English Literature MCQ For PHD Entrance

English Literature MCQ For Ph.D. Entrance- It’s difficult to get multiple-choice questions for English literature for PGD entrance. Today I will give you comprehensive details on Ph.D. entrance for English. If you want to pursue a Ph.D. in any universities in English literature, you should read this post.

It’s necessary to collect some authentic books and a guide for English literature. For example English grammar book, Advance English literature books, literary theory, and literary terms books, etc.

Let me tell you one thing, I have seen my seniors went through this process. It’s very difficult to get a guide for your research programs. If you choose to study in the UK or the USA then also you will face problems.

Getting a good guide in the Ph.D. program in English literature is tough. You need to research that, go through most of the university websites and libraries.

multiple choice questions for english literature for phd entrance
multiple-choice questions for English literature for Ph.D. entrance

English Literature MCQ For Ph.D. Entrance

1- The French Revolution took place in

A-1789                 B-1978                C-1776                           D-1767


2-” Hell is a city much like London” which of the following Romantics wrote this?

A- Shelley                B-Keats                C-Coleridge                  D-Wordsworth


3-The Lyrical Ballads published in

A-1798                         B-1789                     C-1800                  D-None


4-Lyrical Ballads was written by

A- Wordsworth               B-Coleridge                  C-Both                 D-None


5- Wordsworth’s purpose in Lyrical Ballads was to

A- Make the familiar, unfamiliar               B-Unfamiliar to Familiar           C-Both          D-None


6-Wordsworth dies in

A-1850                      B-1840                       C-1815                 D-None


7-Wordsworth was interested in the teachings of

A- William Godwin                 B-Thomas Hobbes                  C-Both                  D-None


8- The world is too much with us, late and soon getting and spending we lay waste our powers” Who wrote this

A- Wordsworth               B-Scott                  C-Charles Lamb                  D-William Hazlitt


9- The principal object was to make the incidents of common life interesting by tracing in them” Where do this law come

A-Wordsworth Preface to Lyrical Ballads          B-Coleridge              C-Blake              D-None


10- A selection of the language really used by men” whose view is this?

A-Wordsworth                B-Coleridge                          C-Blake                  D-None


11-Coleridge’s This Lime-Tree Bower my Prison is addressed to

A- Charles Lamb                  B-Wordsworth                C-Sir Walter Scott                D-None


12- Who is the critic that divided imagination into three primary and secondary ones?

A- Coleridge                  B-William Empson               C-T.S Eliot               D-None


13- As a philosopher Coleridge was more interested in the philosophy of

A- German                 B-England                 C-French                D-None


14-The Mariner in ”The Ancient Mariner kills

A-Albartoss               B-A Devil                  C-A Penguin              D-None


15- Who wrote, ” O Lady we receive but what we give and our life alone does Nature live”

A- Coleridge                 B-Wordsworth                C-Keats                      D-None


16-Scorner of his kind implacable in revenge yet capable of deep and strong affection who is he?

A-A Byronic hero                 B-Walter Scott’s protagonist             C-Jane Austen’s hero           D-None


17-Who said Byron was Mad-bad and dangerous to know?

A- Lady caroline Lamb              B-Shelley                  C-Keats                D-Scott


18- Which of the following of Byron is autobiographical?

A- Manfred               B-The corsair              C-Chid Harold’s Pilgrimage           D-None


19-Byron satirizes Britain in his

A-Don Juan             B-Giaour              C-The Necessity of Atheism             D-Alaster


20-” I woke one morning and found my self great? who said that?

A- Lord Byron              B-P.B Shelley              C-John Ketas          D-None


21- Who called Shelley, ”an ineffectual angel beating in the void his luminous wings in vain”

A- Mathew Arnold               B-John Ruskin            C-Charles Lamb             D-None


22-In which of Byron’s works do we come across the Byronic Hero’

A- Child Harold’s Pilgrimage           B-Don Juan              C-Alaster               D-None


23- A Man proud moody cynical with defiance and misery a scorner”

A- Byronic Hero            B-Charles Lamb             C-Lord Byron             D-Walter Scott


24-Who is the Heroine in Pride and Prejudice?

A-Elizabeth Bennet             B-Mrs. Bennet            C-Lucas              D-None


25- Who wrote ‘For thy sake, tobacco, I would do anything but die’?

A-Charles Lamb             B-Walter Scott              C-Lord Byron             D-NOne


26-Who is the write of ”A Thing of Beauty is a joy forever”?

A- John Ketas              B-P.B Shelley            C-Wordsworth              D-None


27- Cockney School of poetry, a phrase coined on analogy with the

A- Lake School              B-Romantic School              C-Augustan School              D-None


28-Adonais, an elegy on Keats was written by

A- Shelley                B-Byron                C-Scott                D-None


29- Shelley in Adonais implied that Keats death was brought about by

A- Reviews         B-The Wife of Keats                C-Government           D-None


30-Madeline, a creation of Keats figures in

A-The Eve of St.Agnes              B-Isabelia               C-Lamia                 D-Endymion


31-In which of his Odes Keats wonders about the sustenance of the imaginative vision

A-Ode to Nightingale          B-Ode to Autumn           C-Both              D-None


32- Where has Keats expressed his dislike for poetry ”That has a palpable design upon us?

A- In one of his letters             B-In one of his lectures on philosophy      C-Both          D-None


33-Keats ”Beauty is truth and truth beauty” is suggestive of

A- I feel, therefore I am             B-I protest, therefore I am          C-Both           D-None


34- My name is writ in Water?

A- Keats          B-Byron              C-Shelley               D-None


35- The Romantics did not produce remarkable plays. But good criticism of the dramas is available. Who wrote

A- Thomas de Quincey            B-Hazlitt               C-Charles  Lamb           D-None


36- Who said, I have a smack of Hamlet myself , If I may say so?

A-Coleridge             B-Byron              C-Keats             D-Shelley


37- Which of the following praised the comedy of manners?

A- Lamb                B-Hazlitt              C-Both             D-None


38-Who is the writer of Emile that is said to have influenced the Romantic movement?

A-Rousseau          B-Sartre            C-Diderot              D-Camu


39- ”It is strange but true, for truth is always strange stranger than fiction” Who wrote this?

A- Byron              B-Shelley               C-Keats               D-None


40- The Phrase, ”Willing suspension of disbelief is associated with

A- Coleridge             B-Wordsworth           C-Keats              D-Byron


41- In which of the following do we find the caricatures of Coleridge Byron and Shelley?

A- Thomas Love Peacock’s Nightmare Abbey           B-Hardy’s Tess         C-Huxley’s Point counterpoint      D-NONE


42-Thomas Love Peacock’s Nightmare Abbey is a

A- Roman a clef            B-Kunstelerroman           C-Bildungsroman           D-None


43- ”Testing of Flora and the country green, dance provencal songs, and sunburnt mirth”

A-Synesthesia           B-Oxymoron              C-Personification              D-None


44-The novel of Walter Scott deals with scenes in

A- Scotland              B-Switzerland          C-America             D-None


45-The character Mile Lambourne in Kenilworth is a creation of

A- Walter Scott              B-Jane Austen           C-Robert So they             D-None


46-The Phrase, Waverly novels is associated with

A- Walter Scott              B-Henry Fielding            C-Jane Austen            D-None


47- Because of whose refusal that the post of Poet Laureate went to Robert Southey in 1813

A- Walter Scott             B-Henry James           C-Jane Austen             D-None


48- She was a ”Heroine home no-one but myself ill much like” who is Jane Austen referring to?

A- Emma              B-Elizabeth Bennet             C-Jane                D-Scott


49- Cousin Bridge a character figures in the works of

A- Charles Lamb               B-William Hazlitt               C-Jane Austen              D-Scott


50- The Word Elia is associated with

A- Charles Lamb             B-William Hazlitt             C-Thomas De Quincey            D-None

English Literature MCQ For Ph.D. Entrance


Best Books For English Literature

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Ph.D. in English literature: Syllabus

  1. History of English Literature
  2. American Literature
  3. British English Literature
  4. Literary Terms
  5. Literary Criticism
  6. English Grammar
  7. Writing Ability
  8. Communication English
  9. Language and Pedagogy
  10. European English Literature

Ph.D. in English Literature Entrance Questions Paper PDF

Here you will get English literature entrance questions for the Ph.D. aspirant. It’s very difficult to get a Ph.D. degree. You need to sit in the entrance test.

  • Ph.D. English Literature Entrance Questions- Free Download
  • 400+ English Literature MCQ for Ph.D. Entrance- Free Download

TGT English solved paper pdf page 0001

Ph.D. English Literature Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must complete a Master degree from a recognized university having 55% marks
  • There may be relaxation for a reserved category like ST/SC/OBC
  • Must complete NET/GATE and other examination

Scope of Ph.D. in English Literature

  1. Professor
  2. Teacher
  3. Principal
  4. Editor
  5. Journalist
  6. Reporter
  7. Critic
  8. Writer
  9. Content Writer
  10. Online Tutor

Ph.D. in English Literature Top Colleges/Universities

Top 10 University For English Literature 

University of Oxford

Oxford, ENG, United Kingdom

California Institute of Technology - Caltech

Pasadena, CA, United States

University of Cambridge

Cambridge, ENG, United Kingdom

Stanford University

Stanford, CA, United States

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Cambridge, MA, United States

Princeton University

Princeton, NJ, United States

Harvard University

Cambridge, MA, United States

Yale University

New Haven, CT, United States

University of Chicago

Chicago, IL, United States

Imperial College London

London, ENG, United Kingdom

English Literature MCQ For Ph.D. Entrance

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