’s theory is

A-Samuel Butler            B-H.G Wells              C-Joseph Conrad            D-None

43-Shaw’s Man and Superman’ deals with

A-The Ego of males              B-Supernatural Qualities              C-Woman’s pursuit of her mate         D-None

44- ”Pope can fix in one couplet more sense than I can do in six” who wrote this sentence?

A- Swift           B-Johnson               C-Dryden               D-None

45- Name Dryden’s poem written in celebration of Charles 2 return

A- Astrue Redux               B-Annus Mirabilis            C-Absalom and Achitophel         D-None

46——— is described as ”the true prologue to the Renaissance”

A- Utopia                  B- The Prince                    C-Poetics                D-None

47-The manuscript of Shakespeare’s play is available?

A- Certainly no        B-Certainly yes                    C-Partly Available               D-None

48-Who is the critic that introduced the terms of a floating character and a round character?

A- T. S Eliot                B-Arnold Kettle               C-Matthew Arnold                D-E.M Forster

49- The film, the innocents are based on

A- Turn of the Screw               B- Kim               C-Not based on the novel          D- None

50- Who is the author of Time Must Have a stop”

A- Aldous Huxley              B-O’ Casey                     C-D.H Lawrence              D-None

English Literature MCQ for KPPSC Exam Pattern

english literature mcq for kppsc exam
English literature MCQ for KPPSC Exam

English Language and Literature Syllabus

  • History of English Literature (Anglo Saxon to Post-Modernism)
  • Important Writers and their literary works
  • Important English Poets
  • List of Poet Laureate winner and their works
  • Age of Chaucer
  • Age of Revival
  • Elizabethan Age
  • Jacobean and Carolina Age
  • Restoration Age
  • Romantic Age
  • Victorian Age
  • Modern Age
  • Post Modernism
  • Important American Writes

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English Literature MCQ for KPPSC Exam


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English Literature MCQ for KPPSC Exam

English Literature MCQ for KPPSC Exam

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