Indian English Literature MCQ PDF

Indian English Literature MCQ PDF- Indian English literature provides us great insight into the literary works done by Indians. It is said that the English language was introduced by Britishers around 1835. So it’s important to read some of the important works of Indian writers. Indian English literature questions have been asked in every teaching examination in India.

Indian English literature is one of the major subjects in Indian universities. It has been added to our subjects as compulsory subjects. If you want to read English literature you have to read British English literature as well as Indian literature.

It’s important to read Indian English literature for the PGT English examination. Whoever is preparing for PGT English/TGT English must have a good collection of authentic study materials.

Today I will give you some important Indian English literature multiple choice questions for free.

Indian English literature mcq pdf
Indian English literature MCQ pdf

Indian English Literature MCQ PDF

1- Song of Radha, the Milkman is written by

A- Sarojini Naidu

B-K.P Dutt

C-R.C Dutt

D-Aru Dutt


2- Manmohan Ghose was the elder brother of

A- Sri Aurobindo 

B-ICR Ghose

C-R.G Dutt

D-S.C Dutt


3- Name the poet who composed the Ancient Legends and Ballads of Hindustan

A- Toru Dutt 

B-Sri Aurobindo

C-Sarojini Naidu

D-R.C Dutt


4- A critic said that Toru Dutt was ”a classic writer” who placed her country and was the first to do so on the international map of letters ho was the critic?

A- Padmini Sen Gupta

B-M.K Naik

C-K.R.S Lyengar

D-Sri Aurobindo


5- Who among the following poets was influenced by Kabir and rendered some of his verses into English?

A- R.N Tagore 

B-Sri Aurobindo

C-Sarojini Naidu

D-Toru Dutt


6- Identify the correct group of poets who were influenced by Tagore’s mysticism and poetry.

A- Harte Crane- Ezra Pound

B-Robert Frost-Wallace Stevens

C-W.H Auden



7- In 1913 Tagore was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature for the English translation of

A- The Gitanjali 

B-Fruit Gathering

C-Lover’s Gift



8- Savitri an epic in blank verse was written by

A- Sri Aurobindo   

B-R.N Tagore

C- Toru Dutt

D-Sarojini Naidu


9- Who is the first celebrated poet in Indian English poetry?

A-Henry Derozio 

B-Nissim Ezelkiel

C-B.M Malasbari



10- Nissim Ezekiel ”was the first Indian poet to express a modern Indian sensibility in modern idiom” Who said

A- K.N Daruwalla   

B-A.K Ramanujan

C-Jayant Mahapatra

D-Dilip Citra


11-” I regard myself as an Indian poet writing in English” Who said these words about his own poetry?

A- Nissim Ezekiel   

B-Dom Morals

C-K.N Daruwalla

D-Kamala Das


12- K.N Daruwalla was awarded the Sahitya Academy Award for —–in 1984?

A- The Keeper of the Dead


B-Crossing of Rivers

D-Apparition in April


13-A professor of physics turned a poet at the age of forty in 1968 Who is the poet.

A- Jayant Mahapatra 

B-Shiva K Kumar

C-Nissim Ezekiel



14- Which of Mahatma Gandhi’s works is one of the imperishable classics of our time?

A- The story of My Experiments with Truth 

B- Hind Swaraj

C-Young India



15-Who is the author of Glimpses of World history and the discovery of India?

A- J.L Nehru   

B- MK Gandhi


D-B.G Tilak


16-Which of the following works is not written by Dr. S Radhakrishna?

A- The Future Poetry   

B-The Hindu View of life


D-An Idealist view of life


17- Who wrote My Days and My Dateless Diary?

A- R.K Narayan   

B-Dom Morals

C-K.M Pannikar

D-Frank Morals


18- In which year Khuswant Singh’s Truth, Love, and A little Malice appeared?






19- Who among the following novelists translated from Bangla into English The Lake of Palms and The Slave Girl of Agra?

A- R.C Dutta     

B-S.B Banerjee

C-Bankim Chandra Chatterjee



20- K.S Venkatramani’s novel Kandan, The Patriot which is akin to Pearl S Buck’s The Good Earth is set against the background of

A- Civil Disobedience Movement 

B-Salt Satyagrah

C-Quit India Movement



21- Which is the debut novel written in 1935 by Mulkraj Anand?

A- The Untouchable     

B-The Road


D-Two Leaves and A Bud


22- Bakha is the central character in Anand’s


B-The Road

C-The Bubble



23-Who was the winner of the first Sahitya Academy Award?

A- R.K Narayan 

B-Raja Rao

C-K.S Venkatramani

D-Mulkraj Anad


24- Mulkraj Anand was awarded the Sahitya Academy award for

A- Morning Face 

B-The Bubble

C-The Big Heart



25- Who among the following novelists pioneered the regional novel in the Indian English novel?

A- R.K Narayn       

B-K.S Venkatramani

C-Mulkraj Anand



26- R.K Narayan created the region known as

A- Malgudi     

B-Lake District




27- Ramaswamy is a character in

A- Raja Rao’s serpent and the rope   

B-R.K Narayan’s The Guide

C-Anand’s Associate Play


28- Kamala Markandaya is the pseudonym of

A-Kamala Purnaiya Taylor   

B-Kamala Das

C-Madhavi Kutty



30- Nathan and Rukmani are characters hi Kamala Markandya’s

A-Nectar in A Sieve 

B-A Handful of Rice

C-A Silence of Desire



31- Who is the author of Bye-bye Blackbird?

A-Anita Desai   

B-Kalama Das

C-Ruth P Jhabvala

D-Kamala Markandya


32-Bianca was written by

A- Toru Dutt 

B-Aru Dutt

C-R.C Dutt

D-S.C Dutt


33-Madhavi Kutti is the maiden name of

A-Kamala Das 

B-Anita Desai

C-Bharati Mukherjee



34-Salman Rushdie won the Booker of Bookers Award in 1993 for

A- Midnight Children

B-The Satanic Verses




35-Bhabani Bhattacharya was awarded the Sahitya Academy Award for his famous novel

A-Shadow from Ladhak 

B-A Goddess Named Gold

C-So Many Hungers



36- Which is the latest novel published in 2005 of Salman Rushdie?

A- Shalimar the clown   

B-The Moor’s last sigh

C-The Satanic Verses



37-The Company of Women and Delhi are novels written by

A- Khushwant Singh   

B-Chaman Mahal

C-Manohar Malgonkar

D-Vikram Seth


38- Who among the following novelist was included by Camu, Sartre, Kierkegaard the Gita and Mahatma Gandhi

A- Arun Joshi   

B-Bhanbani Chattacharya

C-Upmanyu Chatterjee



39-Vikram Seth’s famous biography two lives was published in






40-English August An Indian Story is a famous novel written by

A- Upmanyu Chatterjee   

B-V.N Arora

C-Vikram Seth

D-Ranga Rao


41- David Davidar in his debut novel The House of Blue Mangoes created a fictional region know as

A- Chevathar     


C-Hark Pradesh

D-Brij Bhumi


42-Name of the author of the following novels one Night at the Call center and Five points someone

A-Chetan Bhagat 

B-Vikram Chandra

C-Pico Lyer

D-Anurag Mathur


43- Attia Hossain’s only novel is the story of Laila’s revolt against the joint family system name the novel

A- Sunlight on a Broken column 

B-A stronger climate

C-The Zigag way



44-Arundhati Roy’s debut novel The God of mall Things appeared in






45- G.V Desai’s Hali is

A- An autobiographical playing poetic prose

B-A political and social play

C- A Romantic play on love in verse



46- Shiva K Kumar wrote

A- Last Weddin Anniversary 

B-Jakhoo Villa

C-Tiger’s Claw



47- Who among the following dramatists introduced documentary and critic technique in Indian English drama?

A-Asif Currimbhoy 

B-G.V Gesani

C-J.M Billimoria

D-Nissim Ezekiel


48-Grish Karnard’s Tughlaq and Tale Danda are

A-Historical Plays

B-Realistic Plays

C-Romantic Plays



49-Identify the plays in which Karnad uses folk tales

A-Hayavadana- Naga Mandala 

B-The fire and the rain

C-Tuglaq-Tale Danda



50- Mahesh Dattani got the Sahitya Academy Award in 1998 for his famous play

A- Final Solutions 

B-Do the Needful




Indian English Literature Quiz Questions and Answers

Let me tell you one thing this post is important for those who are preparing for TGT English or PGT English examination. If you want more Indian English literature multiple choice questions and you should refer to the following links

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20 Best Indian English Writers

  1. Mahesh Dattani
  2. Girish Karnad
  3. Badal Sarkar
  4. Vijaya Tendulkar
  5. Vikram Seth
  6. Meena Alexandar
  7. Keki Daruwalla
  8. Nissim Ezekiel
  9. Gop Katter
  10. A.K Ramanujan
  11. Kamala Das
  12. Rabindranath Tagore
  13. Sarojini Naidu
  14. Toru Dutt
  15. Michel Madhusudan Dutt
  16. Amitav Ghosh
  17. Anita Desai
  18. Kiran Desai
  19. R.K Narayan
  20. Raja Rao

Best English Literature Books

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Indian English literature MCQ

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