Famous Writers in English Literature and Their Special Titles

Famous Writers in English Literature and Their Special Titles- Are you looking for famous writers names and their titles? If you are preparing for any teaching examination like PGT English, TGT English, IELTS, MA Entrance, Ph.D. Entrance, Contractual English Teacher, M.phil Entrance, BA Entrance then this post is for you.

If you are an English literature enthusiast, then you must read this post. I have added the most famous writers from English literature and their special names or titles for you.

It’s important for an aspirant to know about the famous English literature essay writers and their subtitles or nickname.

Famous Writers in English Literature and Their Special Titles
Famous Writers in English Literature and Their Special Titles

Famous Writers in English Literature and Their Special Titles

Name of the Literary Person Title Conferred on Them
John Wycliff Father of English Prose
Geoffrey Chaucer Father of English Poetry
Edmund Spencer Poets poet
Cynewulf The Author of The Christ
William Shakespeare Father of English Drama
George Benard Shaw Father of Modern English Drama
Christopher Marlowe Father of English Tragedy
Ben Johnson Father of English Comedy
John Milton Great Master of Versel- Epic poet
John Donne Metaphysical Poets
Alexander Pope Mock Heroic Poet
Henry Fielding Father of English Novel
William Wordsworth Poets of Nature
ST Coleridge Poet of Supernaturalism
Lord Byron Rabel Poet of English Literature
John Keats Poets of Beauty
Dr. Samuel Johnson Father of English Dictionary
Geoffrey Chaucer The Morning Star of Renaissance
Venerable Bede The Father of English History
Nicholas Udal The First English Comedy Writer
Horace Walpole The Father of Gothic Novel
Kalidas The Shakespeare of India
Charles Dickens  Boz
Robert Browning The Father of Dramatic Monologue
Noam Chomsky The Father of Modern Linguistics
Robert Browning The poet of psychological love
Anton Chekov The Fathe of Modern Short Story
Ferdinand De Saussure The Father of Linguistics
Macaulay The father of Indian English Learning
Ruskin Bond The Wordsworth of India
Walt Whitman The Fathe of American English Poetry
Mark Twain The Father of American Literature
Mulk Raj Anand The father of Indo-Anglican Drama
Nissim Ezekiel The Father of Indian English Poetry
Rabindranath Tagore Indian National Poet
Homer The Blind Poet
Thomas Nash The Young Juvenile
Arthur Miller Mulk Raj Anand of America
William Hazlitt Critics Critic
Robert Frost Poet of Terror
Samuel Johnson Father of one Act Play
Henry Fielding The father of English Novel
Edgar Allen Poe Father of English Mystery Play
James Joyce Father of steam of Consciousness
Jane Austen Anti-romantic in Romantic Age
GB Shaw The Greatest Modern Dramatist
William Blake The Mystic Poet
PB Shelley Poet of Hope and Regeneration
Wordsworth Lake Poet
Coleridge Lake Poet
ST Coleridge Opium Eater
William Wordsworth Egoististical Sublime
William Wordsworth Poets of Childhood
William Wordsworth The High Priest of Nature
John Milton The Master of Grand Style
John Milton Lady of Christ College
John Milton Poets of Devil Party
John Donne Poets of Love
William Dunbar The Chaucer of Scotland
Robert Burns The National Poet of Scotland
William Shakespeare The Sweet Swan of Avon
Christopher Marlowe The Father of English Tragedy
William Caxton Father of Printing Press
Gutenberg Father of Printing
Edmund Spencer Poets Poet
Edmund Spencer The Child of Renaissance
Aeschylus The Father of Tragedy
Venerable Bede The Father of English History
Isac Asimov The Father of Science Ficton
Empedocle The Father of Rhetoric
William Sidney Porter O Henry
Charles Brockden Brown The Father of American Novel
William Dunlap The Father of American Drama

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Famous Writers in English Literature and Their Special Titles

Famous Writers in English Literature and Their Special Titles
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